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You’ll Like This One..

August 25, 2013


Erin Schrader

Seriously August? Somebody tell me that this whole almost being September thing is a joke. I’m pretty sure Easter was like yesterday. And college football season?! STARTS NEXT WEEKEND. You all know that college football is the official goodbye kiss to summer right? Seasonal depression and anxiety is quickly approaching, I can hardly wait!! Hashtag NOT. I may be getting a little ahead of myself here but how are we supposed to enjoy the season we’re in when the season won’t allow itself to stay for more than three seconds. You know what I miss? The days when I was approximately three years old and the only daily items to take care of was playing and eating. Those days went pretty slow looking back which should serve as a giant lesson to us adults…just focus on playing and eating. Life will last forever! 
End rant. Begin awesome giveaway. There is a ton of awesome prizes up for grabs that just one of you will win. We are talking Starbucks, Target, Gap, Etsy Shops, Ulta, Cash, Ad space on ad space, etc. Try that one on for giveaway size…I guarantee it will be a perfect fit. While only one entry is mandatory to enter, it would be recommended to do several for better odds. I’m no gambling genius but it seems pretty logical to do if you ask me. 
just because you should be able to dance while entering
The Ashcraft Bunch: $20 Target Gift Card // USE CODE PRINCESSPAISLEY FOR FREE AD SPACE
Helene In Between: $10 Target Gift Card
Kisses and Croissants: Large Ad Space
Texas Mrs.: $10 Ulta Gift Card
My Three Bittles: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Je Ne Sais Quoi Jules: $10 Starbucks Gift Card + 2 Months Ad Space
Back East Blonde: Medium ad space
Charming Lucy: Skirt of Choice by Shelley Bee Originals // USE CODE SHELLEYBEEFORME FOR 20% OFF
We Took The Road Less Traveled: One Month “Fresh Face” Ad Space 
Mrs. Laura Beth: One Month In-Post Ad Space 
Stay Blonde Ski Local: $10 Target Gift Card
Pursuit of Pink: $25 Gap Gift Card
Dog Hair is an Accessory: $10 in Blog Design Services from Case of the Sparkles
Landing on Love: $15 Target Gift Card
Everything Erica Loves: $15 iTunes Gift Card

Sugar Love Boutique: $25 Shop Credit // USE CODE LIVINGINYELLOW30 FOR 30% OFF
Illegally Blonde: $25 Target Gift Card 


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