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2023 Life + Style Planners + Gratitude Journals

October 24, 2022


Team LIY

If there has ever been an introduction I’ve been dying to make, it’s this one right here, right now. Who may you be meeting you ask? The beauties and brains [and products] behind our new 2023 Life + Style PlannersCurrently I’m 6-Month Gratitude Journals, and coordinating notepads! These products are such a passion of mine as I’ve been an avid Planner and Journal user for years, and need all the notepads for quick ideas! I love taking everything swirling around in my brain [and believe me, there are a lot of swirls happening up there] and having a place to document it all. Whether it’s in the form of organizing my days and making sure I don’t miss a beat on my to-do list or an upcoming dentist appointment [let’s be real, I’d rather forget that] by jotting it all down in my Life + Style Planner or having a more spacious place to simply notice and write down what I’m grateful for and a place to write about how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking in my Currently I’m Gratitude Journal, both of these products truly provide and bring calm to the chaos, intention to my life and a more well-rounded joyful version of myself. And there’s no better place to jot down a big idea when it hits, or maybe just a quick note for the babysitter than on a coordinating Life + Style notepad! Here at Living in Yellow, our mission is to empower women and I truly believe that these products do just that. Both of these products are 100% designed [from inside to out] by the Living in Yellow team and printed/manufactured right here in Elkhart, Indiana. A small-town product made by small-town girls to produce big-time living. I couldn’t love them more. Today I want to introduce you to all of the ladies and designs that were produced for 2023 – you’ll hear about the inspiration behind the cover and what a favorite feature or two of the planner or journal is for each of us! I can’t wait for you to receive your planner and/or journal and experience the many positive benefits it will have in and on your life! Here’s to a year ahead of less canceled plans and more reasons to make ’em! Cheers friends!

Bonus: When you buy one of our bundles [includes planner+ journal + notepad!] you’ll save by purchasing them together! It is such a fun, intentional + joyful gift to give somebody in your life for under $60 [and yes, there is free shipping always]! 

What’s Inside

Meet the Planners . . .

The Erin Collection

We are currently building a house on Anna Maria Island and when I saw the wallpaper that is being used in one of the bedrooms, I fell in love immediately. When it came time to design my 2023 planner, I knew I wanted to infuse the bright, cheerful colors from the wallpaper to infuse joy into my [and others] days when they used it! While the wallpaper is more of a floral pattern, we switched things up and went with more of a painted brushstroke look for this fun, happy cover!

I will forever be a fan of our weekly layout spread – it’s what I consider to be the “meat and potatoes” of the planner. I feel like I am able to keep my days and weeks so organized – from daily to-dos to nightly dinner plans, the weekly habit tracker, and my favorite part: the fact that Saturday & Sunday are on the same page! I love seeing my weekend all together at one glance!

Shop The Erin Collection

The Claire Collection

I’ve always been drawn to feminine florals, so it was no question that I wanted to incorporate them into my 2023 planner cover! I love how Cassidy combined the preppy feel of pinstripes [think southern seersucker vibes!] with wildflowers to create an aesthetic I can’t get enough of!

As much as I love the exterior of my collection, all the good stuff is on the interior! There are so many great features, but aside from the Daily To Do’s, I find myself using the grocery lists most regularly. I love that there’s an organized list for each week AND that they’re perforated, making them easy to tear out for every grocery run!

Shop The Claire Collection

The Steph Collection

If it’s teal – I want it! Yet I’ve never had a planner cover design with just my favorite color, so it was time to make it happen! I love this simple design Cassidy came up with, and the splash of fun interior (also seen here on my journal cover)!

On the back cover, you’ll find a passage that’s stuck out to me over the past couple of years – Ephesians 4:1-3. I love seeing this reminder on my planner daily to live the life I was called to live, and express love and peace to those around me.

As far as my favorite planner feature goes, it has to be the perforated grocery lists [pictured above!]. I love that there are 4 grocery lists every month that you can write down your grocery needs and simply tear out before heading to the store! I use these regularly and sometimes have multiple lists going at the same time for different purposes [work – yes, I’m the official office snack filler-upper ;)] and home! I love how cleanly they tear out and that there is a front and back side to cover all of the departments you check off at the store! 

Shop The Steph Collection

The Hannah Collection

No surprise here — my favorite part of the planner is the Style Quiz [pictured below!] and wardrobe essentials! It’s such a fun little quiz to figure out what your style is and there is a bonus post, exclusively for you that has hand-selected pieces based on your style! Such a fun and unique twist on a planner! 

Shop the Hannah Collection

The Cassidy Collection

Say hello to my moody but fruity planner cover! My absolute favorite aspect of this planner is the weekly routine builder [located at the front of the planner] because it helps so much organizing this crazy life! Plan your cleaning days, grocery runs, and all other weekly routines!

I am also so so excited for the gratitude journal! I had the honor of creating this journal for you all so it truly is my little baby! My absolute favorite parts are the hand-drawn illustrations [take a sneak peek above!] sprinkled throughout the journal! I hope this journal brings you so much joy and gratitude!

Shop The Cassidy Collection

The Lauren Collection

While I love the outside of the planner and love several features on the inside, my favorite unique feature might have to be the monthly bucket lists. I’m already creating seasonal bucket lists, so having them broken down by month and giving me additional ideas keeps me in check to make sure I get them done! Ya know, priorities! 

Another feature of the planner that I’m excited about has to be the outfit planning and meal planning! I’m already using my planner daily for agenda, so adding in those two pieces helps me to plan out my week, my meals, and my outfits all at once around my schedule! Having things in too many places isn’t ideal for me, so keeping it all in one place is perfect!

Shop The Lauren Collection

The Katy Collection

Shop The Katy Collection

Once again when I started brainstorming ideas for my planner design this year, it was pulled from an array of inspiration – none of which were similar HA! My whimsical, gratitude journal design from last year is still available here 🌙. We finally landed on this map with the 3 stamps “plan, go, travel” in this fun bubble gum pink color and I couldn’t love it more 💗. I especially think the passport stamps on the journal cover (also inside of the planner cover) are so fun! This bundle represents my love of travel, exploring, and adventure. With our first child arriving in about 3 weeks now (WOW) I know that our ability to plan a random trip to Ireland when the flights are cheap may not be happening as easily 🤣, but I still hope to take our son to the amazing places the world has to offer! If you or someone in your life also loves to explore new places, this is the design for you! ✈️ Where is somewhere on your bucket list to visit?! Head over to our LIY interactive travel map with tips and guides of places we have visited to help you plan your next trip!

I said this last year as well, but my favorite feature of our planner would have to be the bucket lists/this month’s to-do list because, like this planner represents, I love a good adventure but sometimes it can be tough to think outside the box in the moment and to allow yourself to do something that you don’t NEED to do. A lot of the ideas here are ones that just feel good for your soul and I believe that can be just as important as all of the productive things on our lists. I hope to check off a lot of more of these activities in 2023 and take more time for FUN!

The Macy Collection

I’ve always been inspired by neutrals and home decor. I wanted something on my cover that would be aesthetically pleasing laying around my home and this terrazzo was IT!

My favorite feature of the planner is the monthly view! Between photoshoots and spending time with family and friends, our schedule fills up quickly and I love being able to see the month ahead at a glance!

Shop The Macy Collection

The Jennifer Collection

This collection was inspired by YOU! Yes you read that right, you! Our community is such a vital part of LIY and we love to celebrate that any way we can, so allow me to introduce you to the Jennifer collection. It’s earthy, serene, and effortless! When designing all of our Life + Style products our goal and hope was to bring you a fun and resourceful way to organize your life.

Shop The Jennifer Collection

Here is what a few of you had to say about the Life + Style planner!

“I’m loving mine and plan to buy another for 2023. I love the format and being able to make weekly and daily lists, plus the little goal reminders and outfit notes too.”

“I had no idea how much I would love this planner. I got my first one in 2022 and I cannot function without it!”

“Your planners are the best!”


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