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FOUND: The Best Face Masks for Your Skin Type

July 2, 2020


Erin Schrader

It’s officially that time of year where everything starts to dry out. My scalp? Itchy. My lips? Chapped. My hands? Cracking. If you, too, are in need of some serious hydration- you’re in the right spot! Today the LIY Team is sharing a few of our favorite face masks for every skin type! Trust me friends, there’s no time like the present to slab on a mask, kick back, and relax. They say self care comes in many forms, but 15 minutes of “me time” can’t hurt, am I right? We get it, with hundreds of options to chose from– promising miracles like brightening, tightening, and wrinkle-reducing– it can be anything but calming deciding which face mask is best for Y-O-U. But never fear, Team LIY is here. Like many of the great product comparison posts that have come before this, we took it upon ourselves to put some of the top rated face masks to the test on four different skin types to find the best of the best. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

How We Tested

The process was simple, really. Below, you’ll find some of the highest rated face masks for each skin type. We each ordered a few of the Best Sellers for our own specific skin type and tested them over a period of time, making notes of our favorites and not-so favs. Today we’re sharing our Top Pick Overall, Best Budget-Friendly Option, and LEAST favorite– so you know which ones not to spend your pretty pennies on.

Our Skin Types

  • Erin: Normal 
  • Becca: Dry
  • Cassidy: Oily, Sensitive
  • Claire: Combination, Sensitive

Face Masks for Normal Skin:

Normal Skin Overall Favorite:

“Oh baby, this was a hard one as I truly liked so many. The verdict is in though and I’m going with Summer Fridays Overtime Mask and fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask! The Summer Fridays Overtime Mask was the first one of the group that I tried and instantly I knew it was going to be hard to beat. The smell alone is worth the purchase [it’s a little bit like cinnamon, a little bit like sunshine] and I loved that you rubbed it in for 60 seconds and then left it on for 10 minutes, meaning it was the least time intensive mask I tried. After washing off my skin felt incredibly smooth and soft and I did notice a glow to my skin in the days after.” – Erin, normal skin

Normal Skin Budget-Friendly Option:

“For under $20, I can’t recommend this Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask more! The minute I put it on I felt like I was in a spa thanks to its refreshing scent and cooling feel! It is a clay based mask which I think is fun to apply! You leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then simply wash off. My skin felt very clean afterwards, smooth and left me feeling like I had a nice little glow going on!” – Erin, normal skin

Normal Skin LEAST Favorite:

“I’m shocked to say that my least favorite of the bunch was one of the most expensive, Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. It tingled like crazy the entire time it was on my skin and a little bit got on my lips which tasted quite chemically and not good. It did feel sticky / tacky during the entire 20 minutes I sat with it on and while I was hopeful to see noticeable results, I’m sad to say I didn’t. For the price, the tingle and the taste, I’m going to have to pass.” – Erin, normal skin


Face Masks for Dry Skin:

Dry Skin Overall Favorite: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

“I loved this mask! It was super rich and hydrating which is a must for me as far as any skin care products go! It is on the pricier side, but well worth it in my opinion! It might be more of a “treat yo self” type of a face mask, but you will enjoy that treat!”  –Becca, Dry Skin

Dry Skin Budget-Friendly Option: elf Bubble Mask

This mask is so unique! You apply it as a gel, and then it bubbles up on your face! The bubbles made my face extra clean, and my skin felt so refreshed afterwards! It was fun to use and really made my skin feel amazing!” –Becca, Dry Skin

Dry Skin LEAST Favorite: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow

“While this mask smells nice, it is definitely not one I would recommend for dry skin. It is super lightweight and did not feel rich enough to do anything for my dry skin. And I unfortunately woke up with not one, but three pimples. Kinda like they say in baseball: three zits and you’re out!” –Becca, Dry Skin


Face Masks for Oily Skin:

Oily Skin Overall Favorite: Tula Self-Care Sunday Mask

“This face mask was my overall favorite for really one main reason: longevity. While many of the face masks gave my typically oily face a deep cleanse and combatted my large pores, Tula was the only one that created a long-lasting effect. You know that feeling right after taking off a face mask? Pretty amazing, right? Well with Tula my face was feeling like that even two days later! I will mention, I do use Tula as my primary skincare products, I recently purchased this kit and have been loving it!” -Cassidy, Oily Skin

Oily Skin Budget-Friendly Option: Origins Mask

“This face mask is definitely my choice for a budget friendly option! When it comes to charcoal masks, this product doesn’t WOW me but it also doesn’t disappoint me. My face felt cleaner and dryer after using it but I didn’t notice a huge difference in my pores. I think if you are looking for a basic charcoal mask, this is a good place to start!” -Cassidy, Oily Skin

Oily Skin Type LEAST Favorite: Mario Badescu

“I think I had pretty high expectations for this face mask and I thought that this brand would really wow me because so many of their products do, but unfortunately this one found itself at the bottom of my list! It did have a nice color, and seemed to de-grease my face but it also made my eyes water and I noticed some breaking out after using it. Along with my oily skin, I also have sensitive skin so perhaps this face mask was just a little too strong for me!” -Cassidy, Oily Skin


Face Masks for Combination Skin:

Combination Skin Overall Favorite: Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask

“LOVE HERBIVORE PRODUCTS. I personally own this mask and have been using it for about two years now. I find it lightweight and gentle. It’s a resurfacing mask, which simply means it brings skin impurities to the surface of your skin AKA: unclogs pores. I always feel smooth and glowy after regular use!” -Claire, Combination Skin

Combination Skin Best Budget-Friendly Option: Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask

“I’m a huge fan of Mario B products. They’re within a reasonable price range and almost always leave you with results! I’ve used this one several times since testing and my only complaint is the somewhat strong perfumey scent.” -Claire, Combination Skin

Combination Skin LEAST Favorite: Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Mask

“This was a strong no for me. [Also tied for last place with the sparkly/iridescent Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Clay Cleanser.] First, it smells like pumpkin pie [which could be a turn off for some or a selling point for others]. While the product warns you of a mild tingling sensation, I could not get beyond the burn. I ended up taking it off before the suggested 10-15 mark. Proceed with caution, folks.” -Claire, Combination Skin



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