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Appearance Matters

April 24, 2014


Erin Schrader

In life I am learning more and more that if you can find somebody who does something better than you can, let them. This includes but is not limited to: cleaning your house, cutting your hair, washing your car, making dessert, dressing yourself, and last but not least, designing your blog. I have never claimed to be an expert in HTML or design work nor do I ever plan on claiming such words. Since starting this blog I knew that the appearance was one of the most important aspects [truly I think it is] but knew I didn’t have the patience [or talent] to learn how to do it myself. Because of this I went on the hunt for somebody who I could say “make my blog look pretty” to and could trust they would do just that. I am really a no hassle type of person. I sit down in my hair stylists chair and say “do whatever you want, just make it look good” and that is the same approach I have had with my blog designer. Thankfully Melissa Rose Design does just that. I have worked with Melissa for the past couple of years and couldn’t say enough times how grateful I am for her creativity, easiness to work with, and crazy talent that she delivers each and every time. I am nearly confident that I have sent hundreds of emails to her saying “OMG YOU ARE THE BEST!” No but really, I have. 
Melissa created my most recent design for me (with very very few instructions and direction on my behalf) and as I know I have said before, I am in love with the look and feel around here. 
At this point I have her on speed dial for any little thing (ex: my picture in the right hand corner which was swapped out yesterday). Your blog’s appearance is not something you should skimp on. I know that looks aren’t everything, but they are a lot (example Ryan Gosling). If you are on the hunt for the best blog designer, I encourage you to check out Melissa immediately. Lucky for you, she has a few spots open left in May. Also lucky for you, if you mention Living In Yellow when booking your spot, you will get a free social media package which includes a facebook cover photo, twitter profile picture, and a hover pin-it button. 
If you need a little more proof that she is as awesome as I say she is, you can check out her portfolio here. Melissa is also a branding extraordinaire so if you are a business looking for a little oomph in your appearance, she’s got ya covered. I am excited to see what beautiful things she can create for you. 
One last thing–Melissa’s blog + instagram is one of my favorite places for inspiration so be sure to check those out if you like pretty things. 
Today you have the chance to win $25 towards any design work from Melissa Rose Design. Good luck! 

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