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A Love Letter To Myself

March 21, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Vuori and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly.

When I was coming to the drawing board for what I wanted to share about today’s Vuori post, nothing felt right except a personal letter to myself. As I was looking through the photos I shot for this campaign, I started to feel something – compassion and love for myself. It turns out that when wearing clothing that feels incredible, it must do something to you physiologically 😉 I am so thankful to partner with brands that encourage their customer to step out in confidence. Vuori’s products are designed to fit and feel great and I am so grateful to be able to share them with you while also sharing a bit of my heart. So, before I jump into my love letter to myself, just know that if you are in the market for high-quality, top-notch performing [and lounging] gear, Vuori has you covered. I am a HUGE believer in their brand [as you can see in all of the previously written posts] and their new arrivals for spring are even better than I could have imagined, their best-selling and fan-favorite joggers included.

Halo Performance Crop • vuori [true to size, wearing in small] // Performance Jogger • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

Now, grab your coffee and join me in the world’s most comfortable jumpsuit and let’s have a little heart-to-heart [with myself that is..]

Falls Jumpsuit • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

Dear Erin,

I know that you may be doubting yourself right now, struggling with the feeling of wanting what you can’t or don’t currently have. The past several months have been full of scary decisions [should we have children or not?], big life transitions [let’s move to Florida for the winter!], new routines and rhythms that always seem to ebb and flow, a body that you can sometimes believe is “failing” you now that you’ve decided to step forward with children, but aren’t seeing that desire come to fruition just yet. You’ve had weeks of strength and great health, nourishing your body with healthy and whole foods only to feel like you’ve wasted every good decision by faltering back to your sometimes less-than-ideal food choices [and a sinus infection that didn’t want to leave]. You’ve seen the fruit of going to therapy regularly while simultaneously wondering if you will ever fully be the woman you desire to be.

I’m here to tell you that the woman you are today, is beautiful, strong, loving and loved, capable, valuable, generous, contagious with your joy, a cheerleader for others, and a daughter of the One who made you exactly the way you are. You are more than the sum of what the pregnancy test says. You are greater than the 3 extra pounds that decided to show back up. You are still good despite your mistakes. You are whole, you are healthy, and you are radiant even with darker eyebrows than you know what to do with.

Mudra Fitted Tee • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Daily Pocket Legging • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

If your childhood self could see you now, she would be so proud. Thank you for all of the joy you bring to this world. Thank you for opening up your house to guest after guest in hopes that they will create memories in your own sliver of paradise that they will cherish.

Thank you for prioritizing walking and taking mental breaks in the middle of the day to feel grounded and rejuvenated. Thank you for seeing and seizing opportunities to restart. Just because yesterday didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean that tomorrow can’t. Just because you ordered 36 packs of the most buttery popcorn on the planet, doesn’t mean you have to eat all 36 tonight [reminder to self: I don’t have to do this]. I am so proud of you for acknowledging ruts when you see them but for having the willpower to not live into the label you’ve once created for yourself.

Also just know, that it’s okay to be sad. I know this is a feeling that you don’t associate well with. Just this morning you realized how much shame and guilt you hold towards the emotion of sadness. Lay aside your judgment of sadness and know that it is okay to feel it. That it is a welcomed emotion that is trying to tell you that you truly care about something. It’s a gift to feel it and to hear from your spirit that what you think you care about actually matters a lot to you.

Please remember – we don’t always hold all of the answers but stay focused on the One who does. I know you like to be in control. I think we all do. Enjoy this break for once, loosen your grip, and allow the journey to soften you while strengthening you – because spoiler alert: you’re never going to not be on a journey. While I know patience is hard for you, it also makes the outcome that much sweeter.

When you’re doubting yourself again, because you know there will be those times, read this letter that you once wrote reminding yourself of how far you’ve come. How proud I am of you. Keep looking ahead, allow the sun to continue to shine upon your face, and in return, shine it on to others. XO, Erin.

Mudra Fitted Tee • vuori [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Daily Pocket Legging • vuori [true to size, wearing in small]

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