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Spruce Up Your Space with $100 or Less

June 26, 2020


Erin Schrader

Warmer weather calls for one thing [besides pedicures and lake days]: Home Renovations. There’s just something about a change in the season that gives me an itch to change well, just about everything. With all the additional time at home recently, there’s no time like the present to make your space just the way want it. After all, home sweet home is getting lots of love at the moment. The only downfall when it comes to revamping a space? The price tag. I can’t be the only one who walks into Target shopping for toothpaste and leaves with a cartload of new Hearth & Hand goodies, right? The next thing you know, I’m ready to host a demo-day and cover my entire home in shiplap. But that’s neither here nor there. In order to get the job done without draining our entire life savings, the LIY Team each selected an area of our homes to refresh, put ourselves on a $100 budget, and went buck-wild. Today, we’re sharing just how easily Y-O-U can spruce up your own space for $100 or less.

Erin’s Table Arrangement: Before

Erin’s Table Arrangement: After

Dining Table // Dining Chairs // Table Runner // Plates // Chargers // Similar Napkins // Wood Vases // Wood Tray // Plant

Since moving into the lake house we have projects galore to tend to it seems, starting with the dining area. I recently purchased this table but from the before picture, you can tell that it needed a little life added to it. Insert a quick run to Target and problem solved. With my $100 budget [give or take] I was able to spruce it right up and make the table an inviting and fun space to look at! I love the beachy vibe between the wood vases and rattan plate chargers. It’s amazing how a few small things on a table can make such a big difference!

Becca’s Spice Cabinet: Before

Becca’s Spice Cabinet: After

Anyone else fed up with all the stuff that seems to accumulate in every nook and cranny of the house? I am currently in the process of purging, minimizing and organizing our home, one little space at a time! As a Highly Sensitive Person [check out the test here if you think this might be you too!], I am finding that when I minimize even something as small as my spice rack, it has actually lightens my stress load! This project took me 3 hours, even while chasing my toddler around, so I call it a win! I think it will be easy to maintain as I don’t need to purchase new spices often and the refilling will happen only occasionally. I spray painted the existing trays to match our cabinetry, poured my random bottles [I kept finding multiple half empty bottles of the same spice] of spices into simple glass jars and created a quick label with my handy dandy label maker. It was so easy I think I am going to go label crazy and label the whole house! My husband joked that he would wake up and find a label on our dog!

Hannah’s Playroom: Before 

Hannah’s Playroom: After

Cozy Rug // Chalkboard Contact Paper // You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Print // You are my Sunshine Print // Storage Bins // Poster Frame [we spray painted the cardboard black]    

We moved into our very outdated home last year and have been working away on updating as much as we can while also sticking to a budget! One room that needed quick updates that would spruce up the space was our kiddo’s playroom! Green walls and outdated window treatments were starting to drive me a little crazy lol So we painted the room [Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray], added this really fun Chalkboard Contact Paper [super easy to use], a cozy neutral rug [cloud gray], storage bins for their toys and these SUPER cute Etsy Prints! After rearranging the space to create more room for playing, creating and crafting they spend A LOT more time in here and it’s more practical! 

Cassidy’s Wall Decor: Before

Cassidy’s Wall Decor: After

16 x 24 Framed Canvas // 16 x 24 Framed Canvas

We recently bought our first home and I have been focusing on decorating our master bedroom! I would describe my style as minimal, mid-century modern, and eclectic! I realized our bedroom was missing just a little something so I decided to dress up the walls with these framed canvases! I was skeptical when I ordered them but I ended up being SO pleased with them when they arrived! PS. they do come with hardware! If you want to shop the rest of my master bedroom finds [pssst, most of the items are also under $100!] click here.

Claire’s Patio Space: Before

Claire’s Patio Space: After

Set of 2 Pillow Cases // Lumbar Pillow Cover // Seagrass Tray // Stone Coasters // Candle // Stemless Glass // Outdoor Rug [found on clearance in-store]

My taste in decor changes with the seasons. I do a LOT of outdoor hosting in the summer, so I decided it was time to spruce up my patio space. PRO TIP: purchasing pillow covers [as opposed to brand new pillows] is a crazy-affordable and practical way to refresh any space. Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll be ready for something new again in a matter of months. I added a seagrass tray for a little pizazz and just like that — new porch, new me. If you need me, you’ll know where to find me the rest of the summer.

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