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On paper, my life is very mediocre or average at best. I have a degree in nothing. Literally, I did not attend college. I have no past extravagant dating life. I married the man that I started dating when I was 15 years old (whom I still adore). My only children are the furry kind (sorry mommas-no tips/hints here). I do not excel in hobbies such as: crafting (although I am a master at buying things), photography (love taking pictures, but ask me about aperture, exposure, etc and I will look at you like you are crazy), writing (spell check is my best friend), cooking, singing, or anything in between.

I live in a tiny community that does not offer a vast array of exciting things to do at a moment’s notice, my sense of fashion is as good as my friend’s advice, and I certainly will never win an award for driving - ask my husband. So what business does a girl like me have writing a blog? I love life. I find beauty in the normal, everyday ups/downs/average events of life. I am happy with who I am and where I am. I have big thoughts, great friends, and a family who loves me unconditionally. This blog has become my 9-5 [let’s be real, 9-2] and I absolutely love that THIS is what I get to do every day. I want to share with you things that make me excited. I get a natural high when talking about all things cute outfits, travel, wine, good deals, cheese [lots and lots of cheese, preferably the kind with noodles mixed in. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed mac and cheese addict] restaurants, awkward moments and anything in between. Some things that I love, you may not. Somewhere along the line though, I hopefully will breathe a little bit of inspiration/laughter/or at the very least, confidence knowing if somebody like me can find excitement in this “average” life, you can too. Sit back, relax, and stay awhile. We all know that’s what I’ll be doing….

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Looking to collaborate? Let’s chat! There’s nothing that makes us happier than a little love note in our inbox. Drop us a line at the email below, or fill out our Contact Form! 

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work with us

Looking to collaborate? Let’s chat! There’s nothing that makes us happier than a little love note in our inbox. Drop us a line at the email below, or fill out our Contact Form! 

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Meet the Team

these are my girls.

After running this blog solo for the first six years after its creation, I made the decision to take this little baby that I had birthed years ago and grow it into something more [like an actual functioning human with a full personality]. In 2017, Living in Yellow went from a one-woman show to what it is now, a business run by 10 talented [and kind-hearted, funny] women. While you’ll still hear from me and the occasional awkward moment [don’t worry, they still happen frequently], LIY has turned into a home for hundreds of thousands of women to stay current on the latest trends that we actually want to wear [no feathers and wings here], a cozy cocktail to snuggle up to, tips and tricks on self-care and how to stay sane as a woman in today’s world, but even more than that - a community to connect with one another and walk through the highs and lows beside. We’re so excited you’re here for the ride! Get to know the team... 

Meet Cassidy, our Director of Marketing! You will find her overseeing the LIY brand, keeping our website in tip top shape, editing video, designing our planners, journals, + merch, creating jaw dropping graphics, and educating the LIY team on sustainability or social causes. On the weekends, you can find Cassidy doting on her two pups and on-the-go husband. As an Enneagram 6, you can feel at peace knowing she’ll be prepared for any emergency. With a passion for thrifting, interior design and a modern eclectic style, you can always expect to discover the best unique find thanks to Cassidy [fun fact: she also wins “cutest home office” award on the LIY team.]


Director of marketing



She’s as witty as she is sweet, Claire is one of our Content Creators and our official LIY Book Club aficionado. Between writing blog posts that will make you LOL, curating questions that will get your brain turning for our next book club discussion and snappin’ her feminine style [blush is her middle name], you can find her living life on the lake with a beer in hand and a fishing pole in the other. While she may not succeed at keeping houseplants alive, she is succeeding in keeping girls nights out a thing and 100% believes that the latest beauty trend is meant to be tried. 



If there’s a trend to be tried, Hannah is the first in line to test it out. Our Fashion & Design Specialist, she is our trusted source on all things what to wear, where to buy it, and the best price to be had on it. When she isn’t working on our latest designs for our clothing brand, WE by Living in Yellow, she is sharing her finds on social media, whipping up the latest weekly roundup blog post and clipping current fashion magazines with drool-worthy inspiration. Outside of being a master of getting dressed, she’s an energetic mom to 2 of the cutest kiddos, police officer hubby and can be found trying out any cookie she can get her hands on, all while watching a throwback Friends episode. She brings the energy to any room [or Facebook Live] and will forever be the life of any party.

LIY’s other Content Creator, Lauren also doubles as our Amazon Queen and is the reason why we’ve all hit checkout more times on Prime in the past year from our Facebook Group than we’ve told our significant other “I love you”. More than 2-day shipping, Lauren values time with her family which consists of two little boys and one full-grown man [also known as her husband] who loves to be on the go checking off the season’s latest bucket list. With dreams of living on the water [an inflatable pool is currently keeping said dream alive] and a deep appreciation to 2000’s hip hop, Lauren is always up for an adventure while secretly hoping she can hang out in the tub with a glass of wine. 





If there’s a spreadsheet to be lost in, you can find Steph in it. Our Director of Operations, Steph is single-handedly responsible for any structure that exists here at LIY. Between communicating with our amazing brand partners, organizing blog content, managing the team and making sense out of my chaos on the daily, Steph loves organization *almost* as much as she does the latest cookie recipe she came up with from scratch. More than that, she loves spending time at home with her 3 kiddos and husband. Give her a new puzzle to be put together, the coziest candle to burn and new sprigs of something green growing out of her garden, and you’ve just explained the perfect day in Steph’s world. 

Get to know these 8 powerhouse women who share their daily looks, opinions, and talents with us on a regular basis. With a mission to create an online space here at Living in Yellow that more fully represents and serves our community, we launched our Ambassador program in the spring of 2021. We know you are going to love these ladies as much as we do!

The Ambassadors



content creator 

When Katy isn’t writing blog posts, offering up the latest style suggestions, leading our Ambassador program and sharing her most recent Amazon finds, you can find her doing what she does best – belting out her note-worthy vocals in her band, Maybe April. This Enneagram 3 can be found cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks, venturing out on the latest & greatest outdoor adventure, spending time with her family and friends and crafting up her beloved homemade lattes most mornings. Katy and her hubby just welcomed baby Denver to the family!






operations assistant

Meet Jen, our Community Support Specialist! She is your go-to girl, the biggest cheerleader and the LIFE of the party! On a normal day, you can find Jen chatting it up with all of YOU! Answering your questions, getting you links and droppin' little love notes on social! When she isn't engaging with our online community, Jen assists with graphics, website upkeep, and heads up our Instagram committee! In her spare time, Jen is hanging with hubby Bryan, her three boys and two pups in the Potato State [aka Idaho]. 

Keeping us organized in alllllllll the ways is our girl, Devon. As our Operations Assistant, Devon organizes the details of the content we’re bringing to Y-O-U to make sure we’re covering all the bases. She analyzes data, prepares presentations for our team meetings and keeps our magic closet stocked with all the things our office needs to run smoothly. [It’s not really magic, but Devon’s organization makes it feel that way!] When she’s not keeping our ducks in a row here at LIY, you’ll find her running – sometimes for fun, sometimes as she’s chasing after her two boys [& husband]!

The reason I ever look good, Macy is the girl behind the camera snapping all of the best angles and editing out my many flyaways! When she isn't behind the camera, you will find Macy canning home grown veggies, revamping an old piece of furniture, and enjoying life with her sweet family. Standing at just 4'11", Macy may seem sweet and petite, but once you get to know her you realize she is the perfect blend of sugar and spice!

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