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What We Bought & Loved this Month

June 6, 2023


Team LIY

Sweet summertime has officially arrived, friends! As usual, there was no shortage of packages arriving at Team LIY’s doorsteps this month. Thank you, delivery drivers! Most of us are gearing up for Summer Break [cheers to that!] and diving head first into days spent in the sun! Another month calls for another round of “What We Bought & Loved” – sharing our latest and greatest finds! Make yourself comfortable; here’s everything we’re buying and loving lately!

Fashion Finds

Katy’s Denim Shorts

Shorts [true to size] // Similar Tee // Sandals [true to size]

Y’ALLLLLL we recently did a “Denim Shorts By Inseam” comparison and I wish these would’ve been in it because I am in LOVE. It’s hard to find a good pair of jean shorts, but these “Abercrombie inspired” shorts at an Amazon price point [$31] may end up being my most reached for pair this Summer 🤩👏

Jen’s Aerie Shorts

Shorts [TTS, wearing in S] // Bodysuit[TTS, wearing M] // Sneakers[TTS]

I was told these shorts are the best, and I’m here to confirm: These shorts are the best! SO COMFY!!

Jen’s Aerie Tank

Aerie Tank [size down 1, wearing S] // 3″ Shorts [true to size, wearing 6] // Sneakers [true to size]

These no BS tanks are just that. Plain Jane, easy to wear with no BS. I love the fun colors they offer and they are the perfect addition to any Summer closet!

Jen’s UpWest Shorts & Tee

Pocket Tee wearing in color soot [size down 1, wearing S] // Shorts wearing in color lusty cocoa [true to size, wearing M] // Sneakers [true to size]

I’ve never purchased anything from UpWest and I’m happy to report – these was a solid purchase! I’ve been looking for comfortable shorts and are easy to wear and I’ve found them! These are so comfortable and truly can be the Disney Shorts of all-time! Dry quick, easy to wear! Toss on a tank or Tee and out you go for a full day of fun!

Lauren’s Nike Sneakers

Nike Air Max Dawn Sneaker [size up .5]

Lauren’s Zella Long Sleeve

Zella Long Sleeve [fits oversized, wearing in medium

Macy’s Gap Long Sleeve

Gap Long Sleeve [tts] // Similar Jeans // Heels

Macy’s shorts

Shorts // Top // Sandals

Claire’s Bogg Bag

Bag // Cover-Up // Sandals // Drink Holder // Phone Case // Sunglasses

Beauty Finds

Katy’s Roll On Perfumes

Draw Me In [Amber & Santal] // Heart Throb [Amber & Oud]

These seriously smell so luxurious and amazing! My husband, who isn’t big into fragrances, even said how good they smelled!

Home Finds

Katy’s Our Place Home Cook Duo

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo [aka Always Pan + Perfect Pot]

Our Place pans and pots are SO GOOD. They are multi-purpose and can replace up to 10 items in your kitchen all in 1; which is great for small (or any) spaces. Plus, the non stick skills are second to none. I truly love my Always Pan and Perfect Pot duo [ON SALE] – plus they are great gifts! Make my Cacio E Pepe Recipe using this duo here!

Macy’s Compost Bin

Compost Bin

Steph’s Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder / My favorite Coffee Maker / Coffee Filters

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Happy Place Book

Our latest LIY Reads Book Club choice — I am so excited to dive into this one! I was a big fan of Beach Read by the same author. Bring on the days of summer with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other! Cheers!

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

If you were a fan of Every Summer After, you’re going to love Carley Fortune’s latest! The lakeside resort setting + the nostalgic romance storyline = the perfect summer read!

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