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Cheerfully Charmed

June 30, 2012


Erin Schrader

So if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter at all, you would know the only thing I have been living in recently is my new Cheerfully Charmed necklace.

I’m mildly obsessed. And by mildly I mean I considered wearing it to work, dinner, and church. Only. No clothes, no nothin’, just the necklace. Because sometimes you have to do these things to get your point across about how much you love something.

Anyhow–I am sure you have seen these bubble necklaces everywhere {cough J Crew for $150 cough} Umm. No thank you to that. $150?! I wouldn’t spend that on a pair of premium denim. Or amazeball heels. Or anything for that matter. Which is exactly why I don’t take my dog to the vet.
You did not just read that.

Thank goodness Cheerfully Charmed sells these suckers for $39 only.
That my friends, I can handle. I can especially handle when they are Buy 2 Get 1 Free.
That spells BOGO friends. Well it really spells BTGO. We aren’t really keeping track of that though.

That would mean all of the above for $78.
Hello pretty necklaces, I think I just might.
Here are some more pics of me flaunting my yellow balls.
I mean yellow bubbles.
That was awkward.
At least my necklace wasn’t blue if you catch my drift.
Yeah, that just got a heck of a lot more awkward.
shirt: Miss Chic

So tell me–what color would you buy from Cheerfully Charmed? I’m curious.
{hint: say all four. I will think you are a genius my friend. genius.}

Happy weekend pickle heads. {anything that I really love I refer to as a pickle. And I hate pickles. Weird right? Anyhow–all you need to know is that I love you. Pickle heads.}


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