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The #1 Diet Trick I Swear By.

November 22, 2011


Erin Schrader

Let me start by prefacing something here.
I do not diet.      
I do not do anything close to what you would call a “diet”.
I eat what I want, when I want.
{IE: The McDonald’s french fries I had the other night at midnight,
Nachos and cheese at 10:30 the following morning,
and the countless Hershey Kisses I keep poppin’ every hour on the hour}
I am not proud of this fact.
I used to try harder, but somewhere along the line I realized I love food way too much.
So, if I can do something that is somewhat good for me without taking away something that I love,
I am all for it.
Insert this fabulous concoction:

Lemon Water.
Not just any lemon water though-warm lemon water.
First thing in the morning.
Now before you get all disgusted on me, hear me out.
Warm lemon water is one of {if not} the best thing you can put in your body in my book.

Let me back up this train for a minute and tell you how I got hooked on this.
Warning: It’s a little awkward and involves talk about bowel movements.
Consider yourself warned.
So there are some of us who are naturally blessed in the bathroom department.
Everyday like clockwork you get to make your way to the restroom,
enjoy your however many minutes of freedom, and walk out feeling 10 pounds lighter.
And then there are some of us who get lucky if they get to visit the bathroom more than twice a week.
I fell under the second category.
For whatever reason, my insides like to stay in my insides if you catch my drift.
Until Now.
{I could tell you a really funny story about how when I was little my parents literally had to pry it out of me, but that might get even more awkward than it already is, so I won’t mention anything about it.}

Anyhow, there is something magical about the warmth and the lemon that does wonders to your body.
It is the most natural and easiest thing for your stomach to digest.
It “naturally awakens” your body—totally different than how coffee shocks and awes your nerves.
It is a natural cleanser.
It is good for your skin.
It helps with bloating, heartburn, and heart problems.
Basically, it does it all.
Don’t take my word for it–just type in Google “Warm Lemon Water”
Bam, Bam, Bam..Result, Result, Result.
Read it and weep.
And then start drinking with me.
Cheers to having a happy inside 😉
PS. Dear husband,
Yes, I know you did not get to “proof read” this post before I published it.
And yes, I realize you are freaking out right now saying “No…No, you are not writing that”
Well consider yourself wrong.
I did write it.
And it is published now.
Just think how many digestive systems I helped out though 😉
PPS. If you do try this and you develop a stomachache and/or headache, that is good.
It means it is working.
Your body must’ve been chocked full of toxins that your body is trying to get rid of.
Ain’t no shame in it.
Oh crap one more thing-
Unfortunately, life has handed me NO lemons recently so I had to rely on lemon juice.
Try to go Au natural if you can.

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