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Roses Are Red..Violets Are Blue…

February 14, 2012


Erin Schrader

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When you smile at me,
I want to jump all over you.
Your muscles are so big.
But your brain is so bright.
And because you are so smart,
You know better than to fight.
Cats are weird,
But babies are cute.
My heart would be sad,
if you ever went mute.
Our living room walls are brown,
Your car is tan.
I will forever always be,
Your number one fan.
Your teeth are so white,
And your eyes are so blue.
If I didn’t have you in my life,
I wouldn’t have a clue.
We met when we were young,
Ten years later we are now old.
You are my favorite person to cuddle,
when I get cold.

Maggie is our dog,
And when you sleep you sometimes act like a bear.
You are so much cuter,
Than any pair of my underwear.

Daisies are yellow,
the grass is green,
You make me happier
Than a Mexican jumping bean.

The opposite of happy is sad,
The opposite of love is hate.
When I met you,
I knew it was fate.

I love that your name is Shawn.
And not something boring like Rod.
With all this working out you’ve been doing,
You’ve got a rockin’ hot bod.

The work days can be long.
But on Friday’s we get paid.
I love the weekends,
Because it means I can get……
{haha sorry–it was too easy}

You like to drink coffee in the mornings.
And if you don’t you are in a fog.
I like to press my limits,
With you on this blog.
Your birthday is in June.
And the month before that is May.
I guess all I am trying to say is..

Love you baby.
PS. If you are dying to know what our Valentines plans are, you can find out here.

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