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What to Wear for Fall Photos: 7 Families, 7 Color Schemes

October 16, 2020


Erin Schrader

It’s official! A new season has rolled around which can only mean one thing: the time for family photos is here once again. While those beauties do make some adorable holiday greeting cards, photo-books, or wall hangings [may I suggest Joyfully Said Signs? Use code LIY20 for 20% off!] – we get it. Preparing for said photoshoot can be a headache to say the least. Between the endless color schemes on Pinterest [let’s get real, we love them ALL] and figuring out what in the world to dress the entire family in– it can be a stressful process. But never fear, we took matters into our own hands. Your guide to fall family photos is here! Team LIY and their families took one for the team [ie. your team] to help make the affair go as smoothly as possible. We’re sharing seven color schemes on seven of the cutest families livinginyellow.com has ever seen– okay okay, we might be a liiittle biased. 😉 Simply use the arrows below on each widget to browse head to toe looks for your entire crew. Hopefully we take a bit of the guesswork out of family photos so that you can focus on more important things, like what kind of candy would best bribe your toddler to actually smile in the photos.

PS if you’re looking for suggestions on who to get holiday cards printed through this year, these are some of our team’s favorites: MintedShutterflyArtifact UprisingSimply To Impress, and Amazon. Now let’s dive into those frame makers…

The Morgan: Navy, Sage, Beige, White

Women’s Crewneck Pullover // Fedora Hat // Similar Denim // Similar Booties // Men’s Flannel Button Down

The Morgan: Navy, Sage, Beige, White. Traditional, preppy style with a pop of flare! Try incorporating a variety of textures into your looks [like a chunky knit sweater] to create visual interest in your images. Without it, photos can appear flat or uninteresting. Mix it up with corduroy, faux fur, leather, or chunky knit pieces– shown on yours truly. 😉

The Harris: Black, Mustard, Tan, White

The Harris: Black, Mustard, Tan, White. This color scheme is made up of classic, warm, earthy tones that has “fall” written all over it!

The Wilder: Garnet, Sage, Mustard, Deep Blue

The Wilder: Garnet, Sage, Mustard, Deep Blue. This is a fun take on the traditional fall tones! Don’t be afraid to use a variety of color– it adds a little spice and excitement to an image. Having happy kiddos helps too. 😉

The Sullivan: Black, Burnt Sienna, Tan, White

The Sullivan: Black, Burnt Sienna, Tan, White. Classic, traditional, and sophisticated! Try to create a balance of solids and prints in your looks. Using a variety of both patterns and solids can make a big impact on the outcome of your photos. Don’t forget texture and accessories!

The Langley: Emerald, Blush, Misty Grey, White

The Langley: Emerald, Blush, Misty Grey, White. Soft, feminine with a touch of jewel tones [emerald, I’m talking to you]. Pro Tip: if you’re including your furry friend in family photos, make sure he or she gets plenty of exercise the day of, so they’re not completely wired at the time of the shoot! If they’re the curious type, let them sniff around and explore the area beforehand so they’re not overly distracted during photos. Lastly, pack lots and lots of treats [or toys- whatever helps grab their attention]. 

The Nash: Sage, Amber, Ivory, Brown

The Nash: Sage, Amber, Ivory, Brown. Don’t be afraid of color blocking even within a small family. Add in faux leather for an extra edge! And of course, don’t forget the pup!

The Cringle: Candy Apple Red, Coal, Misty Grey, White

The Cringle: Candy Apple Red, Coal, Misty Grey, White. If classic, traditional colors are your jam when it comes to the holiday season, the Cringle scheme is for you. Did someone say greeting cards? ps. Don’t stress too much if the weather isn’t exactly cooperating. Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of bringing images to life in the best way possible [just be sure to dress warm and make your shoot snappy]!

For your greeting card needs…


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  1. Diantha says:

    These are all such beautiful photos! -and great color schemes! What an awesome team you have!

  2. Heather says:

    These are all great but what about for families with multiple boys who are not twins and we don’t want matchy matchy?

  3. Margaret Davis says:

    Gorgeous photos of everyone!

  4. Norma Riney says:

    Thanks Erin for sharing these photos with us. Great wardrobe ideas for our family.

  5. Carrie Mizrahi says:

    Bless you for this!!! I avoid family photos because coordinating outfits for 5 is so intimidating!

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