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Update Your Underwear Drawer

March 17, 2022


Team LIY

Panties, undies, undergarments – whatever you want to call ’em, we all wear ’em. Well, maybe not all of us – but that’s neither here nor there. For those of us who do opt into skivvies, it might be time to hit refresh! We get it – finding the right pair can be a not-so fun task, especially online. More of a trial and error process, am I right? And that’s where LIY comes in! Today we’re taking the guesswork out of ordering undies and sharing our all-time favorite undergarments – from sports bras to shapewear! Keep on scrolling to see our tried & true favorites that every woman should have in her underwear drawer.

PS. If you’re in the market for bras, you can find the Best Sports Bra by Cup Size here + the Best Strapless Bra by Cup Size here! Happy shopping, friends!

Bras & Bralettes

SOMA Enbliss Wireless Bra

SOMA Enbliss Wireless Bra [true to size]

I’ve never met a more comfortable bra for my DD chest. Because it is wireless you don’t have anything digging into your rib cage and the fabric is super smooth and soft making it the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. Both my mom and sister wear this as well and love it just as much! Fun fact: This was the most sold bra with the LIY Community in 2021!

Soma Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra

Soma Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra [TTS]

When your bra size starts involving multiple of the same letter, or gets into the territory of not passing grades in school – support is the key! For me, that’s come through this bra! It has a comfortable underwire, thicker straps (but not super wide) to keep the pressure from building in one tiny spot on my shoulders, and thicker cups to prevent the peep show effect [wink wink]. I specifically love this bra for the “vanishing back” which helps shirts fit a little smoother.

Wacoal Strapless Bra

Wacoal Strapless Bra [true to size]

Can I get a show of hands for who else thinks strapless bras are almost as bad as soggy bread? Pre this bra both hands would have been raised over here. Between always hiking it up from your belly button and the lack of support they can often bring, it’s hard to find one that you would actually tell a girlfriend about. Well, introducing the bra that I want to share with my girlfriends. I’ve been wearing this one for years and swear by it! It’s the only strapless bra that I have found actually stays up and in place, it is perfect for a larger chest! 

Aerie Sunnie Demi Push Up Bra 

Aerie Sunnie Demi Push Up Bra 

I used to be a die hard Victoria’s Secret fan but noticed my bras were incredibly uncomfortable and didn’t quite fit my smaller chest. I was getting to the point where all I wanted to wear was sports bras lol Thankfully someone suggested the Aerie Sunnie Bra and I haven’t looked back! If you have a smaller chest but looking for a little lift and padding, highly recommend this bra! So comfy AND affordable 😉

Aerie Real Sunnie Demi Push Up

Aerie Real Sunnie Demi Push Up Blossom Lace Bra [TTS]  

I was very surprised at how comfortable this push up bra was. It’s one of the softest bras I’ve ever owned. Not only is the cup lining soft but the straps are so soft and silky as well. I love that you can hook the straps together in the back to wear with a racerback tank in the summer. Because let’s be real, I’ll do anything I can to not have to wear a strapless bra!

Spanx Up For Anything Strapless Bra

Spanx Up For Anything Strapless Bra

My all time favorite strapless bra for my 32 C cup size! The material along the band  is like a non-slip material and it truly doesn’t budge! I love that I don’t have to constantly adjust or pull it up! It provides great coverage and doesn’t show any weird lines under my tops!

Aerie Lace Bralette

Aerie Lace Bralette

For all those one shoulder tops, off the shoulder sweaters or tanks/tees that you just want to add a little something extra to, this bralette has been a staple for years [not this exact one haha]! I don’t understand how they do it but I’ve never had issues with Aerie’s bras and can’t get over how comfortable they are!  

Sticky Bra

Sticky Bra

Allison here! I have been looking for a stickable bra that gives enough cover for my larger chest (36G), and enough support to feel comfortable wearing with bathing suits, backless dresses, or just anytime a regular bra won’t work, and these checked all those boxes for me, and they are REUSABLE, which is a huge plus!

High Impact Sports Bra

High Impact Bra

Allison here! Calling all larger chested ladies! This underwire, high impact sports bra has been a game changer for me! I am a 34G, and this is the first bra that I have tried in a long while, that I can jump rope in! It is beyond supportive, and doesn’t give you a “uniboob”. The straps can be worn as a racerback, or regular, and for $25, I will be ordering one in every color available!

Soma Smooth Full Coverage Bra

Soma Smooth Full Coverage Bra

Allison here (but not pictured;)! Calling all larger bust gals! I wear a 34G and I am in LOVE with these bras from Soma! They have full coverage (no top spill out!), super comfortable, and very supportive!

Target Bralette

Cups D-DDD // Cups A-C

Can it be as easy as 1,2,3? Sthefany here! Bra sizing varies from brand to brand and it can be a struggle to find the right one. I’d never heard of Lively until I came across it during a Target trip. I was intrigued by the advertised size chart of 1, 2, and 3. I am a 38D and the size 3(L) fit  perfectly. It shapes and gives the right amount of support. The fabric is soft and comes in different colors. But most importantly, it doesn’t have any wiring which gives it the “no-bra bra” feel.

Racerback Push Up Bra

Racerback Push Up Bra [true to size]

Where are my itty bitty committee friends at? Ashley, here! After breastfeeding for a total of 5 years I have to admit that my breasts are in need of a little boost at times. I typically buy the same bra over and over again in different colors since I know it gives me the look I desire. While out searching for something cute to wear for a Valentine’s photo shoot I happened across this lacy number at Target! Normally I keep walking because I find this style doesn’t have the padding or underwire that I’m looking for but lo and behold….I found a winner! I felt sexy, confident, and COMFORTABLE while wearing this. Fit was TTS as my usual bra, has a great front closure & comes in several colors. Even better, there was a very large range of sizes available (& the price!? 🎉)

Panties & Shapewear


Ribbed Seamless Thong Underwear / No Show Cheeky Underwear / Ribbed Seamless Bikini Underwear / Microfiber String Bikini Underwear [all size small – I wear size 2/4 or 26/27 in jeans] 

Aerie is my go to for undies–seriously I have worn their underwear for YEARS! They are comfortable, inclusive and they seem to have a pair for everything! I love their no show, they are perfect for under tighter skirts or dresses and their ribbed underwear are just SO comfortable! You can’t go wrong especially when you bundle them and save!

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky

I never understood the hype behind these panties… I just figured they were overpriced, one fits all panties. After spotting them on sale I decided to give ‘em a try and WOW, WOW, WOW they are so incredibly flattering. I was shocked at just how comfy they were on, fit so well despite being one size fits all and such great quality! And the hubs doesn’t mind them either 😉


Skims Midrise Brief [true to size]

The journey of finding the perfect underwear is a difficult one…I can’t tell you how many I’ve gotten that ride up and it drives me crazy. When I tell you that you need these, I mean it. They are so comfortable that you barely know they are there. The material is soft and breathable, no moving on you as you’re walking, and line free!

No Side Effects Wireless T-Shirt Bra [#RN2231A ordered small for 34C, Get 30% off through May 6th with code HTBK5VFIS7XP] // No Side Effects Underwire T-Shirt Bra [#RA3081A shown in Toasted Almond, Get 30% off through May 6th with code HTBK5VFIS7XP] // Cloud 9 Super Soft Wireless Lightly Lined Comfort Bra [#1269 shown in Sand Shell] // No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra [#1356 shown in Toasted Almond] 


Soma Underwear

These are my go-to, everyday, daytime underwear! The fabric is so soft and I love the simple lace detail. I have probably 20 pair of these and wear ALL of them! (Size XL for 12)


Aerie Seamless Jacquard Boybrief Underwear [TTS] // Aerie Eyelash Lace Bikini Underwear [TTS] // Aerie Cotton Eyelash Lace Boybrief Underwear [TTS] // Aerie Cotton Elastic Thong Underwear 3-Pack [TTS] // Aerie Ribbed Seamless Thong Underwear [TTS] // Aerie Ribbed Seamless Bikini Underwear [TTS]

  • Boybrief Underwear [TTS] – My favorite underwear! The material is so stretchy and so soft. I could wear these every single day.
  • Lace Bikini Underwear [TTS] – Not your typical scratchy lace underwear. While these underwear still feel like lace, it’s a much softer kind of lace than I’ve ever felt before. They also didn’t give me a giant wedgie like I feel like a lot of lace underwear can do LOL.
  • Ribbed Seamless Thong Underwear [TTS] – Gosh I just love when I find a comfortable thong. This material is so stretchy and soft making it the perfect thong to work out in. It truly feels like it moves with your body and doesn’t ride up any places it shouldn’t.



Tummy Control Spanx

Who knew buying shapewear on Amazon would be so sweet! This tummy control waist short is perfect for shorter dresses and pants. I love that it is seamless and does not fold or roll up my thighs. The band has a small strip of “tape” that allows the fabric to stay in place. No rolling down or muffin top! I can last all day long with comfort! I bought a 2x plus and a 18/20 in dresses.

Amazon Shapewear

Amazon Shapeware [TTS, can size down for more of a snug fit]

I am a spanx person and this full body spanx also known as a Faja is the best! It has seamless boning that allows you to feel put together and snatched in all the right places. I bought a XXL and wear 18/20 in dresses.

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