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I Kinda Like Weekends. How About You?

August 20, 2012


Erin Schrader

I ain’t gonna lie–I just killed my bloggin’ mojo.
How you ask?
By spending approximately two hours on editing photos for this blog post.
I think it was the whole using the wrinkle reducer feature on a piece of feta cheese when I realized I was going a little overboard. Just a little. 
Let’s get down to business though.
It was a pretty amazeballs weekend.
It had something to do with the 70 degree temps, date night, wedding receptions, ridiculous amounts of fattening food at a family reunion, and that good ole thing I like to call…relaxation.
You know what good times on the weekend mean don’t you?
Hundreds. Thousands. Probably more like millions.
Lucky for you I will only post the hundreds.
Dress: Target//Necklace: Banana Republic
My baby’s momma. Aka my mother-in-law.
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law with their precious kiddos
My niece and her baby momma. Aka my sister.
Necklace: Miss Chic//Earrings: Kohls
I am a pro eskimo kisser
My brother-in-law. We’re normal.
Maxi Skirt: Target
 Ring: Target//Bracelet: Gift from Katie 
Oh weekend, I love you.

Next item up for bid is Fall Into Fashion.
You know, that link-up party I started two weeks ago…and the same one that I am ready for to be over?
Yeah that one.
Well, it’s back this week.
I tell you what–commitments and I do just not get along well.
Remember Dear Erin, and Awkward & Awesome Thursdays?
Me neither.
Here’s the deal.
The minute I feel like I HAVE to post something on my blog is the minute I don’t want to do it.
I’m a rebel at heart. Sorry.
Anyhow, I am going to stick it out for a few weeks more (you can doooooo it) on this whole fall fashion get-up. That means you must, and I repeat must, keep linking up. If you aren’t putting yourself through this fashion post torture, I sure as heck am not going to either.

Insert today’s outfit.
Do you ever take pictures of yourself in an outfit and then once you see the pictures you think “what the ____ was I thinking?!” That’s kinda what happened to me today. But, because there is no way I am about to take more pictures in a different outfit (I have since mowed, sweated, and picked at the multiple imperfections on my face) this is the best it’s gonna get.
This week I went with denim. A fitting trend for fall don’t you think?
Denim jacket+white tank+denim shorts+turquoise accessories+cellulite on legs (not shown)=

 Jacket: Bass//Shorts: Target//Necklace: Cheerfully Charmed

Last week my three favorite little link-up-er’s were:

Good job dressing yourselves ladies. I am so impressed with your skills.
Now a quick word for all of you who linked up–please stop making ALL of yourselves so cute.
It makes me get a nervous stomachache trying to choose my favorites.

To the rest of you who have yet to link up- show me your outfit. Or your birthday suit.
Whichever one will make me pick you to be featured next week…
Just use this baby on your blog and go to town.

Good luck you fall fashionistas you.


On another note, my husband just informed that he is eating healthy as of now.
I now have to go convince him that frozen pizza is one of the best things he can put in his body. 
Wish me luck.
A starving wife who was forced to eat salad instead of pizza.
…It’s going to be a long two days while this health kick is in effect.

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