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November 21, 2011


Erin Schrader

I do not pass up a gumball machine.
 If I don’t have a quarter of my own, I find a way to get one.
There is something so fascinating watching that little gumball make it’s way down to my hand.
 I do not believe in Credit Card debt.
I love to spend, but I love to save even more.
 And I only like to spend what I have.
I do not take showers standing up. The only time I will stand is if I am using a shower other than my own. Any other time, I am sitting.
This has been the case for 10+ years.
Every morning I eat a banana. And I give my dog half of it.
 I pay to have my house cleaned every other week. Best money I could ever spend.
98% of the time I am in the car, I call my husband. Even if I am minutes from home.
I do not care about Designer names. I care about Clearance.
I do not cuss. And If I do, it is only to repeat what somebody else said.
Even doing that, I cringe.
 I am more of a “guy’s girl” than a “girl’s girl”. Guys require no effort. I like no effort.
I do not get mad often, but if you want to make my face red with anger-tell me to go to college.
Or that I should have gone to college.
I will want to punch you in the face.
I study other people’s blogs in detail. Their layout, their information on each and every page, their page width, how they edit their pictures, blah blah blah.
If I could spend one hour with any human,
it would be Michael Jordan.
My favorite thing to wear: a dress {presumably too short} and high heels.
I am terrible about calling people back. It is rude and I can’t stand it.
However, I haven’t changed it.
I think I look better with sunglasses on
 I once got my teeth whitened in the middle of a mall. It didn’t work.
 I have an incredible phobia of getting my blood pressure taken.
Thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise.
Skee ball makes me light up. I could play it daily.
I will not go out in public without make-up on.
I want to be a part-time stay at home mom.
Twenty One.
I once earned a Mary Kay car. I then turned it back into the company.
Twenty Two.
 I laugh at 82% of everything I say. Make that 92%.
Twenty Three.
My pant sizes ranges from 0-7 depending on the brand.
Twenty Four.
I listen to really ghetto music on occasion. I don’t know why I love it, but I do.
Probably because it makes me drop it like it’s hot.
Twenty Five.
I do not have a Smart phone. I have a dumb blue boyish phone.
I find it completely unnecessary to have access to Facebook 24/7.
However, I am lusting over an Iphone.
What Twenty Five things should I know about you?
Tell me by linking up below.
PS. Come back tomorrow to hear about the 1 diet trick I swear by.


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