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The Point. I’m Still Looking For It…

August 27, 2013


Erin Schrader

this picture has nothing to do with the post but look at how cute this doggy is in the window. 
and no. you may not buy her. unless you want to pay like 5 grand. then i mean, we’ll talk.

Well, I currently just used an entire bottle of water to soak a tiny little plant I bought and am watching gnats fly around my office. Do you ever have one of those “is this really my life?!” kind of moments? I am having one right now. It’s the whole using a purchased bottle of water to soak a tiny little plant in. I don’t really get it. And these gnats. Shouldn’t I be concerned with killing them or something? I think I have these “is this really my life?!” type of moments every 45 minutes though. It’s cool though because tonight I discovered that my ultimate life goal is to be a food review person for a local newspaper. Except I’m not kidding. Can you imagine the perks of that job!? A new restaurant that serves a burger with mac and cheese on top and I have to go eat five of them to give an honest review? I mean if I must… Oh the glory. I also had one of these moments last night when watching Miley Cyrus perform but then again I think every person in America was asking themselves the same thing about life vs joke. I kept telling myself to close my mouth that was hanging wide open and fold laundry but I just couldn’t tear myself away from that leotard. And the hair. And the twerking. And the “oh my gosh what is Billy Ray thinking and how did he know his heart would really be all achy breaky after watching his daughter perform way back then?!” 

Don’t worry guys, there really isn’t a point to where I am going with all of this. 

In other news tonight we spent the greater part of our evening “modeling” with some of our friends for a local boating company. It involved lots of playing fake volleyball in a giant lake at 7:30 pm and making our faces look like plaster with a glued on smile. I’ve never seen my husband look so happy! Anytime we get in a fight from now on I am going to ask if we can “model” just so he has to smile for 3 hours straight. Happiness torture. And I love it. 

i style my hair so nicely for photo shoots

And that concludes today topics. This post was brought to you by this amaze happiness candle I currently have burning along with this incredible YOLO banner lying next to me. 

banner found here

Oh and T Swift coming through on stereos because you know, we didn’t see her enough while J Timberlake was performing last night. Without these three this post wouldn’t have been possible. You may swear at their existence now because this post, well… we will leave it at that. 

See you tomorrow with something maybe halfway meaningful to share. Probably not though. 

Oh ps. I bought this rug to go under our coral coffee table and it arrived today. 

I might go spin in circles at the cuteness that now sits in the middle of our living room. Do you know just how wonderful coral and navy are together? I die. 

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