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FOUND: The Best Strapless Bra for Your Cup Size // Cup Sizes A-G Tested & Reviewed

August 31, 2020


Erin Schrader

Finding the perfect strapless bra is a lot like hunting for a unicorn. It seems like they either aggressively dig into your ribcage to the point of suffocation [not to mention back boob– if you know, you know] OR you’re constantly hiking the girls up with every move. There’s no in between. And this isn’t a “one size fits all” situation. What works great for a size 32A most likely won’t fit like a charm for a size 36G. So in typical LIY fashion, we took it upon ourselves to find the very best strapless bras on the market and test them on real women, from cup sizes A –> G. Our girls took one for the team, so yours don’t have to.

How We Tested

The process was simple, really. We rounded up a few lovely LIY ladies ranging from cup sizes A through G to test out several popular bras on the market to find the best of the best. If you haven’t been measured recently, never fear. We found this website helpful for finding our best fit from the comfort of our own homes. Fun Fact: the majority of women aren’t wearing the correct bra size, so this step is key! We wore each bra throughout the day noting all the important info like comfort level, support, stay-power, and our overall impressions. Our reviews are broke down by cup size, so you can find the very best option for Y-O-U [and your lady lumps].

The Brands We Tried

The Results

Size 32A

  • Top Pick: ThirdLove Classic Strapless — Right after putting this one on, I wanted to take it off. But once I had it on for a little while, I realized it really “molded” to my body and was surprisingly comfortable. It did stay in place and gave the girls a little lift too!

“While I did prefer the ThirdLove strapless bra out of all of them, I think if you’re smaller chested and don’t mind going braless, I would just order some breast petals and call it good! Sometimes the band and underwire and caging in just makes it more of a hassle! However, if you want a strapless bra I would order the ThirdLove option for a smaller chest!”

Size 32B

  • Top Pick: Spanx Up for Anything Strapless — I loved the band of this bra because it had what they call a “smart grip”. It was sooo comfortable and definitely the most lightweight bra of the bunch! The goal for me is to feel like I am not wearing a bra and this came the closest!

“I found the majority of the other brands stiff, restricting and overall uncomfortable. I did also like the Thirdlove bra and overall love the brand, but it felt was felt like it was really strapping down the girls! Once I put a shirt on, it looked like a was an entire cup size smaller. Natori was my second favorite and Soma came in last place. Spanx was the winner winner, chicken dinner by a landslide!”

Size 32C

  • Top Pick: Spanx Up for Anything Strapless $74 — There were lots of cool things about this bra! The straps were seamless and it was overall very lightweight! Instead of having little grippers, the entire band was grippy! This helped it to stay in place very well and it was so comfortable!

“I know that people really LOVE the Wacoal bra and I am sure it is great for larger chested ladies, but it did not work at all for me! The cups rise up so high that they peeked out of the top of my shirt and had tons of extra room in them up at top. And because of this, the grippers along the top of the cups were ineffective and quite uncomfortable as they gripped in all the wrong places as I moved. I know this is Erin’s favorite [32DDD], but it just is not at all for small/medium chested ladies. Spanx it is!”

Size 32D

  • Top Pick: Spanx Up for Anything Strapless — LOVED this bra! While it does come with a price tag, I found it very comfortable and the entire band is sticky, so it seemed to stay in place for the most part. My only complaint [like some of the other girls mentioned] it did feel a little small in the cups. Spillage City. If you’re in between cup sizes and unsure which one to order, I would say to go up!

“I had a tough time picking a favorite. They were all great bras! Natori has a really nice, thick band which I loved– added a nice “smoothing” effect in the back area [Hallelujah!]. Unfortunately, the band itself didn’t have much stretch which got uncomfortable pretty quickly. ThirdLove had the smallest/thinnest band of all with only two clasps. It did seem to give me the best shape & lift. I had to do a bit of adjusting throughout the day and for the price, I wasn’t overly impressed with the “grip”. That one might work best for a smaller cup size. I personally owned the Wacoal bra previous to testing and would’ve considered it my favorite, but it doesn’t have nearly the “grip power” or band stretch of Spanx brand. For ten additional dollars, I’d say go for Spanx!”

Size 34DDD

  • Top Pick: Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless — I give this bra 5 out of 5 stars! I absolutely love the fit and it stayed put all day! I even jumped rope with this on [don’t recommend it daily, but it did stay put and had great support]. It dips a little in the front, which I thought would be great for a lower cut top/dress.

“For a DDD, the Natori cup size was way too small and the top of my breasts were spilling out. I did not get near enough support and it was very uncomfortable. ThirdLove got a 4/5 stars– it gave me the most breast coverage, but it also had the most padding [and I don’t need any more padding 😉 ], but also acted like a minimizer due to how tight it was against my chest. Most of the other girls loved Spanx brand, but I would absolutely size up cup wise for that one! Way too much padding, but it did stay put. The stickiness of the band made me sweat a little and was hard to pull up. Wacoal for the win!”

Size 36G

  • Top Pick: Spanx Up for Anything Strapless — I was sooo shocked at how comfortable this bra was! One of my biggest complaints about strapless bras is that they are so tight around my rib cage that I can’t breath but this one was not that way. The stretchy band and thick fabric was super comfortable all day. I had to pull it up a few times [which honestly is to be expected when you have 36G boobs!] but the fact that I did not feel constricted or like I was wearing a corset was a huge plus for me.

“I just want to point out: I am NOT a fan of strapless bras. I’ll avoid wearing them unless I have to, so when the opportunity came up to test a few out and see if I could find one that I didn’t loathe, I jumped at it, hoping I would find a winner! So all of my reviews are coming from someone who would rather not ever wear a strapless bra, at all, and has always struggled with finding the perfect one. The Cacique was next to impossible to get on. Even on the loosest setting I could not strap myself into that bra– I believe the sizing may be off on that brand. When I first put the ThirdLove option on, I was surprised at how well it seemed to fit and how comfortable it was. However as the day went on, the strap felt tighter and tighter! I even loosened it and it did not help very much. While the support of a tight strap is great on a strapless bra, the tightness made it very hard to wear all day. Another vote for Spanx!”

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