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Look Ma, I Can Read!

November 7, 2014


Erin Schrader

As you may or may not recall, I am a member of a book club. One may think that in order to be in a book club, you actually have to read books, but aha! you are wrong. Make no mistake, it is most likely recommended to read books if you are in a book club, but up until now I had a problem accomplishing such a feat. A problem called “I always forgot to go to the store to purchase that month’s book”. This resulted in our monthly book club meetings going something like “Hey guys! Can somebody pass the wine? OH MY GOSH YOU BROUGHT CHEESE! I need to hear about everybody’s week. AND THERE ARE NACHOS! More wine please. Oh wait, what was the name of the book you all read this month?” 
Fortunately I have a very forgiving group of ladies in my book club who have come to terms with the fact that me and books just aren’t happening. Until now. I recently discovered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and I haven’t put it down since I got it. You may think this is a joke but ask my husband — he caught me reading two nights in a row. The reason why the new NOOK by Samsung works so well for me is that even while I am using the device mostly to read (currently reading The One and Only by Emily Giffen), I still have full access to the important things in life [instagram, twitter, facebook, email, etc]. It also has the following perks going for it: 
  • A wonderful 7-inch brilliant HD display
  • Color choices of either black or white
  • Front and rear cameras
  • GPS 
  • and so much more! 

What also makes the new NOOK by Samsung so great is the fact that it houses over 3 million best-selling books, 100 bestselling U.S. magazines, NOOK apps, movies, and TV shows. It just so happens we are traveling to Disney in a few weeks with my nieces and you best believe I will be busting this thing out on the plane to keep those kiddos entertained. You are welcome plane mates in advance.

It is sleek, ultra light, and can be used anywhere you are [typically this means my couch]. I love that I can throw it in my purse and have access to everything in this one wonderful device.

Interested in trying one out yourself? Head to your local Barnes and Noble to experience the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK firsthand. It is only $169.99 after a $30 instant rebate and comes with more than $200 in free reading and entertainment content. Holllllleeeeeeer.

The best news of all? Today one is being given away [hoooray]! To enter to win your very own New 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK all you have to do is answer any of the questions below in the comments. You will be entered for each question you answer.

– What content can you not wait to tryout on a new NOOK by Samsung?
– What is your favorite part of visiting a Barnes & Noble location?

* Offered to US Residents ONLY, 18 years or older

It’s about time everybody gets their NOOK on. Click here for all of the details. Read on readettes.

Thank you to Barnes & Noble for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK!

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