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Oh, Hey Monday.

December 5, 2011


Erin Schrader

Welp, it’s Monday yo.
Meaning it’s actually Sunday night as I type this.
Not any Sunday night though–
a Sunday night after a family reunion AND a 1-yr old birthday party.
My energy has left the building.
And my stomach is busting out of my pants.
Speaking of that–yesterday I forgot I had my pants unbuttoned at the grocery store.
I reached up to grab a two liter of Diet Coke, my shirt came up, and a man saw my pants unbuttoned.
It was a little uncomfortable.
Anyhow, the point of this post was not to talk about strangers seeing me with my pants undone.
The point is I have TWO incredible little ladies to introduce to you.
I love them both and think you should too.
Without further ado, I introduce you to Jacqueline & Alana..
Take it away hotties.
Yes, they are hot.
Hi! I’m Jacqueline, of JacMarie.
My blog is creative chaos; most of the time there isn’t much rhyme or reason aside from just saying what I’m thinking about. I blog about my favorite things… fashion, crafting, sewing, reading, family and friends, and pretty much anything in between.
Please stop on over and see what I have going on today! 🙂
 You can also check me out on Twitter and Facebook.
Hi ya’ll!
 My name is Alana Christine–
I’m an MBA student,
and full-time Foster Mom. 
 I’m living life the only way I know how, and learning a lot along the way. 
My blog started out as a class assignment and turned into a critical part of my life–it’s my place to share my thoughts, record things that have happened to me, and tell my funny stories.
Come on over to Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde to share in my journey of being a 20-something,
an Oklahoman, and of course, a Blonde…
The comments have been turned off for the day so you can go visit these lovely ladies and tell them how awesome they are yourself 😉
I think that means get off of my blog pronto and go visit theirs.
Please and Thank You.
Come back tomorrow for a million and three pictures of my weekend.
Hopefully between now and then, I’ll find some words to go with those million and three pictures.
Go make your day Grand.

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