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I’m The Kind Of Girl Who…

February 20, 2014


Erin Schrader

The thing I love about people is that at our core, we are all freaks of nature. The best part of my day is finding out that somebody who I thought is “normal” is totally not. I’m no exception to the rule. I definitely have a few quirks or truths about me that you should all know. In the spirit of my lady love Holly’s link-up, the truths are now exposed…..

I am the kind of girl who….

+ Likes to sit naked in buckets of water.

+ Drinks a stiff martini while listening to worship music on Pandora. 

+  Looks through Instagram on Valentines Day and proceeds to cry because I didn’t get any flowers like EVERY OTHER FREAKING PERSON ON INSTAGRAM DID. And no, I’m not jealous. Or bitter. Nor do I ever want flowers on Valentines Day..

+ Will admittedly agree that my face is orange. It is what it is peeps, deal. The proof is in the video.

+ Would rather spend my afternoon learning the Harlem Shake than doing something productive. Not that learning the Harlem Shake isn’t productive, but you know what I mean.
+ Hugs my daily planner daily. It’s a crazy, intense, passionate, love affair that Shawn should be concerned about.
+ Hates when my phone rings unless it is Ellen or Publishers Clearing House.
+ Loves being the center of attention in a group of people, but hates it one-on-one.
+ Dances in my kitchen regularly because YOLO.
+ Overuses the word YOLO.
+ Laughs at nearly everything I say. 
+ Wants to say so many things on this blog that I am not “allowed” to say. Husbands are the best (worst) filters around.
+ Eats constantly. And constantly. And constantly.
+ Takes three hours to write blog posts like this because of the Harlem Shake, martinis, and things like that.
+ Thinks I am going to die tonight while snowboarding. Good riddance.

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