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June 17, 2011


Erin Schrader

This is an entry from my gratitude journal almost exactly a year ago from today.
Funny how I wound up in the same place once again.
I am in a rut and I am getting out of it..
Running and working out is something I have been passionate about over the past couple of years.
Noticed I say “have” been?
Somehow I managed to let the passion fizzle and there is not one happy {or strong} bone in my body okay with this fact.
Thankfully a dear blogger friend of mine is dedicating the month of June to becoming a better you on her blog.
Hallelujiah, praise the Lord, I think I found the motivation I need.
It has inspired me once again to break out the running shoes, pick up the hand weights, and get to town.
The benefits are SO worth it.
Just yesterday I was feeling so deprived of energy and really found myself being a boring person.
I hate boring.
So I thought to myself “self..you gotta kick it into high gear”.
So that is just what I did-
I ran two miles on my lunch hour {nearly puked at the end..and did not shower before returning back to work, whatever..minor details},
Went to a FREE fitness class this evening where I thought my abs were going to miraciously make their way out of my body for punishing them so bad after just 30 seconds..
{local ladies email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want in on this action.
Every Tuesday & Thursday night. Did I mention it is FREE?!},
and then convinced my husband to go on a walk with me afterwards.
I feel energized, I feel strong, and I feel like my butt is on fire.
And who doesn’t want their butt on fire?
{Don’t let the professional flourescent clothing fool you}
So here I am telling you {the entire universe}, that I am making a change.
I am dedicating myself to keep up this pattern, to do good things for my body,
 fuel it with the right nutrients, and treat it with the respect it so deserves 🙂
And then..then my friends, my journal entries will get back to looking like these:
I challenge you to do the same.
Cheers to strong bones, lean muscles, and six pack abs
Or something of that sort 🙂
For more fabulous ideas on building a healthier you, visit:
Happy Weekend Booty Busters.

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