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It’s July And It’s Freezing. Help.

July 28, 2013


Erin Schrader

pretending to be warm in the most comfortable shirt alive. 
I’m pretty sure that life is playing a giant joke on me right now. 
For starters, it’s the end of July. END.OF.JULY. The weird twisty/turny part to all of this is that while we are smack dab in the middle of summer (okay or severely close to the end of it) the temps have been in the 60’s all weekend. We are talking boot, scarf, and hot tea weather. I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. My subconscious keeps waiting for a football game to come on the TV while I’m cuddled under piles of blankets and then I have to remind myself that whoa, wait. It’s July. Or basically August, whatever. Really what I am getting at is that the name of the months no longer have any value to them. Last March it was near 90 degrees, this July it was 50. I can’t wait to reach the 100’s in December. I think I am just going to start dating all of my papers “WHAT THE !??! 19, 2013.” 
Now that I wasted an entire paragraph of this post on weather (told you I’m 80), I feel it is only necessary to shower you with gifts. You can thank those wonderful people on my sidebar over there for this one. Who would have ever thought that you could win oodles and oodles of free stuff just for reading a blog? See. Life makes no sense right now. 
ps. If you are more of a giver than a receiver (bless you) you can join this crowd come August by clicking here. Rumor has it that I still haven’t expired the BIRTHDAY promo code that lands you 50% off any ad space. I should maybe get on that sometime…perhaps when I turn 28. I mean 81. 
Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown: $15 Starbucks Gift Card
Northern Belle Diaries: Tempranillo Ad Space
Glam Hungry Mom: Large Ad Space
 Fizz and Frosting: Ad Space + Individual Feature
Lauren’s Latest: $25 Etsy Gift Card
Sammy’s Fabulous Jewelry: $20 Shop Credit **Use code livinginyellow for 30% off order**
MereLynne Concepts: $15 Shop Credit **Use code livinginyellow15 for 15% off order**
Girls Gone Food: $25 Fandango Gift Card
Lulabelle: $15 Target Gift Card
 Postcards From Rachel: $15 Starbucks Gift Card
Ashlea with an A: $15 Ulta Gift Card

 All That Glitters: $25 Nordstrom Gift Card
Hoppy Bottoms: Ad Space
Landing on Love: $15 Target Gift Card


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