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I started Living In Yellow in 2011, an idea that was born out of boredom. For the past six years I have poured a lot my life [along with a lot of glasses of wine] into this space. On a daily basis you can find me writing content for the blog, socializing with some of the greatest people online  [that’s you!], managing the team of beautiful girls you see below, eating horribly, running after my two dogs like a mad woman and ending the day on a boat with my husband by my side when possible.


Creative Director
Our creative extraordinaire. Becca is the girl who throws glitter on everything and makes it all look pretty. Aside from graphic design, she is my right hand gal in planning/contributing blog content. When she isn’t behind her computer screen, you can find her snuggling her brand new baby girl, traveling the world with her husband, indulging in exotic cuisine, rockin’ a romper and binge watching Gilmore Girls.


Operations Manager 
The girl who keeps EVERYTHING in line. Steph communicates with brands to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, organizes our blog content, and keeps things moving along behind the scenes to meet deadlines! When she isn’t overseeing LIY operations, she is busy mommin’ it at home. Steph is a total baker babe, ultimate party planner and has a thing for fancy toast.


Digital Media + Social Outreach Specialist 

Our personal on-staff photog. Cassidy [also known as Casspants] is our photographer, videographer, and assists with graphic design. When Cassidy isn’t behind her camera, she is handling all of LIY’s social outreach events and fundraisers! Otherwise, you can find her single-handedly keeping the skort trend alive and loving on her English Setter pup. Other ways to describe her best – veggie enthusiast, nature lover, ultimate dog person and tree hugger.


Sales & Product Manager

Hannah is LIY’s Sales & Product Specialist. If there’s a product to be found, Hannah is your girl. She’s also a sale genie. Nobody knows about a sale before Hannah. And nobody gets excited about a sale like Hannah. NOBODY. We like to consider her our little firecracker. When Hannah’s not on the hunt for the latest and greatest items for the LIY tribe, you can find her with her hubby and two kids, squeezing in a date night, family time, or watching some throwback Friends episodes. And you better believe Hannah’s going to rock her momiform and her date night outfit, because she’s all about trying new trends and updating her wardrobe! And the girl can make anything look amazing! Which is why she’s key on our Gibson x LIY design team, as well as styling for brand collaborations!



Community Engagement Specialist

Your ultimate LIY gal pal. Claire is your go-to girl when it comes to fashion and beauty advice and everything in between. She manages the LIY inbox, oversees the Insiders Group, and helps answer all of your questions! When she’s not keeping it real with the LIY Tribe, you can find her dog mommin’ with a glass of wine in tow, online shopping, and experimenting with all the latest beauty trends.


Marketing Specialist

Lauren is the team’s Marketing Specialist. You can usually find her creating content, keeping the rest of us in the know on all the things, or working on a top secret upcoming LIY project. She’s a mama to a sweet little boy, and giant Goldendoodle! Lauren and her husband are always on the go, checking items off that season’s bucket list. She balances those adventures with being a secret homebody and loving nothing more than a bath, a glass of wine, and some HGTV. She’s also an Amazon addict, and brings lots of finds to Living in Yellow that can arrive in two days or less!

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