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Fall Home Decor: LIY Team Finds

September 18, 2020


Erin Schrader

Fall is, well, falling here in Indiana and the LIY Team is getting in the full spirit of the season. Pumpkins are being picked [from the dollar section at Target], autumn-scented candles are being lit, and buffalo plaid is making it’s grand appearance once again. It’s safe to say we are fulling embracing the change of seasons and our homes are no exception. Pour yourself an adult cider and get snuggled in, because today Team LIY is taking you on a tour of our spaces in hopes of bringing Y-O-U a little inspiration when it comes to decorating your nest this season. Come on in and make yourself comfortable!

Erin’s Fall Decor

Hearth & Hand Metal Tray // Wood Cheese Board // Harvest Candle // Straw Pumpkin // Other pumpkins: Target Dollar Spot 

There is nothing I love more than a kitchen that is dripping in hints & scents of fall. After walking through the Target aisles I picked up this metal tray which folds my favorite little straw pumpkin and amazingly fall scented Harvest candle perfectly. Our kitchen island is a little larger in size and when I put just the tray with its belongings in the center, it felt a little small to me. To create a little bit bigger of a look, I layered this cheese board with an additional pumpkin [can one ever have too many pumpkins this time of year?] and voila – center island fall masterpiece complete!

Table Runner // Wood Vases // Wood Pumpkin // Candle // Straw Pumpkin // Faux Plant // Plates // Chargers

You may remember my dining room table from our $100 home refresh series and while what you see here may look similar to what you saw then, I think that’s what makes this neutral and versatile dining table decor so great. I kept everything that was there before but simply swapped out the candle [my sister smells some amazing fall scents here] and added a couple of cute pumpkins – this wood one being my favorite on the table! Easy peasy pumpkin pie…wait, did somebody just say pumpkin pie? BRB, I’ve gotta go eat.

I Love Fall Most Of All Sign [use code LIY20 for 20% off] // Plaid Sign [use code LIY20 for 20% off] // Blue Pumpkin 

It’s not fall if I don’t have some fall signs in my house. Fortunately, I know somebody quite well who makes really cute ones 😉 I’m in love with all of my sister’s wood fall signs [use code LIY20 for 20% off any of them], but landed on these two for our living room at the cabin. No truer words have ever been spoken and well this plaid, gosh I love it. Sprinkle a few pumpkins around and look complete!

Hannah’s Fall Decor

Throw Blanket // Crate & Barrel Pillow Covers // Amazon Pillows // Amazon Throw Pillow Covers

Things I’m not great at — decorating for the seasons lol I’ll grab a couple pumpkins, put them out and that’s about it friends! So this year I decided to get WILD and Fallify my couch [while also buying the sporadic pumpkins]! The blanket and pillows are just subtle enough that I don’t have to change them out if I don’t want to. And who doesn’t love fluffy pillows and a cozy throw blanket to curl up in during the Fall! If you are looking for fun, affordable pumpkins for decorating, highly recommend the Target dollar section!! P.s. how fun are these pumpkins: Large / Medium / Small

Steph’s Fall Decor

Basket // Dried Harvest Bunch // Dried Eggplant Bunch

IT’S HERE — MY MOST FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR! I love everything about Fall – the food and drinks, the crisp cool weather, sweaters, boots and of course the decorations! While I have a lot of items that really drive home the point that it’s Fall, I also like to incorporate items into my home that are a subtle nod to the season. Enter this basket and these fillers [Dried Harvest Bunch // Dried Eggplant Bunch]. Full disclosure: The stems were a little long for the basket so I just trimmed them easily with regular scissors and they were perfect. They are definitely within the Fall color palette, but I feel comfortable leaving them up long into the season until I replace the fillers with something in more traditional holiday colors [maybe these and these or these].

Katy’s Fall Decor

Wreath // Buffalo Plaid Rug // White Pumpkins // Vase // Gold Leaves // Similar Welcome Mat

Apartment life can’t keep me from a cute “fall porch”…& it’s all from Amazon! I looked through so many wreaths, but this one caught my eye because of the pretty colors and unique, wooden leaves. I love buffalo plaid for fall (let’s be honest, all year around), so I added this under my existing welcome mat! These white pumpkins were exactly what I was looking for! They come in a 7 count, so I used 4 for the door decor and 3 for my coffee table decor. They also have other color options to choose from!

Serving Tray + Coasters // White Pumpkins // Vase // Gold Leaves // Candle

This is a beautiful serving tray that I will continue using year around! Plus, hello BONUS, it came with matching coasters. This vase (which is actually a carafe) is so cute for a slightly farmhouse feel. I added the gold leaves for a classic, fall look! They are pretty long so I bent the ends, but you could also try to trim them depending on what you use to display them. They also will need a bit of fluffing out of the package! The pumpkins, as mentioned before, come in different shapes and sizes so I was happy to use them in both areas. For those of you that read our September Amazon Finds Blog post, you already know about this candle! I am still lovinggg it and will be burning it all fall.

Cassidy’s Fall Decor

Fall Foliage // Taper Candle Holders // Taper Candles // Throw Pillows 

When it comes to seasonal decorations, I go for the minimal, less literal, sense of decorating. Typically, I like to just “nod” at the season or holiday and keep decor really transitional and simple! So, with that in mind I thought it would be fun to decorate my first ever mantle! I really wanted the colors to bring out that fall vibe so I landed on this pink/red fall foliage which fit perfectly on my mantle! I paired it with these candles and candle holders and added in decor I already had! I love the warm tones, pops of color and the effortless sense of fall that it brings! I also snagged these oversized throw pillows and paired them with this super cute throw blanket that I purchased from Amazon last season! Also, say hello to my adorable pup Aspen!

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    Where is Cassie’s gold trim mirror on her mantle from?

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