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Awkward & Awesome. Minus the Awkward.

December 3, 2011


Erin Schrader

Welcome back kids.
I’m back and ready to attack.
And by that I mean just finish what I started here.
Without further ado, here are my Awesome moments to follow up my Awkwards.
{For the record: Awkward is way more entertaining. Forever & Always.}

1.    So I mentioned that girl’s night was this past weekend right? 

Anytime you combine Wine, Food, and Girl Talk..it is bound to be a huge success.
Ladies-you wanna stay sane?
Schedule these times at least once a month.
It’s a good way to drink an abundance of wine stay connected.

2.    Even more awesome than having any ole’ girls night?
Having my best friend from Nashville home for it.

I’m kinda convinced we were conceived from the same parents.
We aren’t just friends, we are sister friends.
You know the type. Oh, except after hanging out for a few days with me she says
 “I think we should start holding each other accountable to working out!”
I knew I shouldn’t have jumped on her back for that picture.
30 Day Shred-Here I come.

3.    My new $11 dress, courtesy of Old Navy.
{So about me being done with self portraits…}

 Except when you work at a place that believes it is inappropriate to wear something that doesn’t go past your knees. In which case, you must slap on a skirt to cover up those couple of inches of thigh that were exposed {under black tights}. Either way, I love the dress.
 Exposed or unexposed.
There is something so Royal about the color Blue.
Lame joke.

4.    Genius.

Why couldn’t I have thought up such an invention?

5.    My husband. During the writing of this post he has folded the laundry AND put it away, cleaned up from dinner, and changed 4 light bulbs. 4 I tell you.
The man is nothing shy of fantastic.
Oh, and he put his bulging muscles to work the other day putting up our Christmas lights.

I somehow suddenly feel like the most pathetic lazy person ever.
Or wait, maybe I just always feel like that?

6.    All you new crazy followers.
I say crazy because you must be to follow this blog 😉
But seriously-I’m impressed with your abilities to click on that Follow button.
Job well done.
Oh, and if you are from Cori’s blog—here is my official “What’s up?!?!?”
Yup, we are now BFF’s.
 Ooooh how fun. I just love new besties.

7. My afternoon plans.

And a nap immediately following.

…Now if any of you want to come put up our Christmas Tree this afternoon, feel free.
{As you may have noticed in number 7, I am quite busy today..}
I’ll even let you sleep under there with me when it’s all said and done.
There is nothing better than falling asleep on a hard ground with bristles poking your eyeballs out.
See you soon 🙂

Happy Weekend.

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