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Hot And Bothered.

July 1, 2012


Erin Schrader

Hey kids.
Happy work week.
Whoever says happy work week?
I do. When it consists of four days.
If it was five, forget about it.
I am just going to run through four things that you must know.
Must being used in the most exxagerative form out there.
Kidding–this is all life changing {as always} so read on.
1. I saw Magic Mike this weekend along with every other female this weekend.
Here are my thoughts {Kelly–I said I wasn’t going to write about it. I lied. Here you go}:
Yes, Channing Tatum is incredible. More incredible than that however is his wife,
who gets to “put up” with his moves every night. Hot dog.
What was not incredible was the movie. I think it was a mix of my strong dislike for Matthew McConaughey’s character {where did his sexy disappear to?}, the over {way over} use of the F word, the drugs, and yes, I even got a little tired of all the nudity. Not Channing’s. But everybody elses.
I realize this sounds pathetic since I was going to see a movie based on male strippers, but hey.
That’s my take. Basically I left the movie feeling like I needed a shower. And a church service. 
End of story.
On the bright side–going to see the movie involved girls night. Which meant getting dressed.
2. Speaking of lies–I told you in my first vlog that my favorite app is Buy Me A Pie.
Guess what. That was wrong. My actual favorite app {until I realize this is a lie too} is SnipSnap.
It’s a place to keep all of your coupons so you don’t have to lug those suckers with you everywhere.
Better yet is that you can search through everybody else’s coupons that they snapped.
And the best part of all, is that you can search for coupons of the the particular store that you are in.
By doing so, I saved over $25 today alone between Kohls and Old Navy.
Scoring myself these fab finds.
Hat: Old Navy. Or what I referred to as a Fedora on Instagram until I was informed otherwise.
People help–What the heck is it?
 Shoes: Kohls
3. The winner of the larger than life giveaway that happened last week was lucky number 1144 {that was so fun and not time consuimg at all to count} Janna from Perception Is Everything. Congrats Janna-you just won yourself 20 different items. Go celebrate. Lord knows I would.
4. And the best for last. This little lady. Kristine who happens to be one of those bloggers who holds a special place in my heart. Awwwww…..
She is here to share with you a little bit about her AND give away something worth winning.
Thrilled to be  here today! I love me some Erin, and since you do too, I can see us becoming fast friends! #truth
I’m Kristine! 
You can call me… Kristine, K, Hottie, or even Chin or Chin Chin #childhoodnickname #allacceptable But please don’t call me Double Chin #NOTacceptable

I’m Wifey to Nate, Momma to our M&M girls, and owner of The Foley Fam {unedited} blog and J&M’s Eye Candy Shoppe on Etsy.
On my blog you’ll find me {over}sharing and documenting my attempts at being a fun mom and wifey, being “fashionable”, and being Suzy Homemaker, ya know throwing in some sweets and some craftoons in the mix. 
Pretty much whatever is happening in my brain our life, I’m blogging about it! As you can see I enjoy making up words too. I am also obsessed with using hashtags #canthelpmyself #hashtagqueen If you want to know some of my deep dark secrets randoms about me, I shared those puppies over here.

Now that you’re back didn’t I warn you? #hashtagoverload  

I can be a wee bit sarcastic, but try not to take offense mmmkay? #donttakeitpersonal
When I’m not offending people blogging, I’m making pretties for my Etsy store
My love of pretty things has really blossomed since having M&M. #littlegirlsdothattoyou I specialize in custom orders, and I find such joy in creating pieces for my girls and others.
I believe if you’re not loving and laughing, you’re not living baby! If that sounds like your cup o’ tea then come on over to our place and introduce yourself. I’m all for making new fabulous friends! Can’t wait to have you party it up with us!
Speaking of Parties….
I LOVE hosting them! Check out some I’ve thrown (with LOTS of help from my fam bam) from the past year here and here.
What’s a party without some giveaway swag? A lame one (wink wink) #justkeepingitreal
So up for grabs is a Surprise Filled Bag of Eye Candy from yours truly valued at $20 and a $20 Target Gift Card for you to go shopping with!
To enter leave a comment for each entry you do:
Mandatory Entries
Follow The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog via GFC or RSS
Follow Living In Yellow
If you really want to win #youknowyouwanna
Extra Entries 
Visit J&M’s Eye Candy Shoppe and come back and tell us your fav item
Add J&M’s Eye Candy Shoppe to your favs on Etsy
Like J&M’s Eye Candy on Facebook
Follow @jandmseyecandy on Twitter
Follow TFF {unedited} via Bloglovin
Follow Kristine on Instagram

Hope to see your pretty little face over at our place sooner than later!

PhotobucketTheFoleyFam {unedited} Blog and J&M’s Eye Candy Shoppe
Now quick, enter.
If you all make me count to 1144 one more time, giveaways will be a thing of the past on this blog.
Happy winning. Happy Monday. Happy Everything.
Go kiss somebody.
It sounds kinda fun doesn’t it?


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