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How I Style My Hair

February 28, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Nordstrom and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring today’s post. All products featured are items I’ve been using [and loving] for a long time!

If there’s one question I get asked a lot [outside of “what’s your favorite strapless bra?!”] it’s about my hair. Which, considering how it looked at one time [from the bowl cuts as a child to bleach blonde fried to crisp days as a teen], it’s a miracle I have any hair left at all. To make things simpler in answering the question, I thought I’d compile a blog post of all my favorite tried and true hair products that have helped revive my locks, keep ’em healthy and look hopefully somewhat decent [good days/bad days/lots of gray in between].

Everything you’ll see below has one thing in common — you can get it all from Nordstrom Beauty. I never fully realized just how many brands they carry when it comes to beauty. For years I turned to Nordstrom for my closet, but now I’m turning to it for my makeup and hair drawers as well. Just like all of their clothing, all of their beauty products ship and return for free! Additionally, if you’re ever in-store, make sure to take advantage of their free in-store consultations! It’s how I’ve been turned on to many of my favorite beauty products [more of those seen here!]

Now let’s get down and dirty with all of my hair deets —

In The Shower

Television Perfect Hair Shampoo • R+CO // Television Perfect Hair Conditioner • R+CO // Restorative Hair Mask • Moroccanoil // Ultimate Man Soap Scrub Set $30 Value • Kiehl’s

Just like how they say your makeup is only as good as your skincare, the same is true when it comes to the hairs on your head — your styling is only going to look as good as your base products. I started using R+Co products in the past six months and have loved it. It leaves my hair feeling very clean, shiny, and helps add moisture to my locks. Every once in a while I’ll do this Moroccanoil mask to add additional moisture to my naturally dry hair. It smells amazing and makes my hair feel so silky and smooth.

Hair Styling Tools & Products

Once out of the shower, I use a leave-in conditioner to detangle before I blow dry. Moral of the story – anything Moroccanoil I’m adding to my hair.

After I’ve got all the tangles out, it’s time to blow her dry. The dryer of all hair dryers — this guy. Yes, it’s a splurge, and yes, it’s worth every dollar in my opinion. She dries super fast and leaves my hair frizz-free and straight.

After blowdrying, I always use a heat protectant before taking a hot tool to it. This helps prevent breakage and protects up to 450 degrees.

Next up, the ultimate tool in getting my hair to look the way it does — this t3 curling iron. I have been using this for years after my hairstylist recommended it to me and I’ve never looked back. To see this in action, watch my video here! It creates long curls that last – tip: always leave an inch or two of hair out of the curling iron and brush your hands through the curls after they dry to create a beach wave.

Last but not least, I top her all off with a little texturizing spray to give my hair a little extra oomph and volume. It creates a little bit of a messy / not-so-perfect look which is what I like. Oribe brand is awesome – their dry shampoo is the best I’ve ever tried!

And that’s a wrap! As you can see, I don’t use an abundance of products, but the ones that I do, I love ’em dearly. The next item on my list when it comes to my hair — figure out how to stop the grays. Send help.

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