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FOUND: The Best Sports Bras By Cup Size

March 1, 2021


Erin Schrader

If you’ve been following along with us somewhat closely this year, you’ll know we kicked off 2021 with the #LIY1800MinuteChallenge — which is a fancy way of encouraging one another to get in 30 minutes of exercise daily for 60 days [hence, the 1800 minutes]. It’s been a fun way to hold each other accountable and challenge ourselves– not to mention prizes are involved AND it’s a good excuse for new workout wear. Of course, workin’ on my fitness [as Fergie would say] doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Sore glutes aside, wearing the wrong gear can be one of the most painful parts of a workout [not enough support, armpit chaffing- if you know, you know 😉 ]. And depending on your girls, finding the right sports bra can make all the difference in a good sweat sesh. Insert LIY. We took matters into our own hands… errr, tatas… to find the very best sports bras for our cup sizes.

How We Tested

The process was simple, really. We rounded up 5 LIY ladies to put the bras [and their breasts] to the test. We wore them during our workouts making note of comfort levels, support, sweat absorption, and our overall general thoughts. One important piece of info to note: not all bras are created equal. Since this isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, we did not test the same exact bras. For example, a bra that works great for me [size 32DD– I got it from my mama], probably wouldn’t work best for an A cup gal. We did a little research [and by “research”, I mean lots and lots of shopping] to round up some of the top brands and styles that should work best for each of our individual cup sizes, so be sure to shop by your cup size to find the best bra for Y-O-U.

Our Results

Size 32A // XS-Small:

The Under Armour Bra was by far my favorite! It’s budget friendly, breathable, great for all types of workouts and despite it being a little tricky to get on and off all the other factors made this one a clear winner! If you are looking for a LOW impact/yoga sports bra or just don’t want to wear an underwire bra for lounging, I would definitely recommend the Amazon bras for that! I wear mine to lounge in all the time because they are so comfy but NOT ideal for workouts! 

Size 34D // Small-Medium:

I had a hard time picking a favorite, because these were actually all great for light-medium intensity workouts–like weight lifting and elliptical. I didn’t hate any of them! Soma was my personal favorite because of the classic bra strap + clasp style. I know some women might not prefer that feature, but the band is nice and thick and very comfortable. The clasps made it super easy to get off and on! If you’re going for cute or stylish, Zella was adorable and I loved the trendy high-neckline. I would probably suggest sizing up if in between– because boy, was she snug and a little tricky to get off and on [a real pain when sweaty]! If you’re looking for a classic, budget-friendly bra, Target never fails. I did notice a liiiitttle bit of rubbing in the armpit area after wearing it to lounge for a longer period of time throughout the day. 

Size 38B // Large:

I would give my full support [ha!], to the Under Armour bra! There weren’t really any extra frills to it, it had the best support for any workout, and was the most comfortable! I would probably remove the pads as they aren’t really secured in there, so this may impact the sweat absorbency a bit, but overall, this is a great sports bra that I’d definitely buy more of!

Size 32DDD [32F] // Large:

I wore all 3 of my sports bras for both spinning and weightlifting. I personally found the Amazon brand to be the most comfortable, especially considering the price and it provided adequate support for both of those types of exercise. If I was going to do a more intense cardio [running] workout, I would opt for the Athleta Ultimate Bra just to ensure I have the support I would need! One more note on the Athleta Ultimate Bra: the large was a little too large on me and I’m thinking a medium would be a much better fit. I would be sure to reference their size chart for accurate sizing when ordering! 

Size 36G // Large-XL:

Cacique Livi Sports Bra was the favorite one I received– I’ve been wearing it now for two days because I love it that much! In fact, I have already ordered another to have, but it’s not the most effective for a workout and would work best for low impact exercises and lounge. For medium to high impact workouts, I loved the GLAMORISE High Impact Bra. It was a little tight at first with the underwire but after wearing it for a couple of hours it loosened up and was much more comfortable. I could do any kind of workout, running, etc in this sports bra with minimal to no movement!

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  1. Gail says:

    Thank you for all your comments and recommendations! For me, when I exercise, run, workout I sweat quite a bit and I try to “peel” off my sports bra and have a horrible time getting it off over the girls. I much prefer the front zippered sports bra just for that problem. I am going to check out the Victoria Secret front zip.

    • Erin Schrader says:

      Hi Gail, thanks so much for reading the post! That’s the exact reason I loved the Soma option, so I’m right there with ya. Hope you LOVE that one! xo -Claire

    • Michelle says:

      They just came out with the Athleta Ultimate bra in a front-zip as well! And Athleta is planning to have a sale this weekend looks like, which is always good to know 🙂 I wear the regular Ultimate now and love it. I used to wear the VS knockout but it was just too much bra for me with the cups inside the sports bra enclosure, and at least the one I owned a few years back, the zipper had issues staying up. Hoping the Athleta version is a better option for me!

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you!! I started running on the treadmill in Jan. and am beginning to trail run now that the weather is improving. I detest the over-the-head sports bras and am so excited to try the BN Glamorise bra for my 36DD chest. The right sports bra makes all the difference in comfort level while running. And now I won’t face a second workout just trying to remove my bra afterward! Your timing is fantastic.

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