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Welcome to my life. Here you’ll get a first hand look into the many, many, facets of my brain and interests ranging from awkward moments, my latest beauty obsession, the cocktails I can’t stop sipping and so much more.




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The time for the Great Christmas Tree Debate is here! You know, the debate over when is the “right” time to put up the tree. While we don’t believe in a “right or wrong” time to decorate around here, we do believe in making the process as stress-free as possible. So whether your tree is […]

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Come in and cozy up, the cabin fall tour is ready for you!



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2021 was a year full of unexpected twists and turns, but it was also a year full of unexpected new favorite items! From fashion, to beauty to home decor, and all the random things in between, the team is sharing our favorite purchases of 2021. We’ve got a few favorites that made our wallets a […]

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Our top selling items of 2021 – from fashion to home, and more!

LIY Tested + Approved

We try ‘em, we love ‘em and sometimes we hate ‘em. Whatever the verdict, here you’ll find the best of the best and the less than desired. Curious to know which white jeans won’t show the lumps or which pair of black work pants you’ll actually love wearing from 9-5? You’re only one click away from finding out the answers to all of life’s hardest questions. 

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Amazon strikes again. While I fail at many things, shopping on Amazon is not one of them. From silicone baking mats to rompers and the latest face oil that I *need*, if it’s on Amazon, I’m buying it. See me + the teams fave Amazon picks here!

Random Ramblings

Whether I’m sharing vulnerable feelings about what’s on my heart or admitting an embarrassing story for the thousandth time, this is where you’ll find it. Proceed with caution…


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