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Fall Feels: Fun Fabrics For Fall

October 31, 2020


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Ann Taylor and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and loved by yours truly!

I think it’s safe to say there has been no shortage of feeling things in 2020. Mostly in the form of emotions but also in the sense of fashion. We’ve felt our fair share of cozy knits, plush sherpas and well, we may have forgotten what things like buttons and zippers feel like. I don’t know about you, but my desire to step up my fashion game keeps climbing a little bit higher with every month that passes, especially now that fall is here. If there’s one thing we can always count on from our good friend fall [other than delicious warm drinks, the prettiest leaves scattered all over the ground, and a plethora of chip dip on game day Sundays], it’s the clothes. And we’re not talking about any ole clothes, we’re talking about the good stuff. The textures, the colors, the prints, and oh – the layering abilities, don’t even get me started on the layering abilities. 

When it comes to new arrivals for fall, I’ve been finding myself gravitate towards the one and only Ann Taylor. I don’t know if you’ve shopped at Ann Taylor recently [take a glance at their new arrivals] but my oh my, does she have some c-u-t-e items! The thing I love the most about Ann Taylor?! The quality. With every item that I put on, I am blown away by the fabrics, the fit, and the wearability wash after wash. There are so many easy-to-wear items that will have others turning heads [even if it’s through a computer screen] that will make you feel like a million bucks. Let’s dive into these million-dollar looks, shall we?

Date Night 

Well hello to you too, fancy lacy sleeve top. Meow. I love a good texture moment and these sleeves are spot-on [pun intended]. Here’s the good news though – just because your sleeves have more style than you’ve worn all year, the body of the top is the stretchiest knit that might make you forget that you’re not still laying in bed in yesterday’s sweatshirt. Add some stretchy black jeans and the only thing left to worry about is which cocktail you’re going to order [one Moscow Mule, coming right up].

Mixed Media Lace Sleeve Top  [true to size, wearing in small] // Ann Taylor Sculpting Pocket Skinny Jeans in Jet Black Wash [true to size]

Out & About 

You want to talk about all of the fall feels, this sweater is the epitome of it all. It looks like you were talented enough to find two items in your closet that layer perfectly, but tricks on them, it’s all one. I love a good trick [and treat] moment. Super cozy, this ribbed sweater will have you feeling an extra dose of snuggly while the silky bottom will encourage you to swap out your regular joggers and do something crazy – wear jeans.

Mixed Media Turtleneck Sweater  [true to size, wearing in small] // Ann Taylor Sculpting Pocket Highest Rise Skinny Jeans in Vintage Stone Wash [true to size]

Work Ready 

There is no shortage of polished work styles at Ann Taylor that will make your fellow co-workers envious of your put togetherness on your next Zoom call. Per 2020, I like to implement the business on top, party on the bottom mentality when it comes to workwear. If there’s a print or pattern that hasn’t stopped making a statement since it first came to town, it’s plaid. Insert this blazer. A classic silhouette with trim details that will start to convince you that you’re actually Royalty from England [yes, clothes can have that type of power of you, or at least me 😉].

 Ann Taylor The Newbury Blazer in Plaid [true to size, wearing in 4] // Square Neck Puff Sleeve Top [true to size, wearing in small] // Ann Taylor Sculpting Pocket Highest Rise Skinny Jeans in Vintage Stone Wash [true to size]

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