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Adulting. I Don’t Get it.

June 21, 2016


Erin Schrader

Tuesday’s happen to be my favorite day of the week – mostly because I leave work at 1 pm and am home online shopping [I mean working on the computer, doing laundry and definitely NOT enjoying a glass of wine] by 2. Also because that means Monday is over and Friday is kinda sorta, well not really, but a tiny bit closer to almost here. The only real bummer about Tuesday’s is that typically it’s a day my husband expects me to get active in that whole D department. I’m talking about dinner people. What other D word would you think when referring to my husband? Oh right, dinosaur hunting.

I just made that up. My husband doesn’t dinosaur hunt. Just thought I should clarify because I’ve heard that’s quite an active and relevant hobby most men are into these days.

Anyhow, do I have anything of great substance to talk about today you ask? Do bears crap in the woods? Of course I do. I’m just trying to figure out what it is yet…

Lets start with what I’m currently doing. Nothing.

See, that was fun! Lets keep going.. Oh wait I know. Can we talk about washing windows for a second? Certainly none of you do that right? Have I ever told you how my mother washes her windows nearly every other day both inside and out and I’m not exaggerating even the tiniest bit over here. Regardless, my husband is currently on a kick that we need to wash our windows this week. I’m utterly confused about the whole situation. Wash them with what?!?!? And how? Better yet why? Isn’t that what rain is for? He’s trying to age us and I’m not happy about it. Forever 21 baby.

Do people my age still fit into their clothes? Moving on.

Yes, I have random photos of myself wearing a dress in this post that has nothing to do with the words I’m typing. It’s a common practice I’m referring to as “lifestyle blogger disguised as a fashion blogger disguised as a lifestyle blogger” On Instagram I’m trying to be a fashion blogger but then I look at “real” fashion bloggers IG accounts and they all say “fashion blogger” and I’m all “living life one bowl of mac and cheese at a time” so I just don’t really know what’s going on anymore.

dress found here // use code LIY15 for 15% off [psssst: it’s only $26 to begin with!] // lace up sandals
wearing a size small in the dress, if you teter between sizes size down one
I did however just remember that about 20 minutes ago I started filling up the watering can to water some flowers. Oops. Needless to say I just got a little bit [okay a lot of bit] wet when carrying that back outside. 
That was a weird sentence. 
Speaking of getting wet…. 
Last night Shawn was power washing the outside of our house [I’m telling you – he does all sorts of really weird things] and it was somehow spraying through the cracks of our front door which means our entry way also got power washed.
Moral of the story – if you ever need a good spray down just call my husband. Or maybe don’t? Unless you’re paying. In which case, call. 
ps. That dress up above? There’s a good chance that it’s insanely comfortable and affordable. Be sure to check out all of Sweet P & Fi’s new arrivals as they have a ton of cute items at awesome prices!

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