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A Peek Inside the LIY Team Offices

January 16, 2020


Erin Schrader

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Welcome, welcome, WELCOME! Please step into our offices and make yourself at home. If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you may know that the LIY Headquarters has been undergoing a serious makeover [read more about the space here]. It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. Pop some bubbly [or fire up the Keurig] because it’s finally time to share the first official Team LIY Office Reveal. We’re thrilled to share a little bit about our spaces [and a little it about ourselves] with you. Pour a cup of coffee and let’s get down to business. Ps. if you’re new around these parts, you can learn more about the LIY team here.

Hannah’s Office

Welcome to my little slice of heaven!! Creating a space that helped spark creativity while also looking clean and not cluttered was difficult!! I tend to go overboard by adding too much or wanting all of the things, but this space is perfect!! My office is clean and simple but elevated with pops of gold accents to give it a little more chicness! I am a lover of fashion so incorporating Fashion Table Books, and abstract art work to my space helps spark creativity and keeps my work environment fun! I love the elevated and slightly edgy pieces in my wardrobe so incorporating it in a way with my office was key and I think I accomplished it!


Becca’s Office

As a mom of an almost one year old, I can’t tell you what this little space that is all my own has done for me! I love that I have ability to work from home part of the week and feel blessed with the challenge of balancing mom-life and work life — I wouldn’t have it any other way! But having this little corner of the world that is all my own, without distraction has meant so much for my metal space! I wanted to make it a cozy little place that was authentic to me and the things I love! For starters, it is super neutral and modern, while adding lots of wood warm things up! And speaking of warm — I added one of my favorite things in the world — a fireplace — to my little office hideaway! It makes things so cozy and also functions as a space heater for when things get chilly! In my office you’ll also find many nods to travel — globes, books, maps, photos of my family on our world travels, and even magnets I made out of the coins from countries we’ve visited together!


Steph’s Office

Welcome to my home…. errrr office! Can I grab you a cup off coffee? Make yourself at home! My goal was to create a space where I could dive in and focus on my work while feeling comfortable and relaxed. I did this by incorporating the same style (and a few pieces) from my home into my office space and I could not be happier with how it turned out! I love surrounding myself with muted, calming tones of grey, teal and white as well as photos of my sweet kiddos and hubby. One thing you’ll find in my office that isn’t in my home is this fun faux shiplap accent wall. While I would be lying to say there weren’t some difficult parts of this project (that tall corner is no joke!), overall it was MUCH easier to apply than I anticipated and I love the impact it’s made on look and feel of my space.


Lauren’s Office

As I get older [ripe old age of 32 over here ;)] I’m wanting less clutter everywhere, and more of a clean, sleek environment without a lot of “things.” This is especially true for my work space. I love a work setting that’s a simple layout with basic colors, which is why you’ll notice that most everything here is black, white, and gold. I added in a few pops of colors with the green chairs, blue frame, and reed diffuser [my all time fav brand for scents]! I didn’t love the back of my desk, and didn’t want it against the wall, so a little DIY with peel-and-stick wallpaper quickly turned it into a focal piece!


Cassidy’s Office

Hello! Welcome to my boho, eclectic, global–you name it–inspired office! I am loving this space because it truly is SO me, from the rugs to the candles, I love how it all has come together. I love the bold and bright colors while also keeping things cohesive and minimal! In this space I wanted to bring in my love clashing styles + colors as well as my inner bohemian. I should also mention, I love adding texture to my spaces, faux fur, fringe, woods, and metals! Overall, this little space that I have turned into my own, has become a welcoming, vibrant and fun place to be! Look out world, lots of work will be getting done here!


Claire’s Office

Welcome all, please step into my [pretty in pink] office and make yourself at home! Here’s the deal. Do you ever have those moments where you stop and think “Holy smokes, I really AM my mother’s daughter”? Putting together this office space was one of those moments. Growing up, I had to roll my eyes at her passion for pink [seriously, 50 shades of all-things blush]. Well, well, well look where we are now. That being said, I was so thrilled to incorporate my feminine, floral taste into this space– while also keeping things clean and cozy. My office truly couldn’t be more “me” and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. Let’s get to work… after another cup of coffee, of course!




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