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Life Lately {Where I Scream And Kick Things}

January 2, 2013


Erin Schrader

Oooooooooh the joys of blogging.
You see, I had numbers 1 and 2 complete on this little diddy which consisted of a ton of pictures with catchy little taglines and explanations as to what has been going on in my life as of late.
And then, that’s when it happened.
I accidently lost the first portion of my post.
Donezo, gone, outta here.
Something about me highlighting all of the HTML code and hitting delete and then somehow clicking save before realizing what I just did, I don’t know.
So while I really want to share with you about my recent outings with my bestie and the festivities that took place on New Years Eve, I am no longer in the mood (can you blame a sister?)
So you are getting the remnants of what my blog decided to keep and not delete.
One of these days when I am done yelling, spewing off threats like “I AM GOING TO GO TAKE A NAP”, and demanding that I need a stronger drink, I will share those parts of this post with you.

Until then, I am off to take a nap……

(fitting for where this post is being picked up)

3. I’ve been laying on the couch a lot recently. It’s just what you do in the winter, amen?
Sometimes I think I could dominate couch laying competitions if there was such a thing.
Another thing I could crush the competition in? Drinking wine out of plastic glasses.
Just because I’m classy like that.

Oh and fish faces. Yup, I could win all sorts of fish face tournaments as well.
Try not to be jealous of these three accomplishments.

4. Winter. I think she’s beautiful. So I document her.

And that’s all I really have to say about that.

5. I had mentioned these three ladies last week and said I would share more about them with you in a few days and then well, I didn’t. So here we are..sharing these three ladies with you. Enjoy!

Chelsea is this delightful little thing behind Yours Truly.

I am not sure which is cooler–her blog, or her blog designs {I mean just look at that portfolio}.
While Chelsea is not busy creating the most beautiful blog in site, she does write a pretty fantastic blog. She is not afraid to be honest and open about struggles with anxiety (you and me both girl…) nor is she afraid to whip together gift guides that leave me saying “I want! I want!” I can guarentee one thing–you will never find yourself bored over at Chelsea’s space.

Next up is Jen from Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This. 
I knew I was a big fan of Jen when I noticed her social media buttons were glasses of beer. I mean genius. I’m thinking miniature wine bottles will be making an appearance here soon 😉 Jen is a single mom to a precious little girl, drives too fast, AND changes her hair color a lot. Just a few minor things I thought you should know. If you’d like the whole story with Jen, you can read about it here. Or if you are just curious as to what she is up to in 2013, have at it. Regardless, make sure you say hello!

And last but certainly not least, we have Kym from Travel Babbles.

Before we begin, you should probably wish her a happy birthday. You know those blogs that talk like they speak, who lay it all out there, who share the good, bad, and the honest? That’s Kym. A good example of this can be found in her “Fifteen faces of a bride” post. We like to refer to those people as “real”. Kym is in the process of packing up her bags and moving out to Germany to be alongside her professional hockey playing husband. I promise you will want to go along for the ride.


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