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Crystelle Chic Giveaway

June 21, 2011


Erin Schrader

It’s my favorite time of the month.
Giveaway time baaaabbbbaaay.
And no, I’m not giving away babies.
I opted for something a little more manageable and less fussy:
That’s right.
$25 buckaroos to spend in one of my favorite Etsy stores, Crystelle Chic.
Look at her goods:
I am dying over that birdie beanie right above.
In fact, my unborn {and un-conceived} child is going to own it in .2 seconds after I am done writing this post.
Lucky unborn child.
Lets get to meet Crystelle shall we?

{How cute are they?!?}

1. When did you start Crystelle Chic and what inspired you to do so?
Crystelle Chic officially launched Thanksgiving 2010. I’ve always been pretty crafty and love making my own beautiful creations on a budget. I dreamed of selling the earrings and crocheted hats I was making as gifts for friends and family, but I thought doing so would take too much time away from my daughter and husband while working full-time at an office job. My husband graduated nursing school and became an operating room nurse the summer of ’09 so when my son was born that December I was able to quit my job and become a full-time mommy. After recovering a few months from sleep deprivation and a failed attempt of selling under a different name, I regrouped and started again with a new name and a better idea of what I was doing. Just in the last few months I have met so many inspiring women in the blog world that have encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible.
2. Aside from your business and blog-what other activities fill up your day?
My kids take up most of my time. My daughter, Caitlyn or Caitie, will be 4 in September and is in ballet once a week. She is smart and sweet and provides me with fairly stimulating conversation throughout the day. My son, Sam, is 18 months a is a walking tornado. He loves chaos and my house is usually a mess with toys from end of the house the other. So between feeding them, wiping noses and bottoms, laundry and dishes, I can usually crochet a little throughout the day, but like most crafty sahm’s, most of my work is done at night after my kids go to bed. During the summer we hang out a lot in the back yard or head to a water spray park and once a week I meet up with other mom’s to hang out, encourage each other and pray together. One of the highlights of my week is when my best friend, Jena, comes over on Friday nights and we share a bottle of wine and watch Bones together.
3. Would you rather have filet mignon or Mac and cheese?
Mac and Cheese, hands down! And not even that fancy stuff they sell now, just the plain old powdered kind for me. Though, I do like mine with ketchup. I know that can be fairly controversial and my husbands says I’m weird, but I’ve always eaten it that way. Yum!
4. What are your favorite color combos right now?
I recently discovered how fun and beautiful yellow is. I had a request for yellow colored earrings and before then I had NEVER bought a bead in that shade, but I paired it with a beautiful teal blue and fell in LOVE. It’s so summery and cheerful.
5. One thing you want to accomplish this summer?
I really want to start blogging at least once a week. I’d love to have a follower-worthy blog by the end of summer with fun tips, giveaways and just my craziness put out there for the world.
So here’s how you enter to win:
1. Be a follower of Living In Yellow {Mandatory}
2. Leave a comment letting me know what item(s) you would pick out from Crystelle Chic if you won
3. Follow Crystelle’s blog here
4. Like Crystelle Chic on Facebook
5. Like Living in Yellow on Facebook {It’s official, I started one. As in today. Whoa}
6. Repost about this giveaway and/or have this button on your blog:

That is 6 possible entries. Never say I didn’t give you a chance 😉
..Leave a separate comment for each item that you do please!
Winner will be selected and announced on Sunday, June 26th.
Happy winning sweet peas.

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