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3 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier

July 30, 2013


Erin Schrader

Let’s talk about them for a minute. I mean sure there are the “real” necessities like water, clothing, and love, but then there are also the “other” necessities that you absolutely positively cannot live without (because water and love are obviously negotiable). By the way, this is a joke to the person who is about to send me an email asking if I honestly don’t consider water and love necessary to life. I could go on a very fun tangent right now about the quality of emails I sometimes receive but I recently wrote about responding to negativity and I believe I wrote “don’t respond at all”. DANG IT ALL.

Back on track though. Those other necessities, you know–the things like wine travel mugs, Samsung tablets, and kick ace cleaning supplies. Recently I have accumulated a few things that have truly improved the quality of life and when such things happen I only find it reasonable to share these things with you. It should be noted that this is not a sponsored post. Well I take that back. One of these items I was sent to review, one of the items was given to me for a birthday gift, and the third item I purchased recently. So it’s kinda a sponsored post for a company, for my friend to brag about how great she is at choosing such awesome gifts, and to myself for spending my money on items that won’t sit in the closet for the rest of eternity. Sometimes I feel like I deserve a pat on the back for purchasing something worthwhile as it doesn’t happen often. Don’t ask my husband, he will 100% testify to this statement. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t cause ANY fights in our household. Lie. It does. It’s okay though friends, nobody is perfect and I am a work in progress. Remember that one husband for the rest of your life. Thank you.

Onward to these items we go.

Numero uno. A week or so ago I posted this picture….

And you were all like “OMG TELL ME WHAT THAT WINE MUG IS RIGHT NOW!” At least that’s what I took it as to what you were thinking, because I mean duh. So this would be the gift that my friend bought me because she knows me, that’s why. And if you are to know me you are to know that I like wine and I like having it with me everywhere I go. No wine? No Erin. I wine a lot, what can I say. This baby hails from Vino2Go and you can find it here. All you need to know is that it is awesome and you need it. 

If one is not enough, you can also purchase the two pack here which is what my friend did. Peace out to the days of friendship bracelets, matching wine travel mugs is where it’s at. You aren’t true friends until you each have one of these. 

Numero dos. Norwex products. So these would be the items I purchased myself. Here’s the deal, I don’t know if I have ever told you this or not but I am a total sucker for home parties. It used to be debatable on if I went to work or home parties more. I would say this is cool but it’s pretty lame. And expensive. However, this home party blew my mother freaking mind. And it’s cleaning supplies/body cloths for goodness sake. What 27 year old girl gets amp’d up on cleaning supplies? Well me apparently. They are amaze. 
I don’t know how they are so awesome, but they are. Oh I remember why. You don’t have to use any cleaning products (ie: windex, endust, etc) with their microfiber towels. Let me show you what I got and hopefully this will make sense.

Okay this towel. I know it looks like a normal bath towel, but believe me when I say it’s not. You wrap yourself in it and it sucks you dry instantly. And now I’m laughing. But seriously, it’s almost creepy because it works so fast. My husband was a huge skeptic of all this stuff when I brought it home. He used his towel for the first time, comes out into the kitchen and says “That towel is crazy. It’s like a hotel towel but a ton better. You don’t even do anything and you are dry..” The best part? You don’t have to wash it for weeks because they are self cleaning. It’s nuts. And you need them.

Okay next confession. We have lived in our house six years and I have washed the windows ONCE. I ended up having this terrible dramatic fight with Windex and it caused me to go on a 3 mile run just to get my mind off of how streaky it left the windows. I’m not kidding. But Norwex makes these window cloths that you ONLY USE WATER with and in a matter of minutes, all windows are clean. Again, nuts. And awesome.

And now for the most awkward picture to hit this blog (for the week) is their makeup removal cloths.

Get this. You no longer need face wash, eye makeup remover, anything. All you need is water and one of these cloths and it takes it all off. I didn’t believe Norwex on this one so I had to buy it to prove them wrong that I would still need my eye makeup remover because hello, I wear a ton of eye makeup. Turns out I was wrong. It took everything off faster than..never mind.

And numero tres…my Samsung Note Galaxy Note 8.0 from Staples

Oh how I adore this baby. I love that is small enough to throw in my purse yet large enough to see Instagram photos at more than microscopic levels. 

You see, I have this problem sometimes with not responding to emails because I hate being tucked away in my office all evening so rather than tucking for an hour or so at a time, I do no tucking at all. However with this baby I am able to sit myself smack dab down next to my husband on the couch and tend to some matters of biznass all while not feeling like I am a locked up prisoner in my own house. I have had a laptop before but never developed a passionate relationship with it. But me and my Samsung Galaxy Note? Things are getting serious up in here. 
It’s just so goochy goo cute and perfect. 
And on that note, the longest post in the history of all blog posts that is centered around three products. 
I need a life. 


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