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Wanna See My Goods?

June 1, 2011


Erin Schrader

Because I am so excited to be showing them to you today.
Lately the shopping Gods have been reigning over me.
Everything that I have found in the last 3 days has been either absolutely adorable I couldn’t pass it up-or so cheap that I couldn’t afford not to buy it.
And if I am really lucky-both.
So I figured I best be showing it off to you.
Because if I don’t, those shopping Gods may go reign down on somebody else…
and then I wouldn’t have anything to write about on this little bloggy blog,
so keep your fingers crossed something so terrible won’t happen.
Unless they decide to reign on you too.
I suppose I’ll be okay with that 😉
Lets get looking shall we?
First off-please drool at this precious wreath I snatched up at Miss Chic yesterday.
Best part about it {aside from the gorgeous ruffles and fancy schmancy buttons}
is that my beautiful, multi-talented cousin made it.
Hooray for awesome genes running in the family.
My front door is oh so pretty now.
Second item up for bid-a couple of steals from Old Navy.
What is better than clearance?
50% off clearance.
Is that even legal?
Oh wedgies, I can’t wait to wear you for other purposes than modeling for my husband.
You are the most comfortable suckers I’ve ever slipped on to my feet.
In fact, I may just wear you bed tonight…
Now to some good ole’ home good finds..
Both of which were found at Marshalls and I think I might’ve wet my self a wee bit when my eyeballs landed on these pretties.
This first item was the PERFECT house for the precious pictures of my niece I just received.
Feel free to buy one {holder thingy ma-jig},
but just realize you won’t have something so cute to stick in yours 😉
Just kidding.
I’ll send you a picture of myself if need be….Hahaha oh please know that I am joking 110%.
I’ll get one of my hubby to ya right away.
And that thing sitting right up above?
It rocks.
And now I think I love it as much as I love peanut butter ice cream & candy cigarettes.
And saving the best for last…
I was laying in bed the other evening talking to the handsome man beside me about mucho important things and I made the grand announcement that I would like to be in the
World Championships of Hula-Hooping.
So low and behold-what do you know?
We go to Menards to do a little manly shopping and what do I find?
Only the best thing to ever come into my life, that’s what.
So needless to say, I am most likely going to be in the World Championships soon.
Dreams really do come true.
Well there we have it, all the pocketbook pleasers I’ve found recently.
Hope you enjoyed them.
Oh and hey-welcome all you pretty little new faces around here.
I am SO glad to have you.
Please, stay awhile…
Your world is about to be changed…
in the weirdest way imaginable 🙂
See you tomorrow for Awkward/Awesome Thursday.
Get your eyeballs primed and ready to read.

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