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The Best Amazon Purchases: From A Guy’s Perspective

October 14, 2020


Erin Schrader

I think we’ve made it very clear by now around these parts that Amazon is a BIG part of our daily purchases and deliveries. It’s not just me who is hooked in our household though, I think it’s fair to say that Shawn *might* just have more packages show up from Amazon on a regular basis than I do. In fact, he’s the one to blame for my addiction as he’s been shopping for years telling me Prime is where it’s at. He’s been wrong about many things in his life, however, this fact is not one of them 😉

Today Shawn gathered all of his favorite finds from the years and wrote about them [yes, in his own words] on why he believes you [or your guy] will love them too. Feel free to use this as a gift guide for the holidays or simply send this post to your man letting him know he may want to check this post out for his own benefit, but whatever you do, just be warned that an Amazon purchase may likely happen during the duration of this post. And now, for a man’s favorite Amazon purchases…

DASH Egg Cooker

I always enjoy hard-boiled eggs, but for whatever reason never really gave an attempt to make them until we got this machine. Perfect every time, you just put a little water in (as instructed depending on what kind of egg you want), put your eggs in, lid on, start it up and wait for the notification (which is very unique) that they’re done. Can’t get much easier!

Under Armour Joggers

To date, my favorite lounge/travel wear. I began wearing these on travel days, but now during our extended time at home the past few weeks I’ve deemed these my “nice” comfortable clothes. Something comfortable enough to wear all day around the house but also “nice” enough you can run to the grocery if it’s your day to do so. Once the world opens and we can travel again, I’d also suggest traveling in them.

Under Armour Quarter-Zip

Same as the joggers, this is my go-to lounge/travel long sleeve shirt. Warm enough but not too hot and the quarter zip makes it easy to take off should you live in Indiana where morning can have snowfall but the afternoon is 70 degrees.

I picked these up since my old set was in rough shape. I can’t speak to the longevity of these since they’re relatively new to me, however, they get excellent reviews, and based on the first couple of uses they seem to be doing well. They’re definitely more heavy duty than my previous set, which really helped turn me into a BBQ expert.

Hot Sauce Pack

Erin got me this hot sauce as a gift a few months ago, and as a hot sauce connoisseur, I’ve really enjoyed using each one. As is the point, some I like better than others and there are even a couple I’d like to look into purchasing a larger bottle on their own. A unique gift if there’s someone in your life that enjoys hot sauce!


These have been my go-to swimsuits for a few years now. They are very comfortable (full disclosure, the inner liner gets removed), great quality, a great price, and there are many designs to choose from. True to size for a slimmer fit, size up one for a little more of a loose fit. One of my best Amazon buys so far.

Cell Phone Stand

This has become a real arm-saver in the new days of video meetings. For the first few video meetings, I’d prop my phone up against books, or hold it in my hand changing arms as the burn kicked in and the meetings didn’t end. I like this stand better than others since the angle of the phone is adjustable and it’s certainly made my video meetings better without being concerned with the phone falling and having both hands free.

We’ve got a number of “smart home” devices and the one thing I always hated was the cords going to outlets, and the device sitting on a table, window sill, wherever was close to an outlet. These simply replace the outlet cover (one screw), and since our outlets/covers are black I did use flat black spray paint on these, however, they’ve significantly improved the cleanliness of not having cords and devices all over the place.

Outlet Shelf (Round)

Just like the prior, this outlet shelf is round but has been excellent for our Nest secure keypads. These simply replace the outlet cover, wind the cord in the little compartment and it’s a much better solution than having cords and devices sitting on the counters.

Storage Cart

As you’d imagine, we get a lot of packages. Unfortunately, our delivery trucks are also apparently filthy inside which transfers to our bags and boxes. I always hated that they’d get brought inside and dropped around the front door bringing dirt and who knows what else with them. We’ve now got this cart (which you could keep outside for delivery drivers to place directly onto) which keeps things much more organized and consolidated to a single location, while also allowing a spot to stand upright to unbox the items. Since it’s a resin material you can wash it off, hose it off, whatever you’d like and it cleans up like new.

Nine West Chukka’s

Finding a decent pair of casual but decent shoes isn’t the easiest, and I’m a bit picky. For the price, I really like these chukka boots. Full disclosure I did replace the sole insert, but now these are incredibly comfortable and a nice alternative to a casual shoe for an evening out. It may not matter much currently since no one can go out, but once that opens up again these chukka’s would make a nice addition. Given their price point, I’d suggest trying them.

Water Flosser

I’m a bit of a hygiene nut, and this water flosser has been a great addition to my bedtime and after meal routines. I won’t go into detail with my findings, but I’d encourage everyone to give this (or any water flosser) a try. I’d imagine your findings would have you continue to use one.

Water Bottle

Speaking of things I’m a nut about, I drink a lot of water. On average I drink at least my body weight (in ounces) every day. More than this if I work out, which admittedly is rare. Either way, this water bottle (I have multiple) has held up fantastic, and having the attached lanyard makes it easy to slip on your wrist as you have your hands full trying to get out to the car to leave on time.

Google WifiGoogle Wifi Wall Mount

If you are having internet coverage issues within your house, I’d strongly recommend this Google wifi system. This was incredibly easy to set up and has completely changed our coverage throughout the house since our router is tucked into the corner of a back room. Continuing the topic of hating cables/devices sitting on counters, we have these Google Wifi pods spread around the house to keep consistent internet throughout. Having these wall-mounts keeps them out of the way, and cords completely are hidden.

Never Measure

I used to absolutely despise hanging anything on the wall. Hanging a picture with a single nail? Hated it, but tolerable. Hangs by two nails? Forget it. Anytime this came up, trying to make sure the nails are the right distance apart, they’re level, and in the correct spot was the absolute worst. A few months back I knew I’d have a number of things to hang on the walls coming up so I thought I’d give this tool a try, as anything had to be better than a tape measure and level. This Never Measure tool is legit. It is plastic so you’ve got to be careful, but so far I’ve hung dozens of things and have had no quality issues. Do I love hanging things now? No. But, it’s very much tolerable. There’s no measuring, no leveling, you simply extend the arms to the desired length for each hook on your picture, lock the arms in place, move this to where you want it on the wall, make sure it’s level, and hammer the nails in. Easy as that.

Laser Level

Following up on the never measure, hanging two pictures that need to be level together (horizontal or vertical) was a nightmare. This laser shoots a line both vertically and horizontally to make sure everything is perfectly aligned. Set it in place, put your nails in, and everything is guaranteed to line up as you want it.

Bought this (in blue and pink) so Erin and I could do work out videos together. I don’t really enjoy workout videos, but she does, so I tried to do something nice here. Mats seem well made, I do like that they’re larger in size so you’ve got room to jump around. We’ve had them a couple of weeks and haven’t used them. That’s about as well as my usual workouts go. If you buy it, maybe use it and let me know how well it works?
I’ve had a number of these (they don’t seem to last that long), and this seems to be the first one that has lasted a while and will charge all of the items quickly and to a full charge. There’s a light that indicates charging which can be turned on or off.
Great pens, cheap price. They write nicely, and there are lots of them. Can’t get much better than that!

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