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What We’re Loving on Amazon // March 2021

March 3, 2021


Erin Schrader

Here we are, a solid three days into March, and you should see the amount of Amazon packages that have already been delivered… eek! Wrapping up Winter and getting ready to dive into Spring has us getting our face routines in order, finishing up home reno and organization projects, and  transitioning to lighterweight jackets! And you may or not start to see a swimsuit or five start to appear in the closed LIY Amazon Finds and Fails Facebook Group as we fully embrace Spring. Make sure you’ve joined us there for all things Amazon if you haven’t already! Without further ado, I present to you, what the team is loving on Amazon right now!

Erin’s Finds

Erin’s Coat

Amazon Essentials Oversized Button-Front Coat [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Liverpool x LIY Jeans [size down if in between] // Sam Edelman Hazel Heels [true to size]

Yes, I may resemble Curious George in this ensemble, but shoot, I’ve always thought he was the cutest little thing so I’ll take it. There is no denying that whenever I spot a bold and bright yellow piece, I’m going to try it. There’s just something about this color that truly makes me feel like I’m radiating sunshine and I can’t help but smile when I’m wearing it. I love that I can wear this either as a coat or as a fun topper to an outfit. 

Erin’s Acne Patches

Rael Acne Patches

Freaking pimples. Here’s the thing – up until recent, I’ve had pretty clear skin. Insert working out. Ever since I’ve been getting a regular sweat session in my skin has been breaking out like crazy. When I spotted these acne patches [and their reviews] I knew they were worth a try. Honestly, they work pretty wonderful and I’m still questioning how. They are these little clear patches that you put on your imperfection and leave on for 4-8 hours [I always sleep in mine]! The patches help draw out liquid and dry them up making your pimples disappear in 1-2 days! I now slap these suckers all over my face and watch them work their magic! 

Erin’s Face Steamer

NanoSteamer – Face Steamer

Speaking of my face, I’ve been on a mission to take better care of it [or at the very least, indulge in a little self care from time to time]. I have been seeing several ladies post about their love for face steamers and I was intrigued enough to buy one. Here’s the deal – I have no actual idea what this is doing for my skin, however, I do know that it’s some of the better 10 minutes of my day. I use it after I wash my face at night and the warm steam is so relaxing and feels so wonderful on my face. You can also use this as a towel warmer or a humidifier in a room so YAY for versatility! If you’re wanting to treat yourself and enjoy a little R&R with a good ole face steamer, this one is here for you! 

Erin’s Garlic Crusher

Garlic Crusher

If you buy one thing to make your time in the kitchen easier, let it be this garlic crusher. I was skeptical if it would actually work when I opened it as it seems like such a simple little tool, but wow, with a few rocks back and forth my garlic was in the perfectly minced pieces and ready to roll. I have used this several times and it has worked like a champ every time. Gone are the days of garlic finger scent you can’t get off of you and minutes wasted mincing away. I’m a big fan.  

Steph’s Finds

Steph’s Jacket & Sneakers

Daily Ritual Military Cargo Jacket [TTS, wearing in 12 in Surplus] // Liverpool X Living in Yellow High Waist Skinny Jeans, Petite [Size down if between, wearing in 10P / Also available in standard length] // BP. Sleepy Lounge Tee [Size down, wearing in M] // Mia Kade Slip on Sneakers [I wear either 7.5 or 8 in shoes, wearing 7.5 and they fit great!]

This jacket is giving me all the feels of Spring! I really did order the color Surplus, but in this photo (and in person) it definitely feels more like an Army Green than the color pictured on the site. Good news for me, I LOVE this color – but something to be aware of! It’s a great weight and length, and the pockets are perfectly positioned for use when I don’t know what to do with my hands (which is always – socially awkward ladies unite!).

Let’s chat about these sneakers for a minute. I bought them on a whim from another site last week and have worn them 3 days already! They’re so comfy and cute! Unfortunately they were basically sold out on that site, and sizing is limited on Amazon as well, but if they’re available in your size I recommend giving them a try!

Steph’s Guest Bathroom

Shower Curtain [72 X 72, Grey] // Shower Curtain Hooks [Nickel] // Rug [47 X 24, Grey] // Shower Curtain Liner // Bar Drawer Pulls [3 inches, MAKE SURE TO MEASURE!] // Knobs // Toilet Paper Holder // Hand Towel Hook // Door Pads [Grey] // Light Fixture / Similar Fixture from Amazon

It was beyond time to switch our guest bath from the little kid shower curtain with whales on it to something that matched the rest of the house! I love this oversized rug, it’s so soft and a fun alternative to the traditional flat rugs! This shower curtain was exactly what I was looking for! Now to have a few showers taken in this bathroom so that the wrinkles steam out a bit! Add in these marble shower curtain hooks, and I’m loving our new grown-up setup!

Of course we couldn’t just go the simple route and replace the shower curtain! Why not spontaneously pull a mirror off the wall and paint the cabinet and walls on a Saturday morning?! We swapped out the drawer pulls, knobs, toilet paper holder, hand towel hook, and the light fixture from the old chrome features to black. We also ordered these two mirrors to try out [Grey Horizontal Framed Mirror and Grey Weathered Barn Accent Mirror] but haven’t decided which to use yet! Now to pick up some light bulbs that fit in this new light…

Hannah’s Finds

Hannah’s Dish Set

Stoneware Dinner Set

Our new dishes arrived and I can’t stop staring and eating After 10 years of chipped dishes, it was time to upgrade and these do not disappoint! Several color options to choose from and highly recommend if you’re looking for new dishes!

Cassidy’s Finds

Cassidy’s Peel & Stick Tile

Peel and Stick Tile // Basket

Our basement laundry room received a little face lift a couple weekends ago and we are so pleased with the outcome! Basement laundry rooms can be hard to dress up especially if you are keeping it on a budget! We simply painted our floors, built a shelf, added in some new decor pieces, and threw in some peel and stick tiles that I had laying around! It was such an inexpensive project but it feels like a whole new room!

Cassidy’s Faux Leather Pillows

Faux Leather Pillows [size 24 x 24]

The living area of our basement also received some love from amazon and we added in these faux leather pillow covers! I love the way they complete the room and add a little flare to this comfy hangout area!

Cassidy’s Whisk


I have really got into baking during quarantine, but I realized I had been operating without a whisk! So I finally found this one that is perfect for doughs, gravy, etc.! I also just love the look of it! I feel like it’s a modern version of a traditional whisk, who knew that kind of thing would be exciting to me!

Lauren’s Finds

Lauren’s Refrigerator Organization

Lazy Susan // Set of 6 Stackable Bins // Set of 8 Large & Small Bins

If I can’t see it, it’s not getting eaten. That’s what I’ve realized happens in my fridge! I couldn’t go full on The Home Edit, but am taking some baby steps by adding in a lazy susan and a few acrylic bins to keep things organized and easily accessible – and most importantly – visible! It’ll continue to be a bit of trial and error to see what I like where, but for now, I’m already loving being able to see what I have! *Note: Most of the large bins ended up in my pantry! They’re BIG!

Lauren’s Round Mirror


I love this simple mirror so much I bought one for our laundry room in addition to the gold one we have in the nursery! It has a rubber edge, which I find to give a nice bit of padding against the wall [and you’d never guess it was rubber looking at it!].

Lauren’s Water Bottle

Water Bottle [shown in 40oz and 32oz]

Bottle so nice I bought it twice [but bigger!]. I’m trying to drink more water, so I figured let’s go big! These’ll keep your ice frozen all day, and I love adding on a simple silicone boot on the bottoms! The white is 40 oz and the pink is 32oz! Note: These will spill a little if you tip them over, so I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a bag or anything!

Lauren’s Rolling Appliance Tray

Rolling Appliance Tray 

Love my coffee maker, don’t love having it at the edge of my counters. I like things tucked back closer to the backsplash, but you’re not supposed to have steam happening under your cabinets! Insert this rolling appliance tray! Roll it on out when you’re making your coffee, and tuck it on back when you’re done! Easy peasy.

Lauren’s Expandable Silicone Trivet

Expandable Silicone Trivet

I swear by this style of trivet for under hot pots and pans! I’ve had one of these for years, and decided it was time to get another so I can finally get rid of my other hot pads! It takes up minimal space in your drawers, and then can expand to fit a large pan or a few smaller!

Katy’s Finds

Katy’s Coat

Teddy Bear Oversized Fit Lapel Coat [size up if in between, wearing XS, Dusty Rose] // Jeans [tts, wearing 26] // Similar Boots

This coat is MAUVElous (sorry I had to ) It is such great quality and is perfect to throw on to dress up a look or just to run errands! Super soft and feels luxurious. True to size, I am wearing an XS and am 5’4″ for length reference. I’ve tried this coat in Black as well and am up for the challenge to snag one in every color.

Katy’s Blanket Rack

Wood Ladder Blanket Rack

Living in an apartment, storage can sometimes be an issue. Between makeup, hair products, and other toiletries, there wasn’t much room left under the bathroom cabinet for our towels. Also, with the size of our bathroom, a basket just seemed like it would take up too much space! This ladder was the perfect alternative and storage option to hang towels on until needed! In the future, we can always mix it up and use it for blanket storage instead.

Katy’s Home Security Camera

Security Home Camera

I guess you could say I’m a crazy dog mom now? We rescued our 2 year old Husky, Frisco, a couple weeks ago. He is so much fun, but unfortunately has some separation anxiety. We are working on making the crate a positive, safe place for him, so while he is still out and about, this camera keeps my mind at ease when I have to leave him at home! It’s super easy to set up and great quality for under $25 it is also super budget friendly. It can also be used for overall home security or for a nursery!


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  1. Suzy says:

    I love the paint in Cassidy’s basement makeover. What color is it?

  2. Brooke says:

    Hey Steph! Love the remodel of your bathroom. Can you tell me what you used to pain the cabinets? Or how you did it?

    • Steph Dekker says:

      Thanks so much Brooke! The paint color is Sherwin-Williams, Riverway! Here was the process we used:
      – Took the cabinet doors and drawers off, removed hardware and lightly sanded using 120 then 220 to finish, wipe clean
      – Painted 1 coat of Bonding Primer, using mostly a small roller. After they were totally dry, lightly sanded again using 120 then 220, wipe clean
      – Two coats of the color of your choice, using a small roller again.
      – Attached new hardware and put them back together.
      It was a lot less scary than I thought it would be and I love the way it turned out!
      xo, Steph

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