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What We’re Loving from Amazon // November 2020 Edition

November 2, 2020


Erin Schrader

The leaves have fallen, the Halloween candy is being eaten, and we may or may not be starting to hear the melodies of “Joy To The World” in the distance… Yes, my friends, November is officially here. Which means it’s time for another round of what we’re loving on Amazon this month. You’d think we run out of new items to find, but in reality, Amazon keeps blowing us away and we don’t have enough room to share all the goodies we’re finding! So here’s each of our top picks for the month. And if you love Amazon as much as we do, you’ll want to make sure you’ve joined us over in our closed Facebook Group, LIY Amazon Finds and Fails!

Erin’s Finds

Women’s Turtleneck Sweater

Women’s Turtleneck Sweater [size down if in between, wearing in small in army green] // J. Crew Factory jeans [true to size] // Blue light blocking glasses

If there’s one thing I’ve been digging more and more recently, it’s Amazon fashion. I swear 70% of my closet is made up of Amazon these days [there’s just something that tempts me when I know I could be wearing it by 6 pm tomorrow]. At the top of the list? Sweaters. This one specifically. I bought it after falling in love with this shorter version of it last year so when I spotted it in a longer form, I knew I had to try it. Well, now I can’t stop wearing it. I love that you can wear it with jeans or leggings and is a great weight for fall. Sweater weather, I’m here for it.

Massage Gun

Introducing my favorite Prime Day purchase of 2020! For a year or two I’ve been hearing a lot about massage guns, but never understood their purpose or hype for that matter. Until now. I ordered this on a whim on Prime Day as a gift for Shawn for Christmas, except I got too excited when it arrived that I gave it to him immediately so that we could both try it. We’re now hooked. I can’t even begin to tell you just how well it works when it comes to working out knots and sore muscles all over your body. We use it on our backs, legs, even the bottom of our feet regularly and wowza, it hurts so good. There are several different attachments for different parts of your body. This is an amazing gift to give somebody this year [thinking of it for my brother-in-law] but also to treat yourself with. Bye bye sore muscles…

Silicone Cooking Utensils

I’ve actually owned these utensils for a year or two now but just realized that I have never shared them yet. They have held up perfectly, get the cooking job done and the most important thing about any kitchen utensil – look cute in my kitchen 😉 Highly recommend!

Steph’s Finds

Long Sleeve Hooded Tee

Deep V Hooded Long Sleeve [Wearing in L in Stripe-White] / Jacket [TTS, wearing in L] / Jeans [TTS, Wearing in 10P] / Shoes [TTS]

This top was a fun surprise! Not everyone on the team loved it on themselves, but for me it was a win! I tried it in both Medium and Large since I tend to float between those sizes depending on the brand. While the Medium did fit okay, the sides came up a little too high for my comfort level so I’m sticking with the Large. The neckline was a fun surprise. It’s reinforced so it stays in place and I feel like the shape will hold up well with wash after wash. It’s nice and warm, but not super heavy. A comfortable Fall to Spring win for me!

Neck and Back Massager

A couple of weeks ago all the sudden I had a huge knot in the middle of my back. I think it was a little gift from painting my son’s room and working above my head while assembling this bed. I’m not feeling super comfortable going to get a massage at this point, so I invested in this neck and back massager. It cost less than a massage would have so I figured even if I only used it a couple of times it would be worth it. After 2 days my back was essentially back to normal. The rollers are heated and the 15 minute cycle is a perfect length for me. I will say it is a little louder than I would prefer, but given how powerful it is to get those knots out, it’s absolutely worth the trade off to me!

Hannah’s Finds

Cardigan and Jeans

Button Cardigan [TTS, wearing in XS] // Boyfriend Jeans [Size down if in between] // Heels [TTS]

Have you shopped The Drop?! This is my first purchase from this line and I’ve gotta say, I’m hooked! All of the fun trendy details but much more affordable! This cardigan is a fun option for Fall since it can be worn as a top or over a lace cami! And these jeans are SO dang cute and comfy! I’m 5’2” and they weren’t too long paired with heels and my legs got a nice little break from the typical skinny jeans I wear! What are some of your favorites from this line?

Expanding File Folder & Divider Sticky Notes

I have been an unorganized mess recently! The random to do lists, scribbles on papers, notes, all thrown into my bag or a drawer only to get lost or thrown away by accident… SO it was time to organize all of the papers! This folder has been SO nice to organize those papers! It keeps everything nice, has dividers, not too big [fits in a work bag] and would be great for a high school/college student! And these sticky note dividers are perfect for labeling, marking spots in books and even has an area to take small notes! Clutter no more with this duo!

Matcha Green Tea Powder 

Who would have thought green powder would have so many health benefits, not me [lol]! If you haven’t tried Matcha Powder yet, WHOA, highly recommend it! I make a smoothie every morning and add ½ teaspoon and blend it together, it’s so good! Matcha helps with energy, focus, high in antioxidants, and more health benefits! It also helps that this branding is cute and 5% of profits go to charity!

Charcoal Water Purifying Stick

Goodbye Brita water filters, and nasty tasting water, hello charcoal stick [lol] We are BIG water drinkers in our house and used to buy bottled water weekly but ended up buying a Brita water pitcher. After a couple filter purchases, I was getting sick of buying more and more of them and was tired of wasting money! Amazon to the rescue!! These charcoal sticks are so odd but actually work! Just boil the charcoal piece, dry it off, add it to a pitcher of water, let it set for a few hours and voila clean water! The only annoying thing about them is that they have to sit in the water for a few hours before it’s done purifying the water!

Cassidy’s Finds

Fall Tablescape

Taper Candle Holders // Ceramic Vases // Cloth Napkin Set 

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house so I wanted to start gathering some tablescape decor! Our home has a very modern boho vibe to it so I wanted to incorporate that into my fall decorations! I love love love these ceramic vases–One I filled with dried florals and the other I left empty–they have such an eclectic vibe to them! I also love how they look paired with the taper candle holders! I feel like both sets could be reused for so many different holidays or occasions! And of course, I had to finally purchase some cloth napkins! I always prefer cloth napkins to disposable napkins, plus it is a super sustainable option! I went with a neutral grey that way they would be suitable for any holiday, as well as day to day!

Too Faced Bronzer 

I noticed Erin using this bronzer in the office and I had to try it! Not only does it leave you with a matte finish, it also smells [and sort of tastes, yes I accidentally got some in my mouth] of chocolate! But truly, as soon as I started wearing this, even my husband noticed! I think his exact words were, “your face looks nice” ha! Oh what pure and loving honesty he has 🙂 For someone with oily skin, this is my new go-to! I am wearing it in the “milk chocolate.”

Lauren’s Finds

Pillow Spray

Things I’ll pay good money for? A good night’s sleep. With two young ones at home, anything I can do to ensure that during the time I am sleeping I’m sleeping good is worth it in my opinion. Enter this pillow spray. I’d started using their lotion a few weeks back and swear by it, so figured why not douse my whole bed in this magical scent that has me counting sheep in mere minutes. Simply spritz a little [or a lot- your choice] on your pillow and bedding, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Neck & Shoulder Relaxer

Did you know text neck is a thing? Well, it is! Apparently we’re spending a liiiiitle too much time looking down at our phones, that it’s causing serious problems with our necks! I don’t know if this little pillow will completely reverse any permanent damage that’s been done, but I truly feel like using it for 5-10 minutes has made such a difference for me!


Cute little hoops at a cute little price. I tend to keep my jewelry pretty simple, so these earrings were the perfect addition to my collection. This is a 2-pack, so one for each ear, but they’re the perfect size and style to layer up if you have several holes up your ear!


Duster Cardigan [size down, wearing in small] // Tank top [TTS, wearing in medium] // Denim [TTS] //  Wedge Sneakers [size up .5] 

My cardigan rule? The longer the better. So this duster cardigan [aka basically floor length] is my jam! The perfect extra layer for working from home or running around town! Size down! Wearing in small!

Katy’s Finds

23andMe Ancestry + Traits

I am still waiting for my results (I know you are all on the edge of your seat haha), but I am so excited to see if there are any surprises with my DNA and I am also anxious to see my health traits and predispositions. It can be a bit scary, but the more I know the better I can do! Something I’ve wanted to work on this year is to know more about myself and I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to do that.


Jacket [size down if in between, wearing 2, Navy] // Tee [size up one, wearing small, pale heather grey// Jeans [true to size, wearing 26, pacific blue] // Booties [true to size, wearing 8]

I’m a sucker for a cargo jacket and this one did not disappoint! It checks all the boxes & the reviews are great. “Amazing jacket. Incredible price for the quality and durability. Generic military jacket, but this comes out as a classic wardrobe staple”. I’m ready to go to a brewery, on a hayride, or (especially these days) maybe just date night at home!

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress [true to size, wearing xs, rust] // Booties [size down .5, wearing 7.5]

Okay, I’m always a little nervous about sweater dresses, but this one was a pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago my hubby and I had an “Ultimate Fall Day” and this is what I chose to wear because I don’t know how much more “Ultimate Fall” it can get than this cutie.


Sweater [size up if in between, wearing small, black] // Jeans [true to size, wearing 26] // Booties [size down .5, wearing 7.5]

Another Amazon Fashion find and I’m not mad about it. Their sweater game is on point lately! Also, a little button detail never hurt nobody 🙂 It adds a little “dressy” element to this cozy, casual, sweater! I sized up one for a more relaxed fit.

Claire’s Finds

Quilted Pullover

  Quilted Pullover [size down if in between, wearing medium Army Green] // Sustainable Denim [TTS, wearing 6] // Similar Wedge Boots 

Another Amazon win coming in hot! Quarter zip pullovers are part of my fall uniform and this one is no exception. It’s soft, great quality, and has been getting worn on repeat this season. I did find it to run slightly large, which I prefer as it could be worn with leggings for 5’5”! Size down if in between for a more fitted look. It’s available in 28 colors [yes, 2-8!] and you better believe I’m going back for more! 


Large 7.7” Canister // Medium 6.1” Canister // Small 4.7” Set

Counter clutter is one thing I cannot get down with. As my scrunchie collection grew, my current jar situation was quite literally overflowing. I decided there’s no time like the present for a little organization and I love that these bronze lids match the rest of my bathroom hardware. No bronze? No problem. This brand has a TON of options in all different sizes, colors, and materials. 

Heating Plate

Heating Plate

Things are heating up over here! I can’t be the only one who struggles with candles burning unevenly [and losing the wick], right? Instead of throwing away a half-full candle [those things are expensive!], I decided it was time to invest in a candle warmer. Fun Fact: put this one on your desk and it doubles as a mug warmer for your coffee as well! The world is your oyster. 

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