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What The LIY Team is Loving on Amazon // September 2020 Edition

September 9, 2020


Erin Schrader

Hat // Jacket // Sweater // Denim // Booties

In the blink of an eye, Labor Day Weekend came and went marking the unofficial end of summer [cue the waterworks]. I’m still in denial of the season coming to a close, but my favorite f-word [that’s fall, folks] is right around the corner– September 22nd to be exact. In all reality, I’m beginning to get the tiniest bit excited for the fall days to make an appearance and welcoming the changing seasons with barely open arms. While I’m not quite ready to let go of summer, Amazon is making the transition a little easier with cozy sweaters and flannel dresses that are practically begging to be worn to the pumpkin patch. So grab your adult apple cider, crank up a crockpot of chili, and get ready to embrace the season with LIY Team Amazon Finds: September Edition.

Erin’s Finds

Outdoor Wicker Couch & Cushions // Outdoor Pillows

Meet our new outdoor couch [yes. from Amazon!] We had been on the hunt for a while to get some new outdoor furniture so when my husband took to Amazon to find something, I had high doubts he’d be able to come up with anything good. As soon as he showed me this, I was proven wrong. This wicker couch comes with UV / water resistant cushions [and don’t worry, there are several other colors available in the event you’re not as daring [aka dumb] as we are to order white ;)] We have owned this for a month or so now and absolutely love it! It’s comfortable, holds 3-4 people, and fortunately has been easy to wipe clean after my dogs choose to roll their wet dirty selves all over it. If you’d like a cover for it, we purchased this one! Well done Amazon, well done.

Goodthreads Sweater [true to size, wearing in small] // Abercrombie Jeans [true to size] // Marc Fisher Booties [size up .5]

Switching gears from the outdoors to sweaters for fall, this is a good one. I love a good sweater that I know I’ll be able to wear for many months in a row and this one is a perfect weight to do so. Not too heavy, not too light – great quality and the perfect v-neck. I love it in this navy stripe but will be going back for the solid natural as well [can a girl ever have too many ivory sweaters?]

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins

Last but certainly not least of my Amazon finds for the month, are a product I’ve actually been taking for much longer than a month but finally remembered to share them with all of you — my favorite morning treat, these apple cider vinegar vitamins! Not only do they taste absolutely delicious [for real, you must try them] they are packed with some great benefits. I take two a day and as for me personally, here is what I’ve noticed after doing so for several months: increased energy, decrease in appetite, and better gut health [yes, I’m more regular if you must know ;)] I don’t know why apple cider vinegar packs such a punch but I’m so glad it does. Highly recommend!

Steph’s Finds

Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Mask

Wowza this was great for my freshly colored hair! Like most brunettes, when I have my hair lifted, the result can be beautiful color, but a bit of a frizzy situation. Enter this hair mask! I applied it after washing for the first time after my hair appointment and I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and smooth my hair looked. I’m definitely adding this to my routine moving forward!

Hannah’s Finds

Vitamin C Serum 

I had been using this Vitamin E Oil for awhile but really didn’t care for how heavy it was and started noticing my skin was becoming more oily. So, after a little digging on Amazon I came across this Vitamin C serum and OH MY it kicks the Vitamin E oil to the curb! It smells like a Spa, it’s not heavy and I haven’t noticed a single break out or skin issue [I have pretty sensitive skin]!! It has over 15,000 near perfect reviews and my skin feels so good! Definitely you try this one!

Diva Dryer Sachets

Erin’s been raving about this laundry detergent for months so I thought I would give it a try! My husband and kids tend to be a little more sensitive to strong smells [aka they complain if it’s too perfumey] so I decided to start with these dryer sachets! They last up to 8 loads of laundry and you just throw the little baggie in the dryer with your load of laundry and voila your clothes and house smell amazing! But truly, my husband and kids loved the smell so much I added the sachet to gym clothes, towels and our house smells amazing!! BONUS; you can add the sachet to your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum away while also making your house smell SO good!

Car Phone Mount

If you live in Indiana you may or may not have heard of the new law that you can’t be on your phone while driving… Well this was a HUGE change for me because I don’t have bluetooth [I know, I know, poor choice in vehicles] and I like chatting on my phone in the car. Placing my phone in my lap while talking on the phone was becoming a HUGE pain, so I found this car mount and it’s a game changer! It has over 5,000 near perfect reviews, holds my iphone 11 really well [even with the ring holder on the back and case] and has a 2 year warranty!! If you are needing a phone mount, I highly recommend this one!!

Berry Keeper Box

Anyone else’s kids LOVE a certain fruit one week but then the next week you buy it and it barely gets eaten so then you end up throwing it away because it went bad… Cue this Berry Keeper Box that holds your fruit, has a colander style insert so you can wash your fruit and then you just put the lid on top and it keeps your fruit fresher longer! And it’s super easy to store!!

Core 10 Long Sleeve Yoga Sweatshirt [TTS, wearing in XS]

Since this sweatshirt arrived [a week ago] I’ve worn it almost everyday lol I don’t know what magic material it’s made out of but it is insanely soft! Not too heavy either which makes it perfect for Spring, cooler Summer nights and early Fall!  Work out in it, run errands in it, lounge in it, the world is your oyster!

Katy’s Finds

Tyler Candle [Diva]

Obsessed is an understatement. Want a candle that will fill the entire house? Here you go! Erin has loved the laundry detergent, so I needed the candle. I honestly don’t know how to describe this scent other than luxurious! I went with “Diva”, but they have a ton of other scents that I definitely will be purchasing in the future! I’m a big Tyler fan.

Felt Hangers

Anyone else get fed up with those dents wire and plastic hangers can leave on your clothes? I know I was – so, I was happy to get these felt hangers to the rescue! Depending on how much LIY has grown your closet (sorry/you’re welcome) you can choose from a 30, 50, or 100 pack! These keep my Tees, Dresses, and Sweaters in tact and I don’t worry about ruining some of my favorite pieces now!

Essence Lash Princess Mascara // Thank Me Later Primer // Highlighter Palette

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical to try this mascara but the almost 35,000 reviews convinced me to give it a shot. Then, once I tried it for myself I was REALLY convinced! It gives my lashes length and volume without looking clumpy or flaking off! PLUS, it’s under $5…can’t beat that!! I am enjoying this primer so far! I feel like I do see a difference in the wear time of my makeup and the reduction of fine lines under my foundation! It’s not a bad price point for the amount of product! This highlighter palette is so cute! 4 colors for under $8? Sign me up! I love the versatility of the shades! I have been using it for a true highlighter on the cheekbones, bronzer, and eye shadow! Definitely recommend giving this a shot!

Bath Towels [Jade] 

FAIL! I was hoping for some soft, fluffy, absorbent bath towels and these were not it! They aren’t the WORST I’ve ever felt, but these were a pass for me!

Claire’s Finds

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Supplement Powder [Mimosa Flavor]

Pre-Workout. Because we all need a little extra boost of energy and motivation pre-sweat sesh. I’ve been hearing great things about the Alani Nu brand [seriously, it all looks SO delish] so I decided to give this Supplement Powder a whirl. I’m convinced it really does give me an extra “kick” and I love the slight tingly sensation. Not on an uncomfortable level, but if you use pre-workout, you know the feeling. I read a few reviews stating theirs arrived rock solid and clumpy, but didn’t experience that at all! Bonus: it tastes like brunch with the girls– minus the champagne, unfortunately. 😉

Tyler Candles Autoglam Auto Air Freshener [Diva Scent]

It’s no secret the LIY Team is obsessed with all-things Tyler brand. Erin has been raving about laundry detergent for months, Hannah gave these dryer sachets her stamp of approval, and Katy grabbed the Tyler Candle this month. So naturally, I had to see what all the hype was about and give the Auto Air Fresheners a try. I was NOT disappointed. If you’re a fan of the Diva scent, you’ll love these. I will warn you, they are STRONG at first so tread lightly if you’ve got a sensitive nose!

Goodthreads Flannel Popover Dress [TTS, wearing medium] // Similar Boots // Hat [Camel] 

Fall fashion is my jam, so when I saw this Flannel Popover Dress, I knew I had to have it. The hardest part? Deciding which pattern I loved the most. It’s super soft and perfect for the season. I belted it to add a little shape and waist definition, but un-belted it would work well for taller ladies [I’m 5’5 for reference]! True to size, wearing medium in off-white/black windowpane plaid. ps. It has pockets!!

Becca’s Finds

Glass Food Storage Containers

I am probably late to the glass food container party, but hey — better late than never, am I right?! My worry with making the switch from my classic red lidded rubbermaid was that I was afraid that a glass set would take up so much more room in my teeny tiny kitchen! This set however can stack on it’s own size, or nestles with descending sizes, and the lids open up and lay flat. The whole set of 15 containers and their lids fit into one large drawer! And I look forward to doing half as many dishes since I can just microwave food in the container, rather than dumping leftovers from a plastic container into a microwave safe dish before heating it up. Yay for saved time, and of course saving the earth a little as well! [Note: I am passing my old plastic ones onto family members, so they will get continued life as well!] 

Wooden Cooking Utensil Set

If a cooking utensil set can be beautiful, then this one definitely is that! It has stunning wood grain and texture and uniquely shaped spoons and spatulas! Maybe it is just me, but when I love the utensils I am working with, it makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook more often! And I can promise you that this fall I will be cooking up some chili, stirring up some butternut squash soup, mixing up some pumpkin cookie batter, and who knows what else with these beautiful spoons!

Collapsible Tote Bag

If you know anything about me, you know this. I am a bag lady. I have tons and tons of reusable tote bags I have picked up at TJ Maxx, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and who knows where else. Honestly, I have a bag problem. But I have to say, of all the many many tote bags I own, this has got to rank up at the top! It stands on it’s own with its rigid bottom and has cute faux leather trim and handles! The biggest draw however is that it is fully collapsible! Push on either side until you hear a click, fold flat, and then secure with the elastic strap! It’s great for storing, or for groceries, and really the possibilities are endless! This might be my all time Amazon favorite purchase!

Cassidy’s Finds 

Pantry Before & After: Clear Bins // Stackable Storage Bins // Pop Top Container Set

We recently bought our first house! YAY! We are so so grateful for our new home and love every bit of it! The only “downgrade” was our pantry space! We went from having a large pantry to having simply cabinet space! For now, I wanted to find a way to organize, simplify and condense the space in our new pantry! These clear bins were perfect for snack bars, crackers and more! And these stackable storage bins worked great for storing canned goods or soda cans in the refrigerator! But by far, this 5-piece, airtight, pop top container set, is my favorite! They are perfect for noodles, cereal, crackers, etc.! I am super impressed with the airtight pop top, it feels extremely secure and spill free!

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