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We Tried 5 Eyebrow Serums & These Are Our Thoughts

March 1, 2023


Team LIY

If my current self could go back and give my high school self one piece of advice, it would be to STOP over plucking your eyebrows (along with a lot of other things, but that’s neither here nor there)! Unfortunately, the majority of us fell victim to the 2000’s ultra-thin brow trend. If you know, you know. Fast forward a few years and the fuller, fluffier brows, the better! Insert Eyebrow Serums. If you’re brows are lacking in the fullness department, never fear. You’re not alone and you’re in the right place! The LIY Team & Ambassadors took matters into their own hands (and brows) to find the best brow serum on the market. We tested 5 popular brands over an 8 week period and are sharing our honest thoughts below!


LIY Team Favorite

It took about 4-5 weeks to see new growth but as soon as I saw the little sprouts coming through, it really took off! I had “bald” spots and now they are completely filled in! I can’t believe how well it works and am mad that it took me so many years to give it a try! My brows are so much thicker than they were before! Simply apply like a brow brush with gel! The gel does sort of harden as it dries, so just make sure your hairs are laying how you like them!

-Erin, LIY Team


Best-Selling Brand

I have never used a product like this before so I was excited to try it. I, like many of us, have overplucked in the past and that left my brows sparse and slow growing. I saw them thickening within 4 weeks or so. By the 6-7 week mark I am seeing some new growth in the areas that refused to grow previously. I’m going to continue using this to see how it goes! Overall, I’m very satisfied with this serum. The application was so simple. Swipe it on with the small paintbrush like applicator and go. Takes about a minute or two to dry. I would apply before bed. There was no residue or flakiness once dried.

-Ashley, LIY Ambassador

Vegamor GRO Volumizing Brow Serum

Highly Rated at Sephora

It’s hard to see big results from my before/after pics, but I will say this product has helped fill in a sparse part of my brow on my right eye (I’m a side sleeper)! Other than that I did not see much more new growth or fullness in my brows. I really liked the application tool! It was soft on my brows, easy to use and the product absorbed very quickly. It did not run and was not sticky. I would definitely continue using this product since I did see growth.

-Heather, LIY Ambassador

Not Worth the Money:


The application process is pretty easy…just short strokes over the brows at night with the doe foot applicator. The serum is neither sticky nor runny. I didn’t really even feel the product on my skin after I applied it. Unfortunately I didn’t notice any changes at all – possibly because of microblading that I had done a few years ago.

-Debbie, LIY Ambassador

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum

I have never used any kind of lash or brow serum before, and no microblading or anything like that done either. I had high hopes for this because of the price tag, but I would say that overall, the results were not amazing. While I did notice some new growth after several weeks, it didn’t feel like it was a huge difference like I was expecting. I would recommend it as a long term use product, something you just incorporate into your regular regimen, but for a focused product, I would advise my friend to invest in one with a better track record! The application was super easy – just a quick swipe over your brows once in the morning and once at night. It does take a few minutes to dry down, but it doesn’t leave any kind of hardness or residue which was nice.

-Skye, LIY Ambassador

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