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Words Would Be Nice.

July 2, 2012


Erin Schrader

Hey yo girl{s}.
I’m just gonna throw this one out there tonight–I have nothing that I feel like writing about.
Nada. Zilch. Zeeerrrrrrooooo.
It’s verging on the point of painful to sit here and actually try.
I think I have legit excuses though.
First one being that I know it’s almost time for me get me “good housewife” on and throw the frozen pizza in the oven. If only I could teach my dog how to do these things…
That and the bachelorette.
All my brain can think about is how these darn hometown dates are going to go.
Does anybody else’s stomach get in knots for such events?
I mean really–so much to think about.
Is Chris going to bring out his “I got lost on my way to the filming of Twilight and accidentally wound up on the set of the bachelorette” face?
What about Ricky Bobby? Is she going to get to meet any of these charmers?
And then there is Sean. Oh Sean. Please let your family wow and dazzle Emily.
I am counting on you to win brother.
I don’t think he knows it yet, but we’re pretty tight me and him.
Not as tight as his abs, but close.
Anyhow–because I have such trivial matters brewing in my brain, I figured I would whip out last night’s edition of “I am bored so lets take some 1,000 pictures in the backyard” photos.
Because this will just be SO fun for you all I know.
Without further ado, here we go.

So that was fun. For nobody.

And guess what.
I still have nothing to talk about.

Consider this post over.
Frozen pizza, here I come.

Crap. I just remembered I had Pizza Hut for lunch. And most likely am going to get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Annnnnd I told myself I was eating “healthy” this week.

Ya win some ya lose some.
I just lost.


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