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Find Your Perfect Pair: Best Eyeglasses By Face Shape

November 4, 2020


Erin Schrader

Glasses, spectacles, cheaters… whatever you want to call them; chances are, you probably put them on your face at some point. While I’m part of the lucky minority that doesn’t need glasses, I do find myself being slightly envious of the visually impaired population when it comes to the cute [and practical] accessory. Sure, seeing 20/20 is important. But what’s equally as important? Feeling like your best self while seeing your best self, that’s what. See what I did there? 😉 Whether you’re a four-eyed veteran and wear them daily, block blue-light like it’s your job, or simply in need of new sunnies; we get it. The struggle to find the perfect pair is real. In typical LIY fashion, we took matter into our own hands [errr, eyeballs] to find the best eyeglasses for your face shape. Four ladies of LIY [with four different face shapes] turned to Warby Parker to get the job done.

If it’s your first time browsing the internet shelves of Warby Parker, here’s everything you need to know. Warby Parker carries eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts for both men and women. And if you spend the majority of your time looking at a screen, you can add blue-light filtering lenses to any frame- with or without a prescription. But here’s the fun part. You can try 5 pairs at home for free [that’s right, F-R-E-E]! Just choose 5 pairs available for home try-on [they’ll be mailed for free], take those prescription-free babies for a spin for five days, then send ’em back using the prepaid return label. If you fell in love with a pair or two [or five], you can make them your own forever and place an order at any time. Don’t worry, Warby Parker will send you a fresh new pair using your prescription. Believe me when I say the hardest part is narrowing down your favs. One more fun fact! Warby Parker partners with non-profits to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need, which is something we can get on board with. So without further ado, let’s find the perfect pair for Y-O-U.

Determining Your Face Shape

You might be thinking, “Well that’s great, but I don’t even know what shape my face is!” Never fear, LIY is here! We’ve got your back girlfriend! Answer the 3 questions below to determine your unique face shape! Already know your face shape? Keep on scrolling to jump right into the tips, tricks and shopping for your perfect pair!

Question 1: What is the widest part of your face?
My Jaw: Probably Square!
My Cheekbones: Probably Heart or Round!
My Forehead: Probably Oval!

Question 2: What is the shape of your jawline?
Square: Yep, you guessed it – Square!
Rounded: Probably Round or Oval!
Pointy: Probably Heart!

Question 3: What is the length of your face?
Long: Probably Oval!
Short: Could be Square, Heart or Round!

Now that you know what shape your face is, it’s time to find your perfect pair of glasses! Introducing the face shapes of LIY:

  • Heart [Erin]
  • Oval [Katy]
  • Round [Steph]
  • Square [Cassidy]

Heart Shape: Erin

Chamberlain // Landon // Wilkie //  Durand // Tilley [narrow]

I am one of the fortunate ones on the team who don’t have to wear glasses, however, I’m one of the unfortunate ones who envies the other girls who all get to wear those cute glasses that make them look all sorts of studious, fancy and adorable. When I found out I was going to get to try different glasses from Warby Parker without having to have a prescription, I was pumped. I never knew prior to this that they offer sunglasses and blue light glasses until now. The home try-on was such an easy and fun process! I selected five different styles that could potentially work with my heart face shape [if you’re a fellow heart shape face, looking for glasses that are wider on top and narrower at the bottom work well for us!] After receiving all 5 styles, I was impressed with the quality of all of them, but definitely had my favorites. The two that made the top of the list were the Wilkie in Eastern Bluebird Frame and Landon in Whiskey Tortoise. I am still torn on which pair I want to have made into blue light blocking glasses, but I know it will be one of these! The three that I didn’t love so much – the Tilley [I’m just not cool enough for cat eyes], the Durand in rose water [just something about the coloring of the glasses didn’t do much for me], and the all-clear Chamberlain style. I would absolutely recommend this service to anybody and love the entire concept from picking out the frames to the free at home try on service [with no strings attached] service! Now, help a girl decide…which frames to buy!

Oval Shape: Katy

Felix // Whalen // Vaughn // Keene // Hayden

Shopping for glasses can be a big commitment…especially online. What if the frames are too big? What if I don’t like the color? Enter Warby Parker. My indecisiveness is celebrated here because I can choose five pairs to be sent to my doorstep to try on at home! Plus, they are super affordable! I’m not going to lie, the five pairs I chose are all pretty similar, but hey –  I need to know which tone of tortoise I like best. First up are the Whalen frames. These are available in medium and wide. I usually don’t love round frames on me, but I actually didn’t mind these! I will definitely keep these in the running. Next up, are the Vaughns. I love the square frames on these and I don’t feel like they overpower my face. The Keene’s are probably my least favorite, but if you’re an Oval like me, I think they would still be a good option for you! The Hayden frames are pretty similar to the Vaughn’s but a little more rectangular. Lastly, are the Felix, kind of a square/round combo! These are probably the closest to the frames I already have. So, now that I’ve tried them on all I have to do is mail them back (shipping label is included in the box) and submit my prescription for the frames I choose! This was such an easy process I highly recommend trying it out. These days the more that can get shipped to me, the better!


Round Shape: Steph

Crane // Hallie // Hughes // Roosevelt XW // Roosevelt

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into the eye doctor I have literally no idea where to start! Even though I know I prefer to counteract the round shape of my face with squared off edges, there are SO MANY frames to look through and now way for me to tell if I’ll like them without putting them on my face. Rewind to a year ago and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but now that feels like a lot of sanitizing work for the staff at my eye doctor’s office! Lucky for me (and you!), when looking for frames on Warby Parker, I simply clicked “Filter” and selected Rectangle and Square and suddenly I’m only looking at the frames I may actually consider getting. I took it a step further and sorted by only Wide and Extra Wide frames because well… my head is huge. Finding frames that are the right width is my least favorite part of visiting the eye doctor. When shopping online though, it couldn’t have been easier! Suddenly I’m down to 41 frames that I know will all work great for my head and face shape. Since you select 5 at a time, I went with the Roosevelt in both Wide and Extra Wide as well as Crane, Hallie and Hughes. I’m torn between the Roosevelt Wide and the Crane in another color. The good news is – there’s an easy to use return label right in the box to send all the frames back when I’m done trying them on and I can pick another round to help me decide.


Square Shape: Cassidy

Felix // Maren // Ezra // Butler // Arlen

Say hello to my Warby Parker round up! Usually when I order glasses online, I take the gamble and just hope what I picked out will work out [spoiler alert, it didn’t always turn out well, ha!], but this time no gambling necessary! Insert Warby Parker–the future of glasses shopping. I will say, I truly loved all the glasses I selected which was a blessing and a curse when it came to making a final decision! But I will take you through my thought process and how I narrowed them down, so get comfy and let’s have a look [see what I did there? :)]. First up we have the Arlen’s in Whiskey Tortoise–I really LOVED the shape of these and how they looked overall, buuut the one thing that kind of held me up was the fact that they were silver on the sides. I know, I know, I am old school and don’t like to mix medals, ha! So because of that, these were out for me! Next we have the Maren in Magnolia with Gold. This was a step in the right direction with the touch of gold paired with the tortoise! What ultimately drew me away from these was the size. I felt like these took up a lot of space on my face! Next we have the Ezra’s in Gold. I really wanted to try an all metal frame to see if I would like it and I decided that I loved the idea of them. My exact words were “they would be cute if I looked cute but they would be bad if I looked bad” and what I meant by that was that I feared without being “done up” with a full face of makeup, these could be an epic fail. Next we have the Butler in Butterscotch Tortoise! These were my second fave and I had the hardest time saying goodbye to them. I loved the round shape and thought they had a real hipster vibe. What ultimately drew me away was the color. I felt like it took attention away from my face and put it all on the frames. Overall, they felt a bit overpowering. And finally we have the Felix, a beautiful matte tortoise! These were my winner! I loved the shape and the uniqueness of the frames. I thought these complimented my face and hair the most out of the bunch!


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