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Why I Don’t Wear Lingerie

April 28, 2014


Erin Schrader

A quick story on how non-observant my husband is. It all started Friday evening as we were preparing to go out with a group of friends for a birthday party [see photo above..I am a firm believer that nobody should have to enter any building // home // etc on their birthday without some sort of awesome thing smacking them in the face prior] so long story short, I put on the dress that you see above. As I was garnishing our counter top with wine, vodka, rum, and all other necessity’s for our guests arrival, Shawn says “your midriff is showing!” Quickly I reply with some sort of loving comment like “no kidding idiot, I wore this to dinner with you in California and you took several photos of me in it for my blog.” Another long story short, he still had no idea that the dress ever had any cut-outs in it when I wore it the first time around. And now you know why I never wear lingerie. So much for bringing sexy back. 
Additional photos and details of our weekend to come. I’m off to go dance around our house naked and see if anybody notices. 
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