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Our Latest Amazon Finds

June 7, 2023


Team LIY

Amazon has it alllllll. Seriously almost ANYTHING you can think of that you may need (and even things you didn’t realize you wanted)! As convenient as that may be, it can also feel a bit overwhelming sometimes; don’t worry LIY is here to help – we have rounded up Fashion, Home, Beauty, and in between from Amazon that we think are worth the purchase this month!

p.s. Did you know Living In Yellow has an Amazon storefront where you can easily shop so many of our Amazon favorites?


Erin’s Taylor Swift Concert Look

Romper [true to size, wearing in small] // Denim Jacket [true to size, wearing in small] // Rhinestone Boots [true to size]

Erin’s Floral Sleeve Bodysuit

Bodysuit [wearing in black embroidery, I sized up to a medium for a more relaxed fit] // Jeans [true to size, wearing in 4] // Heels [true to size]

Erin’s Pleated Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing in small in rose red] // Dolce Vita Heels [on sale, true to size]

Claire’s Gauzy Dress [5’5, wearing L]

Dress [TTS, wearing large] // Sandals [size up .5] // Similar Crossbody

I can’t decide if this dress is giving “Coastal Grandmother” or just “Grandma’s nightie” 🤣 Nevertheless, I’m keeping it! It’s one of those easy breezy, throw-on-and-go dresses and the gauzy/muslin material is dreamy! If you’re not brave enough for white, it’s available in several different colors! For reference, I’m 5’5″ and wearing my usual size large – typically a 10/12! Oh and did I mention it’s less than $30?! So chic!

Claire’s Two Piece Set [5’5, wearing L]

Set [TTS, wearing large] // Sandals [size up .5] // Similar Crossbody

I can’t quit these two piece sets! I love the darling buttons on the back of this one [see backside here!] and that it’s regular bra friendly! True to size, wearing large!

Claire’s Swim Cover-Up

Coverup [fits oversized, wearing L but could do M] // Sandals

Jen’s Dress [5’7, wearing M]

Dress [true to size, wearing M] // Similar heels

Wedding Guest ready! I can’t tell you how much this dress means to me – the price, amazing. the quality, amazing. the flattering level 10/10… snatch up this dress today ladies for your next event!

Jen’s Swimsuit Cover-up

Cover-up color 02 B-blue[one size fits all] // Similar Swim Top // Similar Swim Bottoms

Splash on it, the perfect lightweight cover-up has entered the pool, lake or beach season! This is one that needs to be packed in your bags and worn everyday! One size fits all, wearing in the 02 B-blue color!

Macy’s Cropped Knit Top [4’11”]

Cropped Knit Top // Similar Jeans // Similar Sandals

Macy’s White Layering Long Sleeve [4’11”]

Long Sleeve // Similar Sweater Vest // Jeans // Similar Sneaker

Macy’s Knit Top [4’11”]

Top [wearing in small] // Similar Jeans // Similar Sandals

I’ve kind of been a sucker for these knit tops lately. They are just the perfect combination of cozy and cute.

Lauren’s Dress [5’6″]

Dress [Wearing in Z#yellow-watercolour in medium!]

Skye’s Swimsuit [5’4″]

Swimsuit [size up, wearing in an XL for size 12/14]

This is for all my mid-size mamas out there who want to feel comfortable in a bikini this summer! THIS IS YOUR SUIT.

Hey LIY Fam! Skye here! I am absolutely loving this bathing suit! The perfect “high waist” height, super supportive and completely adjustable top, and you will definitely turn heads in this bright pink color (although there are lots of other options if you’re not into it!). I give it 5 out of 5!

Allison’s Dress [6′]

Dress [true to size]

Allison here! My daughters HS grad party is coming up, and I wanted to find a dress to wear that had her college colors on it. This high/low polka dot dress for amazon was under $50, comes in a ton of different print/colors, and it fit perfectly on my 6 foot frame. Love wearing high/low dresses for my height, because it isn’t too short in the front, and is the perfect length in the back!

Heather’s Bracelets

Bracelets [available in 14 color combos!]

Heather here with a fun bracelet stack for summer! These bracelets from Amazon are just so fun and make me happy. I’ve been wearing a few at a time, they’re super stretchy and comfy to wear. My daughter did steal a few of these so watch out if you have a little fashionista like me!

Allison’s Shapewear Thong

Shapewear Thong [size down for more controlled fit]

Allison here! Who hates that tummy “roll’ that comes over the top of your pants?! ME! I bought a few thong high-waisted tummy-controlled undies, and I found these to be the best. They were high enough for my long torso, and due to the boning , they didn’t roll down at all! I’ll def be buying more pairs!


Erin’s Produce Containers

Containers [3-Pack]

The easiest way to store [and keep] your produce fresher longer! These vented containers work like a charm! I first use the strainer containers to wash my produce and then stick them in their compartments, vent the lids, and enjoy them throughout the week!

Ashley’s Juicer

Juicer [currently on sale!]

Hey, hey! Ashley, here 🤗 I wanted to share one of my favorite kitchen appliances with you today…our juicer! I saw the juice storage bottles Lauren posted and had to add to my cart for all of the delicious mixes we come up with using my Oster juicer. Since taking a much bigger interest in our health this year, I have been using this baby a couple times a week. The best part is the super easy self clean setting that makes the usual mess of juicing not so bad! If you’ve been thinking of getting your own juicer, I highly recommend checking this one out soon. Also please share your favorite fruit/veggie mixes with me! I’m always looking for new options to try ☺️

Steph’s Collapsible Laundry Basket

Perfect for a dorm room, small laundry room, or anyone looking to get rid of clutter – this laundry basket collapses easily when not in use!

Hannah’s Curtains + Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod // Curtains [shown in Olive Green]

I am by no means a decorator but our living room was feeling very boring and lifeless and needed a little updating! Amazon to the rescue and a little help from all of YOU, we moved some furniture around and ordered this curtain rod and these Velvet curtains to warm up our space! I did order 2 more panels because it wasn’t as full as it should be, but I’m loving the change it’s made to this space!

Macy’s Compost Bin

Compost Bin

Claire’s Bogg Bag Accessories

Cup Holder // Key Hook // Bogg Bag [Haute Pink]


Steph’s Lipgloss

Lisa’s Body Polish

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

Get you skin summer ready LIY! 💛 Lisa here with a beauty find I absolutely love! (Thanks Lizzie for sharing with me!) I used to use an expensive scrub and this has far exceeded my expectations and after sharing this with my best friend (love ya Dar!) she described it like this and she is spot on! “ I think I like it more than most for two reasons:
1). The fragrance is pretty but not overpowering.
2). The exfoliators in it are lighter not too much but just enough just right, the Goldie locks effect. Haha”

Sthefany’s Moisturizer


Hey loves, Sthefany here ✨ Anyone here have oily skin? if so, what is your go-to moisturizer? My skin has been extra oily lately, for some time, I was scared to add moisturizer to my skin routine. I came across a video stating that the skin overproduce oil if it’s lacking moister. Once hearing that, I ran to purchase this La Roche-Posay gel moisturizer and I cannot be more happy with it.

Katy’s Tinted Hydrator

Wet n Wild Tinted Hydrator [wearing color Medium Tan]

Surprisingly, Wet n Wild is one of my top picks when it comes to face makeup (their photofocus foundation is also $5 and one of my favs!) and this new Tinted Hydrator was no exception! For only $5 it’s perfect for a light to medium coverage for Summertime, PLUS it has skincare built in! Tip: mix in with this Elf halo liquid filter and you will have theeee perfect combo for Summer, glowy skin! p.s. I recently turned 29, but feel like my forehead wrinkles started earrrrlyyy thanks to being very expressive my whole life 😂 who else is with me?!

Random Finds

Jen’s Beverage Drink Holders

4 pack Heavy Duty Beverage Drink Holders

Summer is here which means lots of sipping on the beverages, am I right? I love that these stands are heavy duty and can easily be staked anywhere in your yard! BYOB, I’ve got a stand for you!

Steph’s Tablet Mount

This adjustable tablet mount was a lifesaver on our recent road trip! The holder adjusts, rotates, and slides along the bar shown here to allow both back passengers, or one to see the screen. Our boys played Mario Kart on our Switch together, watched movies on the tablet, and best of all – didn’t complain because they “can’t see” the screen!!

Steph’s Press-On Organizer

The solution to the huge pile of press on nail containers I had floating around my bathroom! I’ve been loving this organizer, it’s making creating mix and match manicures a breeze! I simply labeled each smaller box with the nail size, and got to sorting.

Steph’s Garmin Charging Cord

Garmin Charging Cord / Garmin Band / Hatch Restore

Katy’s Naked Greens

Naked Greens // Protein Powder // PB2 Powder

Anyone else struggle getting their greens in?! This organic powder is made in the USA, gets your daily greens in and also has your pre and probiotics! SO much is connected to your gut I have learned! I don’t love the taste on it’s own, but I mix it up in my smoothie every morning. With only 4g carbs and 21g protein per 2 scoops this protein powder is great for my PCOS (read more about how I try to eat for PCOS here) in my blender that I LOVE!

Hannah’s Portable Heating Pad

Portable Heating Pad

Anyone else feel like they’re attached to their heating pad when that time of the month comes around… The worst part, outside of feeling like your insides might explode, is being attached to a cord and having to stick to one place. I spotted this portable heating pad on Amazon a couple weeks ago and couldn’t order it fast enough! This baby holds up to its hype too! Easy to use, warms up, vibrates, holds a charge and adjustable so it fits comfortably! Highly recommend this guy!

Katy’s Air Compressor

Air Compressor

I don’t know what it is, but I have THE worst luck with tires HA! If you want the ease of pumping up your tires from anywhere you need this tool! It’s a great price, plugs into your car, is small/lightweight, and pumps SO quickly! There are also attachments for pretty much anything else you’d need to pump as well. Such a great gift for a Mom or Dad, kid going to college, friend – pretty much anyone for safety and convenience!

Lauren’s Bug Fan

Chemical Free Bug Fan

Bugs be gone! These chemical-free bug fans are battery operated, and the movement of the fans keeps bugs and flies away from food! We tested it this past weekend having food on the outside table for several hours, and we didn’t see a single fly the entire time!

Lauren’s Velcro Garden Ties

Velcro Garden Ties

It’s gardening season, and that means plants are growing up cages and trying not to pull themselves down! I saw these easy velcro garden ties and have been testing them out! Simply cut a small piece, wrap it around where you want it, and it stays secure! SO easy, and so discreet!

Lauren’s JBL Flip Speaker

JBL Flip Speaker

Waterproof, bluetooth, up to 12 hours of play? Yes, please! We’ve had friends who take these little JBL speakers on every beach trip, and I get why! With great sound, and no need to worry about them getting wet, they’re the perfect on-the-go or on-the-deck music must-have! These also make a great gift for a college age student or for father’s day!

Lauren’s Kids Headphones

Kids Kindle // Headphones

We’re getting ready to take our kiddos [5 and almost 3] on their first airplane ride! They’re great road-trippers, but something about having them sit still on an airplane makes me nervous! So we’re bringing in the reinforcements – the Kids Kindle! We have had one of these for a few years, but no headphones, so I found this pair with great reviews on Amazon! With wireless bluetooth capability AND a corded option, I think we should be set!

Erin’s Summer Read

Happy Place Book

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

If you were a fan of Every Summer After, you’re going to love Carley Fortune’s latest! The lakeside resort setting + the nostalgic romance storyline = the perfect summer read!

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