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Current Amazon Must Haves

March 1, 2023


Team LIY

Another month of Amazon packages have shown up to our doors and we are here to give you the scoop of what’s worth adding to cart! Step right up – LIY is sharing another round of our latest Amazon wins, from home to fashion to beauty to all the random finds you never knew you wanteddddd (or needed) πŸŽ‰

Looking for the best swimsuits on Amazon?! We’ve got you covered & covered up here 😎 🌞

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Erin’s Green Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing in small in green/white] // clutch // heels [true to size, wearing in cafe]

I bought this cutie for our recent cruise we went on and it’s such an easy dress to throw on and go! I love the ruffled neck detail and elastic waistband – flattering and comfortable!

Erin’s Straw Clutch

Straw Clutch

For under $20, you can’t beat this straw clutch to grab whenever you need a little something to carry the necessities in! Fun for a beach vacation and all summer long!

Katy’s Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt [true to size] // Leggings [true to size] // Socks // Sneakers [true to size]

This sweatshirt is also almost identical to the Lululemon Scuba Hoodie, but is 1/3 of the price πŸ‘

Katy’s Pumping Bra

Pumping and Nursing Bra [size down if in between]

I cannot tell you how much easier it is to pump when you don’t have to sit there and hold it the whole time like I have been the past 3 months HA! This bra is super stretchy, comfortable, and has good support. Best of all, I can get other things done at the same time as a pump sesh!

Steph’s Soft Long Sleeve Top

Kikula Soft Long Sleeve Top [TTS, wearing in L]

Allison’s Swim Coverup

Swim Coverup

Allison here! Skye and Erin loved this cover up, so I thought I’d give it a try for us TALL girls. I felt like it was a decent length for a cover up on my 6 foot frame, and the material was soft and not scratchy (which is a plus for sun kissed skin). I’d say it’s a great length for all body types! Now, bring on the warm weather!

Lisa’s Bodysuit

Bodysuit [true to size] // Jeans [true to size] // Sneakers [true to size]

Hi LIY – it’s heart month and Lisa here to share the cutest red top (bodysuit) to show support for all things heart related this month! πŸ’› February is American Heart Month, a time when all people can focus on their cardiovascular health. So, wear that pop of red this month as a reminder to show your love & health for your own heart and love for others! ❀️

Claire’s Packable Visor

Visor [rolls up for easy packing!] // Swimsuit [TTS, wearing large]

Claire’s Workout Shorts

Tank [TTS, wearing large] // Shorts [TTS, wearing large in Violet]

Jen’s Square Neck Top

Amazon Top [true to size, wearing M] // Similar Shorts [true to size, wearing 6] // Sandals[true to size]

Macy’s Baby Tights

Baby tights [true to size, comes in several colors in packs of 3-6!]


Erin’s Shark Cordless Vacuum

Shark Cordless Vacuum

Friends, I’d never thought I’d say it, but when it comes to the world of cordless vacuums, Shark > Dyson. We have owned the Dyson for years but after we weren’t thrilled with its super short battery life, we went with this Shark for Florida and we couldn’t be happier. It has a 120 minute battery life, cleans up everything [we use on both hardwood and carpet], and has a lot of different attachments/ways to use it! Easy to dispense right into the trash and well, just overall awesome. Don’t just take my word for it, see

what others had to say about it here!

Heather’s S Hooks

Shower Hooks

Heather here and I’ve been busy purging and organizing my house since the start of the year! I decided to give the shower hook trick to hang jeans a try and I love it! It makes it easy to see each pair and style of jeans while not taking up too much space. Now just to purge a few pairs of jeans! What closet storage or organization tips do you have for me?

Jen’s Guest Room Luggage Rack

Guest Room Luggage Rack

Calling all homes with guest rooms, you need this!! This baby is sturdy and oh-so-cute! She holds a suitcase very well(just tested that with my last guests) and even has a sweet spot for shoes! This has been a great addition to my little guest closet and I know it will be used over and over again!

Jen’s Guest Room Closet Wall Paper

Wallpaper (peel & stick) SO EASY!

Okay, who else is on the wallpaper train? I need to know because I’m now looking around at ALL the walls in my home to paper! It’s a problem people!! I LOVE how quickly a simple paper can add a pop to a space! This closet was dark before, so adding this fun paper gave it a wonderful brightness without breaking the bank!

Jen’s Guest Room Closet Accordion Wall Hanger

Accordion Wall Hanger [14 peg]

Enough said, I needed a spot for hanging purses, hats etc.. and this cute accordion wall hanger did the trick! Simple yet so handy and not bad on the eyes!

Jen’s Guest Room FloorPop Tiles

FloorPop [peel & stick] Tiles

Ohhhhhkay, hello floorpops – where oh where have you been my whole life? Oh goodness, I don’t have enough space to write my love for these sweet squares! SO easy to use, SO dang cute, SO many designs out there! They have my heart.

Lauren’s Half Baked Harvest Every Day Cookbook

Half Baked Harvest Every Day Cookbook

I have been a long-time fan of Half Baked Harvest, and finally brought home her latest cookbook, Every Day, which is just that – meals for every day! And tastier than ever! Bonus: her photos make it pretty enough to live on the counter!

Lauren’s Bissell CrossWave Wet-Dry Vacuum & Floor Cleaner

Bissell CrossWave Wet-Dry Vacuum & Floor Cleaner

YOU. GUYS! This Bissell Crosswave is SO so good! No more scrubbing stuck-on stains or vacuuming before mopping – this does it ALL! Perfectly safe for all floors [including sealed wood], this cuts through the grime without you breaking a sweat! It didn’t clean my rugs as well as I was hoping, but on the hardwood and tile floors I LOVED it! [this does come in a cordless version, but the battery won’t last you very long].

Hannah’s Window Shades Duster

Window Blinds Duster

Fun fact — my shades are filthy and they rarely get cleaned…. I always try to remember doing it but I feel like it’s the most complicated thing to clean and too meticulous. Cue this shades duster. I was a little unsure if it would work but after a couple of tries, the dust is gone and my shades look much cleaner! BONUS, my kids like using it which means one less thing for me to do!

Hannah’s Aromatherapy Room Spray

Aromatherapy Room Spray Duo

Two kids, two dogs…. the house doesn’t always smell great and sometimes you just need a room spray that smells good and relaxes you at the same time [lol]. This Aromatherapy Set not only smells incredible but our house smells amazing, the lavender is calming and I can keep them in different areas of our home! I also love that they aren’t toxic and safe for my kids and pets! A couple little spritz in the bathroom, living room or bedroom and you’re set!

Claire’s Gallery Wall Frames

Gallery Wall Frames [set of 9 12×12″ frames matted to 8×8″, light natural]

I’m still in the process of getting these frames hung, but thought I’d share a sneak peak! They’re a great price and I’m loving the look of them already!

Steph’s Flameless Candles

Flameless Candles


Heather’s Nail Oil

Nail Oil

Hi LIY – Heather here! If you’re wanting shiny and healthier nails you need this oil pen in your life! I have been working to get my nails stronger and this has helped so much. I put oil on my nails 2-3 times per day and when this runs low I just refill it!

Hannah’s Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

I’ve been looking high and low for a makeup bag that’s not only compact, easy to travel with [aka doesn’t take a ton of space] but I can also see what’s in the bag without having to dump everything out! I spotted this bag and couldn’t hit #checkout fast enough! While it doesn’t have any interior pockets, I do love that it zips up all nice and compact but unzips all the way so I can see everything that’s in it and easily find it when I need it! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a makeup bag that does it all!

Hannah’s Essential Oil Wipes

Essential Oil Wipes

If you’re looking for an alternative to hand sanitizer, normal makeup wipes, gym wipes, etc… these are a great option! They not only smell good, but they don’t dry out my skin and they’re travel friendly! I love that each wipe tells you what it’s best for [example; the lavender wipes are great for removing makeup, cleaning hands and they smell good! Lemon is best for after a workout]. Just throw them in your bag, car, purse, etc… and you’re good to go!

Hannah’s Detangling & Styling Brush

Detangling & Styling Brush

I had heard amazing things about this brush and wanted to give it a try for my daughter’s very curly hair! She struggles with big knots, tangles and frizz around her hairline so I was really hoping this would work! While we haven’t used it a ton, the couple times we did it didn’t do what I was expecting it to. I’m. not sure if her hair was too thick or the sections we were brushing were too big but she wasn’t a fan! We may try it a couple more times before giving up. It did take quite a bit of frizz away from her curls around her hairline though and it’s 78,000 five star reviews makes me want to keep trying!


Claire’s Weekender Bag

Similar Bag

I’ve had the Beis weekender bag on my wishlist for quite awhile now, but recently came across this similar Amazon version for half the price and decided to give it a try! While I can’t speak to the Beis quality in comparison since I don’t own it, this similar Amazon version feels sturdy and has a nice structure to it! I love the separate shoe compartment on the bottom, a laptop sleeve, the luggage trolley, removable shoulder strap, toiletry bag, and USB charging port – it’s got it all, under $50!

Allison’s Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

Allison here! The anniversary of my mothers death was the end of January, and it really hit me hard this year. She passed away of Lewy body Dementia, which may be one of the hardest things I’ve ever witnessed. Watching her body and mind deteriorate was gut wrenching. After her death, I have been reading about keeping your mind and hands busy daily with a task that needs to be focused. I do word games, and things like that, but I read recently that embroidery is a great way to use my mind and my hands, and a lot more adults are giving it a try. I bought this starter kit off Amazon, and I’m excited to get started! Any tips for this beginner?!

Allison’s Coffee Pen

Portable Coffee Carving Pen

I saw this little gadget on the Today Show, and thought I’d give it a try! It is def not as easy as it looks. The seasonings you put into the pen have to be VERY dry in order for it to come out in a nice stream. I think with a little more practice, I could really get the hang of it. 2023 is the year of trying to be more creative!

Katy’s Dog Collar + Air Tag

Air Tag Dog Collar // Apple Air Tag

What’s it like to have a dog that can be off leash? LOL I love my pup, Frisco, but as anyone with a Husky knows they are escape artists & runners! Thankfully he doesn’t get out too often, but next time he does I will know right where he is with this apple air tag and collar that holds it! For under $30 these tags are SO helpful for anything you don’t want lost – luggage, keys, backpack/purse, in your car (if you’re like me and forget where you parked HA!), or even with your child! I need one of these everywhere!

Lauren’s Wet Dry Bag

Wet / Dry Bags – 3 Pack

If you’re going to have wet swimsuits and towels anytime soon, these wet/dry bags are a GAMECHANGER.  My kids take swim lessons each week, and I can fit a whole beach towel and swimsuit in each of the boys’ dry bags! Then the rest of the bag [full of snacks, keys, other clothes, books, etc] all stays dry! Under $15 for a 3-pack of bags!

Hannah’s Light Projector

Light Projector

My daughter got this Light Projector for her birthday and is obsessed with it! She uses it every night and won’t sleep without it! She loves that it has multiple light options, sound machine settings, remote control, various brightness levels and it is very calming.

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