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Breaking Bad Habits (FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY)

March 20, 2011


Erin Schrader

I have a confession.
And whether he likes it or not, so does my husband.
Together, we suck at putting away laundry.
I mean we are AWFUL at it.
Instead of simply hanging up items after they come out of the dryer, we do this:
(Ok, not quite this bad but close)
And that is where they sit.
For how long? Well, it depends.
Depends on if we are having company over or not.
And even company coming over doesn’t guarantee they get hung up. Ever heard of sticking clothes back in the dryer just to hang out for another week or so they aren’t thrown all over your bedroom floor for guests to see?
Welp, now you have.
This has been a bad habit of ours since we first got married.
We have tried telling ourselves we are going to fix the problem, be proactive, and actually put our clothes away instantly after taking them out of the dryer. Good joke.
But then something spectacular happened. I found something that made this big messy problem look a lot better.
I attended a Thirty One party and I purchased the best thing that could’ve happened to our bedroom floor.
It has transformed everything (well everything in laundry world that is).
Instead of our poor clothes hanging out in one giant, ugly pile, they are now housed in this:
And here they sit.
Happy as clams. Looking pretty & organized. Waiting patiently for their parents to put them away.
I no longer have to worry about flying through midair during the middle of the night because of the heaping pile of clothes on the floor, our bedroom no longer looks like a bomb just blew up in it, and when the time comes for us to actually put them away-they are already folded. Booooo yah.
So here is where the fun comes in-
It is time to give one of these bad boys away to YOU. That’s right. You can win one for FREE.
Maybe you don’t suffer from the same problem that we do. Don’t worry.
 This large utility tote can be used for a variety of other purposes.
For example:
All you have to do to WIN is:
1. Leave a comment telling me what you would use your utility tote for. Not sure until you receive it? That’s fine. Just tell me that. Honesty never hurt anybody 🙂
Include your email address please.
For additional entries:
1. Tell others about this giveaway by posting this button on your blog-leave an additional comment telling me you did this. Then I can check out your blog and fall in love with what you have to say..if I haven’t already 😉
2. Become a follower of Living In Yellow
3. Browse through Thirty One’s catalog here and tell me what other item(s) you would love to have.
Oh, and if you do find something you can’t live without?! Email my friend Heath at heathjbontrager@gmail.com
She will take reeaaaalll good care of ya, k?
And in case the giveaway wasn’t exciting enough-check out this amazing deal. Good thru March only!

So folks, you have 4 chances at winning if you do all of the above. Better get crackin.

Winner will be chosen & announced on Sunday, March 27th so have your entries in by then.

Here’s to breaking bad habits, one load of laundry at a time 🙂

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