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How I’m Staying Fit This Summer

June 5, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Vuori and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly.

Is it just me, or is summer one of the harder seasons to keep your health in check? Now hear me out – I know that it’s the time you’re able to be outdoors more, and perhaps consume a few more pieces of fruit than normal, but it also seems to be the busiest time of year for us when it comes to hosting and being social. Both of these activities often involve food [and a lot of it]. I’m a self-proclaimed cookout queen and if there is a side [or hi, ice cream] that should be had, I’m making sure it’s on the table.

All of that being said, it is extra important to me that I keep this body moving and take advantage of things like warmer evenings to walk the dogs, pickleball courts scattered all around our area, and staying consistent with my newfound love of the 12/3/30 challenge [more on that soon!]

When it comes to dressing for the summer season and accomplishing those “move my body more” goals, there’s one place I can rely on to put a little pep in my step – Vuori. They have been with me for months [correction: years] on my health journey – their fabrics have me coming back for more and their comfort has me arguing with myself regularly on if I *really* need to change for bed or if I can swing keeping their gear one for just one more day 😉 If you haven’t tried this brand yet, stop what you are doing and browse their new arrivals stat and get ready to fall in love – say with these pants, because I just did.

Now, back to the matter at hand – my plan of attack for moving my body all summer long!

First up – pickleball, aka the trendiest sport in America right now. I’m all for a good trend and this is one I am just starting to dip my toes into. Over Memorial Day Weekend we were able to be taught the sport by some friends and immediately paddles were ordered and Shawn had an app downloaded on his phone that tells him where all of the available courts are [when we go in on something, we go all in 🤣]. Naturally, I had to do a little “preparation” myself and buy some new gear for my newfound hobby. Insert this tennis dress. With its built-in shorts, bra, and extremely comfortable fabric, it’s a swing and a HIT.

One Shot Tennis Dress [true to size, wearing in small]

Now, for those evenings when we’re away from the courts — I’m turning to my trusty ole treadmill to knock out a quick 30-minute, 300-calorie, butt-busting workout. I’m talking about the 12/3/30 challenge [full blog post coming soon!] I have been doing this for a couple of months now and can really tell a difference in my leg muscles and strength/stamina as a whole. 12% incline, 3 mph, and 30 minutes. Quick, effective, and sweat-inducing. Of course, a walk is just a walk without cute walking clothes, so when I spotted this tank and shorts, I knew they were going to be my perfect companions to get the job done [in style].

Washed Daily Crop [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Cardiff Short [true to size, wearing in small]

Oh, Vuori, I love you. Thank you for helping me stay in shape while staying in style! See a few more of my favorite new pieces here:

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