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Why Christmas Is Awesome

December 25, 2012


Erin Schrader

1. We are going to start with the elephant in the room–the birth of sweet baby Jesus. If it weren’t Him, numbers 2-10 would not be possible. Thank you Jesus. To put it lightly, without You, this blog would go to crap. 


2. This goes without saying…the food (and the drinks). Ham, mashed potatoes, corn, cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Wine, wine, and more wine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed time snack. It doesn’t matter! It’s Christmas!!! 

3. PRESENTS!!!!!! Duh. 

4. Celebrating in a barn. Just like our ancestors. 

5. Being able to take 1.2 million pictures of my precious nieces and nephews without getting yelled at. It’s Christmas! It has to be documented. Plus, it’s not my fault their delinquent parents are too busy actually taking care of them or something like that. I have real responsibilities, thank you very much.

6. On no other day is it socially acceptable to have your older sister feed you her breast milk. 

7. Reinbeer.

8. Bows in the hair. I’m just waiting for this to be a hit song modeled after “pants on the ground”. 

9. Homemade candlelight services. Thanks to a nice dose of the flu (given to my husband), my “BUT I HAVE TO GO TO A CANDLELIGHT SERVICE” creativity set in. The only bad news is–your husband when sick with the flu, doesn’t necessarily appreciate waking up to a million and ten candles burning along with Christmas music blasting throughout the house. You know what I have to say to that? Don’t get the flu. 

10. Speaking of husbands, it is the one time of the year he can’t say “no” to his picture being taken. Sucker. 


And that my friends, is why Christmas is awesome. 
What one thing would you put on your list? 
**just for the record–I didn’t actually drink the breast milk. You may now shut your mouths and stop shaking your heads. I did however eat four helpings of ham, mashed potatoes, and corn in less than 8 hours and it was aweeeeeesome. If you must know.**

ps. I realize this post didn’t have nearly enough pictures, so here are a few more for you to enjoy.
Or for me to look at in a year when I can’t remember what we did last Christmas. Whatevs.
my dog/my mother-in-law. not to be confused with each other.
 tracking Santa. at about this time he was somewhere near Yemen.
 mi madre/mi amigo
 a rockstar. aka my brother-in-law
 my parents don’t like to hang things on their walls in case you didn’t notice
 my mom passin out..she had a few two many reinbeers. (or trying out her new pillow…borrrring)
 my dad. once a stud, always a stud.
tickle tickle tickle….giggle giggle giggle


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