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The Best Outdoor Games

June 21, 2023


Team LIY

HIP HIP HOORAAYYY πŸŽ‰ Summer is officially here and you know what that means?! Spending a lot of time outdoors. We are sharing our favorite outdoor games that will provide hours of entertainment and fun for all of your friends and family this season!

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Ladderball and Kan Jam

Ladderball // Kan Jam

Ladderball and Kan Jam are a hit all summer long with adults and kids! If you don’t own them yet, I highly recommend for hours of fun!

Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Bubble Wand Kit

It wouldn’t be Summer without bubbles! We’ve had this kit since 2020 and right after Covid hit and let me tell you these have been one of the most fun outdoor activities we have! They make the BIGGEST bubbles we have ever seen and the laughs/giggles that come with these are the best!


Portable Net / Paddle Set / Court Marker Kit

It’s pickleball season, ladies & gents! πŸ™Œ We got our net, balls, and paddles all from Amazon! It’s such a fun activity for all ages! If you have a flat surface, this net is super easy to set up and tear down. We use this Court Marker Kit to set up the court – it comes with the regulation size court markers and a measuring tape, if you want to get official. πŸ˜‰ I linked more pickleball finds from Amazon here!

Cornhole Set

Cornhole Set with Bags

This has been our family’s favorite outdoor game since we ordered it over a year ago! I love that it’s an easy game that our kids can play at any age and now that they are older we can turn it into friendly competition! The quality of the boards and bags far exceeded my expectations and I love that it can be used for tailgate season too!

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball Set

This game brings back SO many memories as a kid! I would play this with my grandma all the time and love that I’m playing it with my kids now! We may not follow the rules to the “T” [lol] but we’re having fun and we like to make it a challenge! My kids [9 & &] love playing it, however it does start to get a little boring so we try to keep it pretty short!


Croquet Set

I love that this croquet set comes with a bag to stuff it all back in when done playing!

Yard Pong

Yard Pong

Bring back those college beer pong skills in the backyard version, yard pong [no shared beer cups required]. Simply fill the buckets with water or sand [or leave empty] and toss the ball into the opposing buckets! First team to make it in all the other team’s buckets wins! Cheers!

Tiki Toss Ring Toss Game

Tiki Toss Ring Toss Game

Have you played the ring toss game? I was introduced to this game by one of our local waterfront restaurants years ago, and now I love having it on our own back deck! Who would have thought that simply trying to get a ring on a hook would be so addicting!

Pool Basketball Hoop

The provider of so much entertainment over the past few months in Florida — this basketball hoop has been a slam dunk of Amazon purchases πŸ€ If you have a pool, you may want to add this to your list — all of your guests thank you in advance

Tipsy Toss

Tipsy Toss

Have you ever played Beers-bee ?! πŸ₯ [AKA Bottle Bash/Tipsy Toss] – think frisbee, but add beer! Sounds fun, right?! πŸ˜† This game is a hit every summer! I love that it can be played in the grass or shallow water – perfect for a lake day! If you can throw a frisbee, you can play! This one comes with bottles, so you don’t have to worry about any broken glass [or sinking beer cans, IYKYK πŸ˜‰]

Giant Size 4 In A Row

Giant 4 In A Row

“My husband just got this giant 4 in a row game for father’s day, so fun!” xo Jen

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